1234 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 279-4534

Recent Reviews

Christy Flores

Great breakfast! Caramel macchiato was great! Enjoyed outdoor seating!

Tonya Bellamy

Was really busy but quick and awesome customer service

Tanita Middleton

Just left this Starbuck’s….absolutely horrible!! Mobile ordered a Venti Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Refresher. When I got the drink it was half full, asked why and the cashier couldn’t explain. Asked for them to fill it up, returned drink with added water! There was no lemonade, no strawberry syrup, worst drink ever! Waste of time and money!

Ollie Cotoia

I'm not from this town but the girls in my star bucks are so mean. I stepped in and they were all so so nice. I even had to ask for extra cream cuz I forgot it and they were just so nice.

Joshua Harrison

Out local Starbucks has ways had the BEST employees I have ever seen. Even through the last two years, and extreme shortages, they have always remained cheerful and professional. I really hope they receive everything they deserve!

Dee Perdue

I enjoyed my visit there

Joey Yaughn

My family and I come to the Starbucks every single Friday. The people here are always so sweet and kind. They make our drinks with passion, speed, and precision. You can tell that they put effort into what they do.

Jane Yarbrough

Soooooo over priced on their prices, we can't afford them anymore.Hey Starbucks, how about offering a SeniorCoffee for us on a set income?! We like your coffee but$$$$.

Patricia Brandt

frappuccino mocha cookie crumble is good.but I forget removed white whip. Next time I will order it without white whip. Lol

Carlton McDonald

It's a Starbucks. Which is a good thing, because unlike most chains barring Chick-fil-A you know what you're getting.

Quan Nguyen

Clean Starbucks location with plenty of parking and a very knowledgeable and friendly staff

luna chyld

Love everyone that works here. The hubby works at the plant and this is our family's home base Starbucks. Never had an issue. Staff is very courteous and professional.

Allison Krepps

Usually have no problems here but today they forgot something and when I kindly reminded them one of the workers inside was rude about it and mocked me like I couldn’t hear her through the open window.


Purchased a Grande Pink Drink with cold foam, normally a refreshing drink and usually I don't get the strawberries but wanted to try them this time. NEVER again! Didn't know the berries were Hydrated and tasted fake and for $6...very disappointing

Frances Sims

We ordered the drinks were so good and creamy... Still thinking about them yummy??? ThanksStarbucks it was worth every penny

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