1010 Edgefield Rd, North Augusta
(803) 599-7638

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Brookie Holloway

The Morning Crew gave me great service, food and more importantly smiles. I was greeted immediately as I walked in, served quickly and as usual the food was hot and good. Listening to the crew work and serve its customers sounded like music. They worked well together, obviously enjoying their jobs and each other. Thank you for bringing joy to a early morning, weary traveler. Kudos to the morning managers, your obvious professionalism and sense of family shows thru your team. May God bless you all!!Brooke H. of N.C.

Jordan Peacock

Great, fast breakfast. I love those biscuits! The chicken is pleasantly spicy without being TOO spicy. Also "bo-tatos" are awesome - like a cross between hash browns and hush puppies.

elaina schleenbaker

Just waited for an hour for a 12 pc family box. Not the first time. Very bad management- lots of standing around as well. Not worth my time or money

K Mack

Antonio the manager has the best customer service you will ever get from a fast food place. He is very patient& attentive . Not a huge fan of Bojangles but will definitely return all thanks to him . Great Job Antonio

Aaron Coston

Antonio the manager on duty today was awesome. Customer service was on point and made our trip back home good. The food was fresh and hot. 10 out of 10

Daniel M.

The Bo's chicken sandwich is incredibly rad! It's a little spicy/tangy with just the right amount of kick. So savory and tasty. Their mac n' cheese is on par with Popeye's but their mashed potatoes are seriously fantastic and their cole slaw is some of the best slaw you'll find. If you haven't tried the Bo's chicken sandwich you should get on down and check it out, your tastebuds will thank you!

Justice Abraham

Just moved back here from Texas, about 10 days ago so I've been to Bojangles a couple of times, because there is none in Dallas yet. This manager that runs this place is wonderful! At a time where customer service is at an all time low, this guy exemplifies excellence. He's friendly, cares about the freshness of your food, and just an all around good spirit. I feel as if his employees will learn a lot from him that they can carry on throughout life. I hope Bojangles knows what a gem they have in him, and may God continue to bless you, your staff, and your family.

Andrea Chantelle

Best customer service from line staff to manager!! Food is always fresh.

Sarah Runyon

As with most fast food places these days I have started to expect my orders in the drive-thru to be incorrect. But how hard is it to mess up an order of 2 chicken sandwich combos?? They gave me the wrong drink and wrong sides . Marking another store i won't wont be coming back to.

Rich Thornton

Wow! What a great experience I had eating here! The young guy at the cash register was very nice as I took a little time to decide what I was going to eat. Then as I got my food I saw another guy with a couple of the bo biscuits for someone else. I had never had one of those but always thought they would be good to try but hadn't ordered one that day either. I had a conversation with him and told him they had looked so good and I hoped to try one someday. He just turned around and got one for me and drizzled lots of icing on one and gave it to me and said I had to have one. No charge just a chance to have one. I wasn't expecting that at all but thanked him and did enjoy it along with the chicken and mac and cheese and all that I had. I was full for sure and the food was very good. I took some of the chicken with me and had it a while later on my drive. The bo biscuit was very good. That is what service should be. Not getting things for free, though that was nice, just going the extra mile to make a customer happy.

JoAnn Jones

Young lady at register didn't appear to fully know what she was doing. Overcharged another customer while we were there. Their signature dipping sauce has been discontinued??? Chicken strips aren't much better than what you could pick up from your grocery freezer section. Tile floor was very slick, when I told a worker she just laughed and walked off.

Cheryl Harris

Food was hot. Excellent meal thanks. Customer service at the window was very friendly

D'Vawn Banks

The staff here was so friendly. The food was good and served hot. My kids enjoyed it.

Emily Strickland

The staff was super nice gave great service. I needed a fish sandwich (ash Wednesday) and they made me a fresh one and were so nice about it. However, I don't recommend the bojangles fish sandwich. It's no fault of the restaurant, but the sandwich is way too salty.

Jaxson Diesel

They always hustle and food is ways fresh and hot.

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