Pulse Ultra Club

2701 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach
(843) 315-0019

Recent Reviews

Adam Hayes

I love this Club, my boys and I have allot of fun when we get to go out!!

Kenneth Brocato

Ken the owner of the bar was very nice to me and my partner he paid attention when we needed a another drink and ask us were we ok and he was very friendly with us and was willing to hold different conversations with us the bar is clean the show was great and everyone was friendly

cristian diaz

This my second time coming here and its fun every time bartenders are super friendly and the staff is too! Drinks are super cheap music is good ! I got lucky today bc they have gogo dancers !!!!

Doris Langford

Love this place I bring my friend's here all the time it's my home away from home lol

Ruthline Jasmin

Here’s the updated 2021 review you were looking for!!!-$10 to get in-Yes they take cards-Easy to locate and good parking-It was decorated nicely (Halloween theme)-It’s bigger on the inside!-Pool tables, bar, lounge area, a stage and nice dance floor-Indoor cigarette smoking (I don’t smoke cigarettes and I HATE the smell, but shockingly it didn’t bother me too much).-I was solo but had fun. Friendly crowd.-Ms. Briana is AMAZING Queen of Drags ?-Btw I’m black (trust me, I know why I wrote this part)-I only took videos, but I’m going to screenshot some partsI was scrolling through reviews deciding if I wanted to go here or not. Many of the reviews were very old. The main one that stood out was the one saying the drags looks like they just got out of jail (lol). That made me really not want to go but good thing I went anyways to get my OWN feel of the place. Idk about the food or drinks cause I mainly went for the drag show and it did not disappoint !!!! My first drag show. It was amazing, the ladies were amazing. Beautiful and full of energy. Not one look like they came from jail ?. Bring cash to tip the beautiful drag Queens honey!!!!

Nicole oatley

Awesome place and bartender was amazing!!! Banging music all night n overall worth the walk to. Best place for those of the lbgt community ❤?????

Jessica Hirst

This place was so much fun! We came for a Bachelorette party and they did not disappoint!

Sharon Jenkins

Couldn't find the place. We there and a motorcycle shop and some other building was there. They need to put up a sign so people not from here can find them!

Joshua Pence

THEY ALLOW SMOKING INSIDE THE BAR.Not a place to go if you are visiting, the locals make you feel like outsiders and the bartenders will serve the locals that cut line before the long line of waiting people. I had several people suggest this club and the overall vibe was fun for the locals, not inviting of outsiders.They also charge visitors more than locals for entry.

Sammi Rose

The bartenders are great. The drag shows are killer. The price of drinks, quality of food, and the fact the women's restroom is neglected is kind of upsetting. One stall has a faulty lock, and one has no door. A shower rod and a curtain would do better than what's up now, including a slip lock. They're going to go under if they're not careful. They're even missing a sign outside.

Wilkins Perez

Always a great time at this location. The staff is friendly, drinks are good, prices are ok.

Matthew Elwart

Julie was OMG amazing. I didn't have to order or wait I just had a new drink in front of me. OUTSTANDING. The bar in general was very nice, good music and entertainment, but Julie out shined them all with the amazing customer service. I will return only for the spectacular service.

jp p

I would give a 5 stars but I was disappointed with the service I had today 6/3/21. My friend and I went to the market commons to eat something and desire to go after to pulse and have a drink and walked 30 min to this place that because my ID was expired im 41 year old and my ID said it so he told me that I can't be in the bar that I've been several times without asking me for ID. Place was dead anyways so we went to George's and we spent a good amount of money that these people didn't want. Are you kidding me are you going to ask me for ID after been several times there???

Zachary Higginbotham

I have travelled all over the United States and I can truly tell you that this place is not with The Times and current times I feel like the staff is older and it's very old . They were playing music from decades ago I can honestly say that I have never seen a drag show and my 40 something used as bad as this one Except for the show director she was absolutely wonderful I guess all of the ones that went out 1st were local people or something but and they were not entertaining at all It was like watching something from the eighties and then she came out and it was like bam futuristic feathers and much more I definitely would not come back Especially this is supposed to be a mainstream nightclub in Myrtle Beach which is a vacation destination and they haveDrag queens that look like they just got out of prison

Joshua Mackenburg

Julie is a great bartender! Knew our drinks, was friendly and fast. Good vibes. Would def recommend

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