1264 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 279-1564

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Jimmy Fleming

Very disappointed. Was looking forward to a hearty Fire Roasted Philly but got mostly bread & very bland meat is all. DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE! Arby’s in North Augusta has let me down slowly but surely in the past year or so. Definitely don’t recommend this restaurant AT ALL!!!!

ken may

I'm not a super big fan of there roast beef but you got to love that Greek gyro it's the bomb

Mandi Tolbert

Not too busy on a Saturday afternoon. Nice cashier. Sandwich was kind of sloppy, but kids were working.

Kenzie Sale

All I’m gonna say is either change your hours on here. Or stop standing around and be productive! If your hours are open until 12, and you say your closed, either take the time to change your hours or stop standing around ☺️

James Johnson

Rude employees. They don't offer specials or honor coupons. Won't be back!

Dawn G

Arby's north augusta is my favorite. The jamocka shake is so refreshing and I tried the chicken slider for the first time and I loved it!

Carol Jenkins

Didn't know how much I like Arby's. Good roast beef sandwiches - especially with their horsy sauce. The Ruben is pretty good and the price is right for a quick lunch.


Service here went downhill hard and fast. They never change the cooking oil so the fried foods taste terrible and are dark, the employees are the rudest people you'll ever meet, and they can never get an order correct and when you try to get it fixed they get really pissed off with you. Go anywhere else.

Pamela Mack

My coworkers and I went to the Arby’s in North Augusta today for lunch. The young lady at the drive thru was very rude. When we went through the first time she gave us such a bad look like we were aggravating her. She forgot our straws, so we went back through the line . When we pulled up the young lady rolled her eyes at my co-worker who was driving. My coworker asked her why she rolled her eyes. The young lady then told her I didn’t roll my eyes if I wanted to roll them I would. Shocked is an understatement. The manager was then told by my coworker what the young lady said and he sent her to the back. He apologized for her behavior. This was the worst service ever.

Eva Armstrong

Ordered a Creamy Chicken Mediterranean wrap. Was surprised how small it was. For the price I paid it should've been bigger. Took it out of the wrapper, it tore. I was very disappointed about the entire experience. Will never order that again.

Sheryl Merritt

Had lunch with a friend today. Food was wonderful and so was the service. Can't wait to go back and get a milk shake!

Charles Taylor

I like Arby's a lot so go check them out and you will like them also

Ben Clark (GoFerBen)

I love this Arby’s, staff is always friendly and the restaurant is consistently clean. Food is served fresh and order accuracy is typically spot on. I’d ring the bell every-time if they still had it.

Jennifer Boettjer

Gyros are great for the first time trying them. I Love the cheddar n roast beef are my favorite and curly fries with cheddar cup. Thank You!

Megan G

Bumped up to 5 stars the drive thru staff have been super nice lately.

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