1234 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 279-4534

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weirdo-chan 23

This afternoon at 4:21 I experienced something way different than the Starbucks values. I simply asked that my drink be remade, it was very very bitter, and yes, I'm aware espresso is bitter, but I added 3 pumps of white mocha and 3 pumps of classic and a total of 10 half brown sugar pumps. I order this drink at least 5 days a week, and here at this location it tasted very off, so I just asked if it could be remade. The barista was VERY combative and acted as if I insulted her. She argued and then asked me if I had given the other drink back, to which I replied it was in the garbage can. The barista STARED me down and then went to remake my drink, and so I asked what her name was and the younger barista said he didn't know her name. Strange, and worrisome. So the barista comes back with my drink and says try this before you leave, and informs me that she put TWENTY THREE pumps of brown sugar in my drink??? I didn't even know how to respond. Not only did I pay for a drink that was absolutely terrible, but then I was met with a very hostile and vindictive barista. Outside of being embarrassed for a simple request, I am also very saddened to see such behaviors from a barista who works for a company that is supposed to pride themselves on being inclusive and offering a third space. Does not live up to it's values does not even come close to the rude and disrespectful nature of that individual. Knox avenue is off limits I will drive 30 minutes to the nice one.

Stephen Jones

Coffee was fine but the lounge area was pretty dirty. Bits of trash and crumbs on the side-tables and around the chairs/tables. Floor looked like it hadn't been swept in a while. The team behind the counter were seemed nice and on top of things and I get that the bulk of sales are drive-thru but once in a while maybe whoever is on register (which never had a line the whole time I was there) should come out and sweep, wipe down tables, etc. I was at the Bobby Jones location with a much bigger lounge area one week ago and it was considerably tidier. I live in NA and would love to see our amenities rival Augusta's.

Christa Dickert

Best Starbucks in the CSRA honestly. I’ll pass a Starbucks and go out of my way to go here.

Todd Heath

The barista, Todd, was very quick and polite. He was a pleasure to interact with.Food: 5/5

Adriana Gardner

10/10 we just left at 6:20pm. The person at the window was super nice. Amazing customer connection. The person on cold bar even joined our conversation while finishing our drinks.

Randy Hubert

Just moved here. Went here every morning for the last 9 days. 5 out of 9 days my order was wrong. Foam when I said no foam, Grande me when I said vente, charged for an extra shot of Expresso and not received. I will not be returning to this location.

oneamazing doll

When out and about needing a quick coffee or treat we may make a stop in here. They are excellent at customizinv your drink order when you cant have what is used on the menu. Their frive thru is fairly quick and the service is always stellar.Food: 5/5

Byron Eder

Starbucks in North Augusta, South Carolina on Knox Avenue is one of the best I've ever visited!! Always a great staff!! Clean store. Product selection better than any other Starbucks!!!!!!! 10 Stars!!!!!!! A Must Visit!!!!!!

Dw Harris

The staff here is always professional. I ordered from the wrong location online and they fixed my order anyway. When the other location refunded my order, I left it as a tip to show my appreciation.

Mary Kay Wilkes

My husband and I came through the drive-thru today. Pax took our order. He was super-nice and so funny. We enjoyed talking with him as we waited for our coffee! Thank you, Pax, for making even a quick trip through the drive-thru a fun time!!

Brianna Paige

My coffee was delicious and everyone was so kind and cheerful. I would definitely return!

Natalie H.

I love this Starbucks. They are always so fast and nice. Sky is my favorite!! They always get my drinks right.

Lucy Crosby

Rude behavior at drive through. Terrible customer service and messed up the order. I hope they have the day they deserve.

Reign Cloude

Just went to grab a couple coffees and the baristas were phenomenal. Awesome service and quick!

Paul Baughman

I come to this location 7 days a week. And this one female that works here is the most disrespectful person. I came on 5/21/2022 at around 3:00pm. There online was down so I paid card which there Internet was running slow. After my card finally went through this red head lady tells the other female that cash me out, after the first time it didn’t work I would’ve just told him sorry your payments not being excepted. Then she proceeds to Run her mouth about saying do you think he would notice if I put three shots instead of two. I have no clue who gave her MGR position. But you need to be fired, you don’t talk about people like, that keeps your check coming. So when they start to make my drink they sit it on the counter and don’t even call my name to get. This place had become a joke since it has a new store mgr. the old store mgr ran this place like charm. This place has a crew of people that could careless and it shows.

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