Sugar Kingdom Myrtle Beach

2307 S Kings Hwy unit a, Myrtle Beach
(843) 712-2172

Recent Reviews

Kookie Szagola

Terrible, overpriced items and it’s so disgusting in there. My milkshake was so watery when I asked the lady to make it again it tasted even worse. The whipped cream went straight down after she put it on that it was just terrible quality. I’m not going back for disgusting ice cream (my friend got sherbet) and disgusting milkshakes

keisha B

This place has so much stuff to choose from and all the people are so helpful and nice. One of my favorite candy stores to go to.

Sheena Fisher

The staff is extremely friendly. So many options of candy and ice cream. Wish there was one where we live.

jennifer ardis

SO MUCH candy!! The staff was very friendly, prices were good and the selection was great! I wish there was one closer but I will definitely go back

Which Way Do I Go

Really loved this cute little shop. Huge variety of candy and staff was nice. They give cute reusable bags if you spend over $30

Neshewat Family

Understaffed / staffed with lonely old ladies looking for company— not looking to cash out customers. I was second in line behind a group of 5 people. I had a bored toddler. The employee checking out the group took overkill care and attention in conversing with the group about their purchases. 4 employees watched from behind the counter, other registers not open. After 5 minutes, I dropped the cheap, overpriced dollar store toy and left with my screaming toddler. Do not recommend.EDIT TO ADD - My husband managed to make it through checkout and bought our oldest son an RC car. Charger is fitted for Chinese outlets, so double check your purchases to see if you need a power converter for the cheap junk they are selling.

Rebecca Hartman

great place after putt putt to get some drinks candy and ice cream!! Very fun and yummy! Great service

Heather Ryals

Awesome candy store!! Has a variety of candy!! Prices are great!!

Sara Sargent

Best ice cream I’ve ever had! Great salt water taffy, and candy. Lizeth was so sweet and helpful. Definitely made our day❤️


Wow, what a great place and the staff were super friendly and helpful. We were driving by and this place caught our eye, so bright and colorful. Coming back with our grandkids, they will love it, we enjoyed spending some time there. Highly recommend.

Toni Diggins

I had two great friends that brought back memories ofy dad from my childhood. They brought me back lots lots of taffy and rock candy. You give me memories for a lifetime.Thank you.the taffy is wonderful and fresh tasting

David Kitchen

Hours online are wrong. Drove 15 mins out of our way to find the place completely lit up and the open sign flashing at 9:45pm yet the doors were locked and they said they were closed. Unprofessional and inconsiderate of their customers time.

Kris Turner

Friendly, sweet, staff! Candy for everyone! Even the good ol' candy! Such an awesome place! Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Kelsey Thomas (KT722)

Not good customer serviceYoung lady at store seemed more interested in her phone and popping gum. I asked about ice cream said we stopped serving earlier. It was maybe 4p or earlier when we came in. I mainly came in due to other people saying it was awesome, I was disappointed ☹

Son of Man!!

Their ice cream is very good. Im no ice cream guru but its creamy and the flavors are spot on. Not to mention their candy collection is out of this world. Great place. Great staff.

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