Burger King

119 Northside Dr, North Augusta
(803) 613-0888

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Ant S

The staff behind the counters are not the friendliest in the world. I could stand there at that counter for a couple minutes and not one personal say good morning, good afternoon, or how are you. They will make you wait as you just stand there until they're ready to take your order. Sometimes the doors are locked in broad daylight sometimes the doors are open. But I assume that's because of covid and they're probably short of staff. At least I hope so.

Trish Bell

I dont understand how this burger King is still in business. They don't open til 8am so they miss the breakfast rush, but at 8:26 they don't have any biscuits? They run out of stuff all the time and open so late... how you guys make money? Maybe it's time for a new crew. From the bottom all the way to the top! Obviously management is clueless, you are only as good as your weakest link. If that link is at the top everyone else follows suit... its disappointing BK was my first job as a kid, none of them are ran the way they use to be!

Shannon hill

Lack of customer service and food preparation.the food wasn't fit to eat.last time for me going there.

David Parks

The BK app for special deals not excepted at this location ? on a side note Food was good and staff was friendly

Shawn McDonald

Service was great! My wife and I got 2#2's....Double Whopper with cheese. Hot and Delicious! The french fries were nice and hot as well.The restaurant was dirty. The dining room floor was sticky and dirty. It looks like someone mopped the floor with a dirty mop.I can smell old oil throughout the restaurant. They need to clean their equipment. I saw the dried up grease on their equipment.My wife and I miss Burger King because Charleston S.C. closed all of their Burger Kings.

Jamie Genova

I got 2 whopper jrs and both of them were not good. I can usually bare through certain things but I've never had my food taste like this one. I'm sorry.

Sean DEF

Manager at closing had a bad attitude. When you work in customer service it's not the customer's fault that you're ready to go. If you can't demonstrate customer service with a polite demeanor, then maybe this isn't the type of job that you need to be in.

Gary winferry

Night manger on Wednesday night, unprofessional as well as staff. Will never patronage this facility again. I drove through the drive in at 9:46 and order a impossible whooper with Patty place I the microwave and only mustard. I also use my Burger King app and use my code to get a large fry. After placing order she ask me did I want the burger all the way, I said no . I told you only mustard, and I was vegan and wanted the Patty I microwave. She then told me to get out of line she wasn't gonna wait on me.... I pull up to.the window and the guy said I had to talk to the manger, and guess what . She wouldn't talk tome but instead had a guy with a do rag come to the window and say " hey bro you gotta get out of line, we not gonna serve you" and I ask why and he repeated hiiim self. The manager who was a black woman said , I'm not gonna be talk to like a child. So much I could have said ,but they create a hostile environment. It upsetting to me and I will be speaking to upper management in the morning.

Frances Abbadusky

Terrible experience today. I asked for the simplest thing, cheeseburger with JUST ketchup. Get my food and leave and it’s loaded with EVERYTHING. The girl at the window did not say a single word to me when we pulled up and proceeded to roll her eyes like she didn’t want to be there. Employees need improvement.

Dylan Humphries

Message for Corporate - with all these bad reviews one would think the MeatHeads would take action to correct the issues at this and other BK's. But then I see what you pay the employees (or what franchisees pay) and then everything bad about your resturant makes sense. Love the food - just need to work on better pay for your employees so maybe they will have a better attitude and cook the menu items properly and timely.

Ginger Bruce

9:35 am, 3/5/22. Horrible attitude of the girl at the drive thru window!!!!!! Grumpy when she speaks to you and gave us a total without a thank you at the speaker or the window. Walked off for 5 minutes without giving out debit card back. That's extremely unprofessional. When my husband asked if she had it, she nodded her head. Obviously HATES working here and takes it out on the customers.

Thomas Adams

I wasn't sure if it was a Burger King or a flop house. Had two different people at different tables sleeping. Kinda smokie like the hood vents weren't working. Smelled like old burnt grease. But to my surprise the food was pretty good.

Iesha Williams

It was ok the food was straight but the services from the employers was awful some slim girl girl had a bad attitude at the drive thru we ready to order she said" CAN YOU WAIT" we sat there 4/5 minutes drove around then went inside to order we see her in front with her head set on fixing fries but we were the only car at the time in drive thru and it was only two people waiting in there order in line

martin frederiksen

Out of all the fast food on this exit,this establishment is the best! Friendly staff and the food is what you expect it to be.

Ebony Amara (Royal Saffire Queen)

I normally just get an impossible whopper but this time I got some fries and a drink. There was kind of a 'sandy' taste to the food, but maybe I was having an off day. I always love an impossible whopper...

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