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2401 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach
(843) 945-4381

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Jason M.

Worthless! Couldn't call to place an order, says mailbox is full?! At a business?! Placed the order online no problem only to get a message, 30 minutes later thinking our order would arrive shortly, saying the order had been canceled! Don't worry we will get our refund in 5 business days. FU OTP&M! Go to Toffino's Italian Bakery instead!

Karen Guptill

Terrible Pizza. Ordered garlic knots and got cheese bread instead. The picture of the bread is how it looked when I opened box. Pizza was not even cut in slices. Had to use butter knife to cut it. Crust was horrible and chewy.

Patrick Hart

My first time in Myrtle Beach. Family and I came down for vacation and were looking for a place to eat and stopped in. The owners are two brothers and they do everything they can by hand and let me tell you, it was absolutely outstanding!!!!! I had a gyro that was absolutely amazing!! My son had a calzone that was equally amazing and my two daughters had a pizza that was incredible!!! Looked like one of the owners was the only one working and had such an amazing personality! Very personable and polite!!! If you're in Myrtle Beach and looking for a place to eat this place is an absolute MUST!!! We will DEFINITELY be coming here again!!!!

Kaitlynn Pelletier

I am local to the beach and always enjoy trying new places, especially individually owned restaurants over chains. It is cute, unassuming place with a great menu. I enjoyed the food and I can't tell you the last time i had a truly, made-from-scratch cannoli. This one knocked my socks off!Michael was wonderful and i will definitely be back soon! Stop in and check it out!

Lisa Verkuilen

It sucked. The first time I ordered everything was great. Tonight I came in and I had ordered online. I came in to find a person waiting. They said the app I used hadn’t communicated properly. A group of 6 came in and were never waited on. By the time I got my spaghetti it was scalding hot and burned my hand through the paper bag AND I missed my lunch break I couldn’t eat it hot. The staff was unfocused and uncaring.

Thomas V.

this place is not at all busy, and i don't know why! we got Pizza (pepperoni, mushroom X-Cheese) wings and cheese sticks. All of them were top notch. the wings had a nice amount of heat, and the cheese sticks were crispy on the outside, and stringy on the inside. The pizza looked a little over done, but it was not, the cheese was really good, it had a good amount of pepperoni and mushrooms and the flavor was really good. It was a very good dinner for two on a saturday night, fo not a lot of money. Give them a shot, you will be pleasently surprised.

Nikki B.

We ordered via Uber Eats so I cannot comment on the store appearance or atmosphere. However, the pizza was amazing! When the food was delivered the driver said it was the best pizza he had ever smelled and he wanted to go there the next day. I thought he was just being friendly but when I brought it inside my family all immediately commented on the smell! We got a meat lovers and a cheese lovers pizza. They were both outstanding and made exactly as ordered. We ordered cheese sticks as well and those were good too, We typically order from a chain pizza place because we aren't that picky and it is cheaper but I think that will change now that we discovered this place!

Karen Hislop

We stopped by for a pizza and were greeted immediately. The pizza was delivered to our table quickly, and the server was very attentive. All the staff made us feel welcome. The pizza was great! They had a good variety of other things on their menu, too. This little gem had no wait when we were there.

Shingi K.

Too expensive. Only simple lettuce salads for $10.00. Go to another place before you regret.

David E.

This is definitely the worst pizza ever had! Tasteless processed cheese no sauce pink looking disgusting sausage!

hanan al-sharawneh

Seriously BEST lunch we've had in myrtle in forever. Almost everything is from scratch. We all got lunch specials. Big servings my pics are AFTER we ate most everything lol brittany was our waitress we went on weekday early afternoon. She was waiting and coooking. Even tho it was just her, service was fast and friendly. My daughters said she was very nice. Def will be back

Deven Miller

Delicious! My daughter lit up as soon as she had her first bite of the Alfredo with Chicken. Thick noodles and savory sauce. My husband got the gyro and hummus which was downed without hesitation. The Olive Tree pizza was a great balance of flavor and the texture of the crust was excellent (not tough, not greasy). Online order was easy. Great communication with staff via phone. Very thankful and appreciative that they delivered to the hotel we are staying at. Thank you!!!!

Kyla Whitley

If I could give this place zero stars I would. They have terrible customer service. On top of the rude owners they made my pizza wrong and let me order it with bacon and sausage. Without disclosing they didn’t serve pork in their restaurant. Once I got it I asked if they could remake my half with the correct meats cause it was “ham” instead of bacon and sausage. They refused to and when I asked if I could have a refund they said they already made the pizza that I have to pay for it and not get my money back. I asked for the owner to come out and tell me that instead of the general manager and the owner refused! She faked being on the phone to ignore me and my request to have a refund. Also the pizza was still half doughy and not thoroughly cooked. So I had to pay $30 for a large pizza that was not only made wrong but also undercooked. My first experience and last experience at this place. I Do Not recommend this place at all.

Ivan P.

This has been the worst pizza I have ever tasted and I have tasted a lot of other types of pizzas in my life, do not get fooled by the 4 stars, I repeat do not get fooled.

Tired Ofthisbullshit

It’s this simple, ordered a pepperoni and sausage pizza at 830pm Monday night. 9pm get a Pepperoni pizza. Call for my pizza i ordered. Sat on sidewalk after 20 minutes waiting. Call back and it’s all my fault they only have 2 people working and continues to harass me with excuses. Guy delivers the right pizza after I refuse a replacement and puts it in my car and asks me to come get and then proceeds to back up asking me not to encroach on his safe space. What else you want go somewhere else. Weird guy made a mess out of a large pizza.

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