Firehouse Subs N. Augusta

1237 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 279-5534

Recent Reviews

Eva Armstrong

Sandwiches always good. Service always good.

Nick Russo


Nathan Creech

Avoid at all costs...the service was ok...if you like to rushed into a sandwich purchase with the fervor and enthusiasm of a used car salesman trying to win a trip to Reno for making the most sales. If you have never been to a firehouse and this is your first..good luck, you get what you get and no one will explain it to you.It's super obvious that each of the multiple people behind the sandwich construction counter has one job, and that's their job, and no one else is doing anything other than the single task that is assigned to them. So, if your sandwich is ready but the wrapper guy is on a phone call or something...the cheese guy isn't stepping up to fill in for the wrapping guys duties, nope your sandwich is just going to sit there, unwrapped and unavailable to be eaten until that phone call is good and done. Hope you weren't hungry or craving that delicious hook and ladder!!!

Kevin ODonnell

Great food but the soda pop is always flat!

chris cato

The subs where delicious and the staff was very polite and friendly.


Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to the $20 sub meal, with a side of watered down mac n cheese topped with breadcrumbs that still had the flavor of the box they came out of.The sub was as good as they've always been, but they NO LONGER CARRY hot sauces....which....was what made firehouse subs, firehouse if you pull in here craving that spicy custom sub you've come to know and love....expect to leave here both disappointed and much lighter in the wallet. I sure will miss was a good run.

Mary Ann Burckhalter

Love it great food great friendly staff and clean restetant

Kim Roberts

I have to say I have had great

ScreechNHarley Garry

The food was really great! I had the pepperoni meatball sub and it was awesome. The reason I'm only giving 1 star is that the store was filthy. The Freestyle Coke machine had brownish red goo sprayed all over the part where you put your cup. The floors were very sticky especially where the iced tea dispensers were. This was our very 1st time at a Firehouse Sub restaurant and I don't think I will be back. There were like 5 to 6 people working, you think someone would grab a mop!!!!

Kim Roberts

I used to love this location but not so much now. Online orders rarely ready and end up waiting 20 mins for it. Last sub had no paper around it and the sub was a mess. Store not very clean now. I will drive to Evans from now on.

Christopher J

Great Service and Taste Great!!!

Alva Bussey

Overall, fast hot food.

Bradley Mahan

Very busy but the crew works efficiently and effectively. Both subs were perfect. Great job.

Johnathon Seamon

I used door dash to get lunch missing items with no refund the bag I did get wasn't sealed thanks for that .so sad I use to like this place now I still gotta go get food because people that want 15 hr can't even get a order right or say something instead I lose my money an food thanks firehouse

Terrall Putnam

Very good food and friendly people.

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