Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

436 E Martintown Rd, North Augusta
(803) 441-0000

Recent Reviews

Caroline McCray

Food is good and quick. Wait staff is friendly and helpful.


Just missed the lunch time menu by 15 min., but still stayed and ordered the chicken burrito and beef enchilada combo with the cheese sauce. Delicious! Nice Waiter too.

Jillian Hicks

Monterrey’s is usually good and cheap for the amount of food it is, but I usually ordered my food online through ChowNow. One of my meals in the order wasn’t given to me when I pulled up. I had to go back after arriving home to find it was missing. They told me their system was down. I asked for a refund because it had already been half an hour since I picked up the food initially. They had to call the manager, who only wanted to refund me for the item we were missing. I explained that my food at home was going to be cold by the time I got back to it because I had to wait for nearly an hour. They offered to reheat it, but refused to give me a full refund. After having my order screwed up in the past, I told the manager I would not be returning. Disappointed.EDIT: We also found a hair in one of the dishes after finally getting to sit down to eat!

Erik Luca

I noticed alot of of cars in the parking lot and I was in the mood for mexican food so we gave it a try, not disappointed at all! The service was excellent, a lot of menu options and huge portions, quickly served. They seemed to have adapted to the new normal in food service. I brought a long time resident with me and be was equally impressed.

Amy Williams

I ate here with my best friend while I was in town. The food was good and the table service was good as well. The frozen strawberry Margarita was very tasty but the house marg on the rocks was a little weak. The shrimp cocktail had lots of shrimp and avocado!! They didn't skimp on the good stuff and I could really appreciate that, YUMMMMMYYY!!

Alainey Stanley

Excellent wait staff. Great food. I love coming here and would reccomend it to anyone.❤


They have huge portions for good prices. I wish their salsa was a little more flavorful, but their salsa picante and Verde are great! The street tacos are really good too.They need to salt the guacamole caseros, which is more annoying because they don't put salt out on the table.

D singleton

We always love the food and service and margaritas. Recently the mix was changed for the jumbo margarita. It was really green and tasted different. It was to sweet. We like the old one better. Please bring it back.

Lyndie Nguyen

I normally love this place. But my most recent visit was a huge disappointment. Waited forever for a waiter, the appetizer arrived after we had finished eating our meal. Our glasses were never refilled and the food was subpar. I sincerely hope they are able to rebound because this once was a good place to eat.

Donald Tibbs

More like 2 1/2 stars. The carnitas were good. Everything else was kind of bland(beef taco and burrito). Definitely better options in the area.


Lovely place to eat and great food.

alisha harris

The service was amazing. ? The food was delicious and so were the drinks they served!! Would definitely go back again.

Henry C.

Some of the worst Mexican food ever. Way too salty, prices were different than the menu indicated and the orders were not correct. Sent one order back and it still came back wrong. Will not give them a second chance.

James heath

Great service... Had a couple issues but overall everything was solid but just ain't worth a full 5 star rating

Elizabeth Stripling

Food was excellent. We were seated quickly by the manager! Roberto provided outstanding service & is a very hard worker.

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