TOKI Jr Japanese Restaurant

434 Georgia Ave Suite 105, North Augusta
(803) 426-8086

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Misti Alexander

Wouldn’t eat here again. Mediocre food. They overcooked the steak and the rice was so chewy. It’s about just as expensive as going to a sit down restaurant and letting them cook in front of you (which is way better quality food). I was not impressed.

Shane Rowland

Food is always good, I normally order take out and it's ready promptly

Aaron “Panndor”

You'll get the same food with equal flavor as compared the the larger hibachi style restaurants. The fried rice, steaks and chicken are all quite good. And you can save a good bit of money by ordering during their lunch hours (which doesn't seem to affect portion sizes). The amount of food you get is quite generous and makes it worth the extra price you'll pay compared to normal takeout. Their white sauce is quite good and this has become my son's favorite restaurant that he doesn't seem to get enough of. They have convenient online ordering and the staff has always seemed quite friendly. They have a large menu with other options available to fit most people's tastes. As for the steak and chicken (which is what we normally order they are both great (their fillet is normally quite tender and well cooked / seasoned). Definitely a lot more convenient than having to wait for a full Hibachi style restaurant, with very little sacrifice in terms of flavor and choices.


The food and the bobba is great! I'm not really fond of their tapioca balls but poppings are good!

Carol Jenkins

I'm disappointed that this location seems to overcook their Hibachi meat, at least the chicken and steak. They also don't have the Tempura dishes and Sushi menu like the location on Furies Ferry Road in Martinez, which is one of my lunch go-to places. This location falls more in line with a fast food pickup place.

Heather funston

Good food. We’ve been going to the regular toki for years and it’s nice to have this spot so close now. I gave 4 stars bc they don’t carry ginger sauce. That would be my one suggestion.

Natalie Alcon

Oh my word I love there Bobas. And they have a cucumber crab salad that’s my favorite. Great food all around and very friendly service.

Bradley Mahan

Very good food. Very fast service. I'll be back and bring my granddaughters.

Spencer V.

Best Teriyaki Chicken Hibach I've had in forever. It's not every day that I find many restaurants with wonderful Hibachi so it's a really treat to be able to come here. I loved every bite of this meal and left me wanting to purchase a another one. I'll be coming here again soon and when I do, I'm going to try bubble tea with my meal. :)

Barbara L.

Little place in downtown North Augusta. Got the takeout menu, brought it home and decided to place an order next day. Great food! We had enough left over for next day. Highly recommend! Give them a try - you won't be disappointed.

Nida M.

The flies get a little annoying when you sit outside in the heat but otherwise, the food is pretty good! I prefer the hibachi dishes over the poke bowls. Not a big fan of those since they don't have as much flavor, but I will say that you get a lot of food for your money. Loveddd the hibachi ribeye and the shrimp as well. The tempura asparagus is yummy too. I got a the crab rangoon last time but it was super sweet for some reason, like they had put cream cheese in it or something?

Rodney Still

Clean place. Nice to eat and watch ppl walk by. Food is good. Have had a lil better. All in all I'd go back

Brian Maleck

TL:DR; Good hibachi, at a bit higher of a price point than your other local hole in the wall place.Outside/Pre-visit: The store shares parking with a few other places in the shops so do not expect to park right in front of the store. I parked in the parking lot that is next to Your Pie and walked a few store fronts down. If you are ordering take out, it would be advantageous to call ahead and place your order instead of walking up and ordering. Storefront is recently renovated so the outside is appealing. There are also a few tables located outside.Inside/decor: The inside of the restaurant is pretty small, and I think there were only about 4 tables and a bar area near the window. Made it a little difficult to wait for your food, as there was no real place to stand and wait. While I was there, two of the tables were being taken up by people waiting for food. The restaurant is new so the decor is updated and the inside is very clean. However, there is a definitely a take out atmosphere.Food: I ordered the teriyaki chicken and it was a plentiful portion. There wasn't a ton of teriyaki sauce but enough to coat the chicken and rice. The meal also comes with standard hibachi vegetables. As with most hibachi places, the ratio of rice-meat-veggies was heavy on the meat and a little lacking on the veggies. Veggies were also a little over cooked for my liking, I prefer a bit of crunch. Otherwise the food was good and it came with the hibachi white sauce. As others mentioned, it was a huge portion and I easily made two meals out of it. That makes up a bit for the price. It was $15 after tax without a tip.Staff: Staff were friendly and there were two workers at two cash registers which made ordering in quick. It appeared that there were two chefs in the back as well so food didn't take too long to come. Did not have an issue with the staff I interacted with. They asked if I wanted the teriyaki sauce on the side, which I thought was a little interesting since I ordered chicken teriyaki. One would assume that would come with the sauce... Guess they've had a few complaints.

Linda Y.

It's easy to miss in this new (undiscovered for me) little restaurant strip but I was impressed. The food was delicious- most importantly. The teriyaki chicken is not dry but just perfectly cooked. My husband LOVES the melon bubble tea. It's clean and if you're inclined, there's a few outside tables. I always order "to go" and I've never been disappointed when I get home and open the box. Yum!

Aaron S.

Downtown Augusta has hit a boom in F&B these last few years. But with the disappearance of Kawa, I ached for the day quality Japenese food would be near again. Thankfully the wait was not long. Just across the 13th Street bridge, sandwiched between Your Pie and Shelia's Bakery, if Toki Jr. Let me start with areas of improvement because that list is super short. Seating, I wish they had more of it (inside and out on the patio). But that's it. What do I love? Everything else. Ordering, online or by phone. You'll never be more than half a hour from a great meal. I'm always a suckeer for Spring Rolls, but the Crab Rangoon is often on my order as well. And the hibachi steak and scallop?! Tender, juicy, full of flavor, and a portion so large I seldom eat it all at one time. You also have the choice of some delicious Poke bowls as well. I could easily order from here once a week and once you visit, you'll see why. They were exactly what my heart longed for.

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