Mitsuwa Japanese Hibachi

409 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach
(843) 448-3321

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Payton McConnell

I never write food reviews, but this place is absolutely horrendous. The meat, both the chicken and the steak, had this weird consistency, no way it was actual steak. Felt like mush. Same with the chicken, I couldn’t even eat it. The vegetables were also very mediocre, carrots were dry and the veggies were okay. Fried rice was very dry. I ordered from here because of the great reviews, but holy cow it did not live up to its good reviews.

Donna Shaffer

Omgoodness this plazas fabulous. Very clean very fast and very friendly. Reasonably priced lots of feed for the price.

Jessica Cote

Phenomenal!!! Huge portions. Most tender and flavorful steak I’ve ever had. My friend got chicken and shrimp and the chicken was so tender and seasoned perfectly. Spring rolls were amazing as well

Beth Ann M.

This, unfortunately, wasn't very good at all. The staff was friendly though. I called to place a take out order. It was ready when we got there (about 20 minutes). We ordered chicken hibachi, steak and shrimp hibachi and edamame. The chicken was really tough and chewy and the shrimp were over done. The steak and rice were just okay and the edamame wasn't salted. The hibachi itself was pretty salty. It comes with honey carrots, which were SUPER sweet. The highlight was the hibachi veggies - we really liked those. The meal was repeating on me most of the evening. When we went to pick up the food, the place was dead, the dining room is on the dark side and not overly inviting. Sorry to say we won't try this one again.

Tiphanie Charles

Portion size is just right. Service was quick and pleasant. And most importantly, very affordable. We had meal and drink with dessert a and apppetizer for less than $50.00. The location is clean and neat. I certainly reccommend.

Jenifer Diaz

We decided to give it a try and have lunch with my husband and daughter, we ordered the hibachi steak from the lunch menu, chicken tenders and the shrimp tempura roll. The shrimp on the tempura roll was tasteless, my daughter didn’t like the chicken which it wasn’t chicken tenders, more like chicken tempura. Finally we had the hibachi and we assumed for the price that the plate it wouldn’t be a big portion but the dish was more than small, with only two brócoli, the steak was greasy and tasted like plastic. I give 2 stars because the restaurant was clean and the staff was nice.

321 Done

This place is amazingggg!!!! Our waitress was the best and really sweet to everyone at our table. I personally have a few food allergies such as eggs and dairy. I had ordered the steak and chicken teriyaki and they made it perfectly to fit my diet.

Jema Anderson

They Always have good and fresh food and it's nice that they have a window where you can see them cooking on the grill. Also staff is always friendly and helpful

Kay K.

This place was DIRTY. The sides of the table were filthy. The room smelt so bad. We were desperate from driving all day and the kids were hungry. The food was good. No real complaints there. The waitress gave us silverware rolled in napkins. The napkins were soiled with a mystery liquid....

Betty Linen

Good food ... Really good customer service

Mindy Y.

The staff were very friendly here and welcoming and I know the taste of the food was adjusted for a certain palate. I ordered the steak and scallop teriyaki and thought the sauce was too sweet. I should have asked for a little less sauce, but I did not know what to expect. Alot of the places close early in Myrtle Beach, so it was nice that they were still open to 9:30 pm.

Shawna Allen

I am only giving this a 3 because they had great prices and food tasted great. Service however was by far the worst I ever had. Waited 20+ mins just to order our drinks. That was only because we called someone over. Ordered hot food and cold food(veggie sushi) got our food all at different times not all together. Didn't even get our sushi til last. Requested a refill on a drink never got it. Terrible if you order from here just do take out.

Jessica Mansilla

Food all tastes like pepper or really salty flavor. Spaghetti noodles as their side of noodles. Friendly service. Also it's not like the hibachi where they cook in front of you...

Hongfeng Y.

High quality and healthy food! Good price and the staffs are polite too! I highly recommend especially for travelers staying in that area. My kids are picky eaters but both of them ate the food and said not bad! Kids saying not bad means pretty good.

Molly Williams

I was surprised at how perfectly cooked the steak was. This is an Japanese American restaurant. They had chicken wings, nuggets and fries among the Asian dishes.

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