Las Palmas Taqueria

401 W Martintown Rd #157, North Augusta
(803) 426-8623

Recent Reviews

Brellin Dempsey

I decided to check this place out for the first time the other day. The waitress was excellent at her job. I ordered a Burrito and a Sopes Gorditas. When the waitress asked what meat i wanted for them i told her to surprise me. Her recommendations were spot on, the food was good, and the prices reasonable. I will definitely be returning.

No Explanation Gaming

Emagine putting one of the worst mexican restraunts with no drink licence next to one of the best cheap mexican restraunts. Las palmas sure did, food was bad and the music was annoying.

K S.

Very happy we chose to stop and try this place out! We have stopped at their Taco truck at the Augusta flea market previousLy and really liked their food andd prices. Same here. Food super fresh and affordable! Excellent guacamole and horchata!! Will dEfinitely be back!!

Angella Brown

I don't mean to be rude but this was the worst food I've ever had. The salsa had allspice or nutmeg in it, the sour cream was runny, and the meat was very fatty and greasy. Everything was old, even the cilantro was wilted.

Melissa Bemiller

We love Las Palmas. We've never tried anything we don't like. Their salsa and guacamole are the best in town, in my opinion.

Sal Oliveri

Las Palmas is a hidden gem. Although the menu is fairly limited compared to El Teresa's, the quality of the food more than makes up for it. The tacos are fantastic. I ordered tacos al pastor and the pork was delicious. The salsa was very good and a step above the usual nondescript red stuff restaurants usually have. It tasted very fresh and had a hint of cloves (I think). Really, everything seemed fresh. Very clean restaurant. Will definitely return.

Sandra Taylor

Delicious salsa, tacos are amazing!

Ashlynn S.

honestly wasn't great. bad service, took forever for chips and salsa. my friend ordered a burrito and it came with no sauce or cheese sauce. looked gross. wasn't good. i would not recommend.

Stephanie Krom Crowder

Fantastic food! Nice people, good prices.

Paul Jones

Excellent food and very friendly staff!

Valeria Pineda

Authentic food just like it says (said by a hispanic), it is cooked by a very humble and sweet Hispanic mother. Extremely delicious and I highly recommend it!

Sarah S.

In my opinion, it's tough to compete with La Jaliscience a few miles down the road (one of my favorite local places with THE BEST homemade tortillas). But Las Palmas is a close second. The tortillas here are also homemade and the meat has always been very tasty. Prices are ridiculously affordable, especially on Tuesday ($2 tacos). On the weekends they serve special dishes, including fresh and homemade tamales (YUM). I have been disappointed by the salsa, however (which I've sampled countless times now). Honestly, it's pretty terrible. It's SO bland, tastes like canned tomato sauce and has a strange sweet, almost cinnamon undertone. And the chips are pretty sub par as well. Salsa is one of those things that can be so amazing, but when done poorly its absolutely awful. Be sure to order a side of guac, which always seems to be fresh with plenty of cilantro!

jesus nunez

High price for the amount of food, and not 100% authentic! I was born in Mexico and lived there 18 years so I know first hand what it's authentic, they are more authentic than Montereys and Teresa's but not the real deal.

Bert Ellis Olde South properties

Great food, and Stephanie treated us like family. Highly recommend.

Chad Burch

awesome fresh food! Pastor tacos and enchiladas are amazing!

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