Scooby's Ice Cream Bar & Grill

2007 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach
(843) 839-4865

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Kent E

Needed a quick meal and found it here. Great food! Fast, friendly service! Definitely recommend. They also have quite an exyensive drink menu.


Best açaí ever!!! Soo yummy ? We will definitely come again !!! Great service, amazing atmosphere! Thank you ?

Jo T

Fun little spot to walk into, especially when you don't want to drive after being at the beach or driving all day. They have scooped ice cream and can turn any in milk shakes. Lot of appetizers and sandwich/hot dog combos. Wish they had bacon or something other than plain hamburger and cheese burger, but not a big deal. Too much bun for amount of meat and a little color on meat would have helped. The have tuns of different flavored jello shots and I'm not a big drinker, but having one was fun.

Chevon J

Good place to grab some lunch or ice-cream. The quesadilla's and subs are really good.We had to order them twice.Whenever we are in town we stop in for a bite to eat.

not yourdad

My gf and I were planning on going to Nathan's because we were craving hotdogs but after the reviews we decided to check out Scooby's instead. We were pleasantly surprised! It was a very short walk from our hotel and had everything, from tasty snacks and meals to frozen drinks etc. Don't forget the jello shots!

April J.

Please avoid this place at absolutely all costs. My experience here could not have been worse. The manager was so unbelievably rude and racist to me that people outside approached me commenting on her unkind and viscious remarks she made. It was so bad I don't even feel comfortable citing what she said to me :( on top of that... the icecream is 1.50 more per scoop than the shop across the street (literally) which offers the same brand of icecream! As if this wasn't enough... we ordered a burger which featured a nice long black hair I threw up. There is a Ben and Jerry's a minute walk from here and about a million other burger and snack shops. I would recommend literally any of those over this overpriced, DIRTY, and rude place.


This would be the last place to get ice cream as the mgr had no customer svc skills. After paying, I confronted her about her unhappy, rude behavior she began bantering telling me she is a “happy not rude person” and that my dtr had an attitude from the beginning couldn’t make up her mind and she had other customers to take care of and the customer is not always right…seriously this is what myrtle beach wants to be portrayed as. We just wanted a fun peaceful vacation and this mean happened to ruin a beautiful day!

Tammy Schaefer

This place is perfect. The menu is amazing with so many options. The frozen drinks are alittle pricey, but with no bar close by they are totally worry it and taste wonderful. We had the pizza, burgers, steak sandwich, fries, mushrooms, pickles you name it, it was good.

Kimberley S.

Some of the best pizza I've had in years. Crispy, chewy crust with super stretchy cheese. My husband said it was "too messy," but I disagree. It's a little hole-in-the wall style place, but has inexpensive beer and tasty cocktails that were a bit pricey. However, with the way prices are now I think that's not unusual. Honestly I love the vibe here and would definitely come back. The hubby said he's not a fan, so I guess be prepared for differing opinions. Our six year old loved her pizza and had a virgin daiquiri and ice cream after (how can my husband not like that??? He's crazy...) All in all, this is 100% worth a try for everyone, and some folks will definitely become repeat customers.

Makayla B.

Be careful when going here!! We were overcharged by almost 20 dollars for our meal today. The workers are rude, check your bill before you pay! They like to take advantage of tourists.

DropShip Jumpstart

Your sleeping if you pass up Scooby's they have a full menu and drinks for take out and trust me the drink prices are pretty much half price compared to the beach bars! The Jell-O shots are bomb and the burge with fries was the best meal I had here! Not to mention the owner and staff are super cool and friendly!

Michael Hoard

Cool little place to grab some quick food. Cheese burger was good, fries not bad, mixed drinks were great. They have table outside and a few stools inside but it's a very small place. Better to get your food and go.

Tiffany Bowman

I’ve never been before but I had heard so many great things about Scooby’s so I wanted to try it. Needless to say, I was not impressed. All employees were rude, everything was so crowded (people reaching over you to grab their food and then you have to reach over someone to get your food), and the food was not good and very expensive. I understand the food was more expensive because it’s convenient when coming back from the beach. Although, with all the rudeness and quality of our food I was not happy paying what I did. Also, I’m pretty sure my margarita did NOT have any alcohol when I specifically asked for it.

Raven Gabrielle

Food was delicious and the ice cream was even better! A bit pricey, but it's Myrtle Beach and I feel the food and service justified the price! Would definitely recommend!!

Dave B.

Food is wayy overpriced! $1.10 per mozzarella stick! $25 for a crappy thin crust pizza. $1.50 per chicken wing which came with barely any sauce at all. barley got any food and somehow the bill was $80!!! Rip off!! Crappy food and even crappier prices!!! Will never recommend!

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