Sabi Japanese

332 E Martintown Rd, North Augusta
(803) 279-6888

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Susan Montgomery (Suzie)

Food tasted burnt /charred...the grill really NEEDS a GOOD CLEANING....they used the spices heavy handed..only reason good one star is the spring rolls were ?..Expensive for what we got...Food: 1/5

Alicia Rouse

Prices have gone up and food portions have gone done! Otherwise, still pretty decent restaurant.Food: 3/5

Rayne Knight

Got the Seafood Soup and was disappointed, portion was small compared to the price. There was more noodles then other ingredients and the soup base was thin and tasted more like chicken soup. Staff was very friendly. I've been before and it was great, won't recommend the seafood soup.

Candice Gordon

Salad limp, food lacked Japanese flavor, and not as clean as other restaurants (especially with it being a pandemic). Waitress was nice.

Tammy Grier

The food was cooked perfectly! I introduced my mother to Japanese food and this was the best place to start! She loved it and so did I. I would recommend this restaurant to any lover of Japanese food!

Kathryn B.

About two weeks ago I went and endured a meal with no a/c. Today I was going to dine but walked out because the a/c is still broken. They had a fan on top of a table trying to cool the place. It's 100 degrees outside. I've had a stressful day at work. I just wanted a peaceful dinner, with the a/c working. Food has always been good. I'll go back when the a/c is fixed.

destinee Pelletier

They are really slacking. Sushi is not quality food is inconsistent. First time food was great then a bad night and gave them 3 more chances never got back to normal. Overpriced for what you get now.

Scott Hall

Went for the first time 5/29/2022 and WONT EVER GO BACK! Felt like the a.c was broken, sushi was WARM ?, 2 rolls and crab ragoon was $35, paid for an upset stomach . NEVER AGAIN

Christina Gillis

Sushi appetizer was served last. Dessert was the spring rolls that should've came with food. Questions about our missing food met with short comments and blank stares. Zero recovery skills. Fried rice tasted like cardboard, saved by the white sauce and shrimp. I like to support local, but I can't say I'll ever eat here again.

karen butler

Never will go again and do not think anyone else should.Horrible teatment.4/10/22 #30557 I ordered a Hibachi Meal and Ice Tea; which consist of a soup, a salad, and an entree. I never received a salad and I had to request a glass of tea three times after my order were taken. Tea is refillable, I was not given any refills. The problem was with my soup; when it arrived it was cold, refrigerator cold. I shared with the server that my soup was too cold to eat. She took it and returned it with more cold soup. Again I told her the soup was refrigerator cold and I could not eat it. Her reply was, "This soup is not cold, it was in a pot on the stove". She removed the soup. I asked could I have hot soup. She never returned with soup nor did she ever refill my tea. Because I was given a partial meal I believe I should have been given a partial bill. I requested a reduce in my meal at the register. The same server, Karla(Name maybe misspelled) rung me up. I said, "I did not receive soup, salad, or tea refills, my bill should be reduced. Her reply was, "No it not, are you paying with a card or cash". I did not want to cause my self any problems or be accused of stealing, so I paid the entire bill with my debit card. I believe I should be refunded 50% of the tea $1.38 and a two-third of my entree $9.97 because I was given 1 of the 3 items that I was charged for. My total refund request is $11.35,

jen g

Tasteless food, appetizers arrive after everyone is done eating & no offer for a discount or refund. If it tasted good it would be worth the wait and the screw-up. Owner & server did not care to apologize properly or do anything to make up for the errors. Walked away from table when we were asking why it was so late. Also, noodle soup tasted like thrice overcooked spaghetti noodles. Nothing Japanese or yummy about any of this food.

Hakeem J.

The food was bland, and the portion size was very little for the price that they charge for the hibachi chicken combo.

Doug J.

Uninspiring decor and staff, but the food was good and came out quickly. Had chicken and shrimp combo. Value was in line for the experience.

shawn wright

Really good food. Staff very friendly. Just no sushi on Monday and Tuesday. No sushi chef.

Em low

definitely not enough food for price and all the sauces we received were watered down. kind of a rip off do not recommend

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