1010 Edgefield Rd, North Augusta
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Thaddeus Talbert

For starters it looked closed because half the staff was hanging out outside and in the lobby. But second we received our food and you ought to be ashamed to serve that trash you label as food. This is people’s hard earned money supporting your establishment and your employees pay checks to which they deserve zero. You’d be better off closed. Asked your employee to make fresh fries and she comes back two minutes later and dumps them on top of the old ones because she was too lazy and careless to scoop the old out. They all were gross!!!!!! The biscuit had raw dough in the center. What the actual hell is wrong with your staff?!?!?! And your store is dirty. That ice chute had green mold and mildew in it. If you don’t mind customers seeing filth in the lobby I’d hate to see what you let go behind that wall. Fire all of them that were there the night of 8/14. If your manager wears all black I haven’t seen a more sluggish useless manager. No wonder it’s gross and the reviews don’t lie.


i was driving by to Texas. I decided to stop and try some chicken since its Bojangles... let me say the whole experience is super regretable. I should have gone to checkers instead. This happened on Saturday june 10th 2023. I pull up to the drive through the cashier was cold like what are you getting cold...ok cool she is having a bad moment whatever...i ordered a 20 piece...driving along i get hungry tell me why i only had four pieces of chicken in my box ??...ok i call the evening manager picks up ...i explain my issue he insists on my driving back for more chicken..i cant tho coz i gotta get to texas i have kids in my truck ... anyway he says he doesn't know how to refund my money call back on 15 minutes while he calls someone to help him figure it out... i was sent to voicemail as expected ?‍♀️?‍♀️.. i leave a message with my name and phone number...a week later and im still so yeah my experience was horrible i wont be a return customer but to yall buyer be aware ... check your food before you pullout the drive through

Wanda Henry

It's 5:18am on a Monday and they are not open! Being a location that is trucker dominant its essential to open on time. DUNKIN DONUTS, your awesome ?

Nina Riddick

The chicken biscuit was raw inside. They made me a new biscuit with a twice fried chicken patty. But the manager could be heard voicing that she did not understand how the chicken wasn't cooked. Hint, because it was pulled out early and not cooked thoroughly.Food: 1/5

Taryn L

Went to this location while visiting from NYC. I've never been to Bojangles & my best friend who lives there goes all the time. Her & her daughter only visit the Edgefield location. The food was fresh and the Manager Antonio went out of his way to make sure my first visit wouldn't be my last. I picked up dinner from there 2 nights in a row before returning home. When I re-visit SC I'll definitely be coming back!

Debra Lin Montgomery

Hot breakfast any time. Fresh Good tasting food. Very nice staff. My go to chicken place and breakfast. Keep up the good work.Food: 5/5

donna baker

Service not great that day, no hurry to take my order. ? biscuit looked old. ? rounds where thrown in bag, upside down. Usually no problem there, Maybe new crew,Food: 3/5

Craig Morvant

Very good! First time eating at this chain. Will likely try again. Chicken is spicey and may not be suitable for all. Sides and biscuits are awesome.Food: 4/5

lorenzo evans

I ordered my food online everything went smoothly until I got to the store I was told to pull up because my chicken sandwich was finishing up I also had a 2 piece chicken meal that I never received i realized it an calls the store a guy who I assume was the manager was very professional and took my name down I called a 2nd time because as I was eating my chicken sandwich I realized the taste was different comes to find out my sandwich wasn’t cooked in the middle so I called again same guy answered again and was told to come by an they was gonna replace my order for free but I’ll past after eat a raw chicken sandwich don’t wanna see anyone get fired but someone had to be held accountable

Will Napier

Could work on the quality of service some, and all of the food being ordered coming out together, but overall I love this place!Food: 5/5

Amber ThaGr8

Bojangles biscuits and cajun crispy chicken are my favorite. The green beans and cakun pinto beans are to die for. All 3 of those are my go to's.Food: 5/5

Joanne Reese

The staff were so nice, the dining room was very clean, and the food was hot and delicious. We will be back.Food: 5/5

Angie Ladd

Wonderful customer service! Didn't take long to get my order. Everyone was very nice and they worked quickly to expedite orders.Food: 5/5

christopher marshall

This is the second time that I’ve come here to get a 12 piece family meal and both times I’ve had to pull around and wait. On this occasion, I was asked to pull around and wait 11 minutes while they finished cooking chicken. 25 minutes went by and I went inside and they said that the chicken was still not ready. How the hell does a chicken place not have chicken available especially over a 30 minute timeframe? I’ll never come back to this place again.

Lynn V.

I'm blown away this place has two stars. Breaks my heart how rude some of the comments are. Maybe I'm lucky every single time I pass through but I've gotten five star service Every. Single. Time.I come around 6:30 am and maybe that's when all the responsible people are working because I'm amazed watching the system play from the register lady always with a smile and a "Good morning"and genuinely happy to take my orders to the wonderful older woman making biscuit sandwiches (visible from dt window) every morning-well, one morning a young gentleman was in her spot and did just as fine but I like when I see her making my biscuits & gravy. There's a consistency about ordering breakfast here at this location. It's perfection! I love coming and its on my way so I come three or times a week. I'm telling you the biscuits are amazing and the mouthwatering gravy is addicting. I just wonder what is happening for these comments. Maybe it's other locations and they r putting their comments here? Idk but the morning crew is the best you can find and hope it stays that way! They brighten up my morning! PS their grape jam is real jam!!! Not jelly! Yum! And there is never a line at 6:30am!!!! You will see the same customers inside eating before they start their day! First couple of times driving in I thought it was groundhogs day on repeat! But that should tell you how good their mornings are there! Repeat customers everyday! I'm definitely one of them! Great job!

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