TOKI Jr Japanese Restaurant

434 Georgia Ave Suite 105, North Augusta
(803) 426-8086

Recent Reviews

Elenore Rigby

Tea was sour and I told them. They refused to make more and did NOT remove the bad tea. Shrimp was bad in the combo. I did enjoy the chicken and rice.

Kayla H.

Found a bug in my food then them folks gon store credit me like fuck I want w y'all food after finding a ROACH in mine ???? Only did 1 star cas u can't do zero FIRST N LAST time eating at this place

shane bailey

Steak was good, wife's Teriyaki Chicken was amazing. Best I've had. The noodles were different but good. Not a bad little hidden gem.

James R Moore

It’s fairly good, nice staff and it’s convenient in a nice area. Portions are quite substantial, I frankly like it better as left overs than I do fresh…and I don’t typically eat leftovers too often.

Tronie Williams

Got the steak and chicken with fried rice with strawberry bubble tea and everything was very delicious! As a big fan of Japanese food this has become one of my go to spots to eat

B J.

Ambience. B Service. B Food. B Price. B Found in middle of small downtown north Augusta main avenue. Part of several establishments in a building that use to be a supermarket and Chinese restaurant back in the days! Building is modernized. This restaurant has few tables to eat in. All dishes are served in NON recyclable styrofoam take out containers and plastic utensils. They have hibachi grill options of chicken, steak, shrimp and scallops with fried rice and stirfry vegetables. And poke rice bowls (there is a chicken option and raw tuna and salmon option. I ordered and shared a huge takeout plate of medium rare steak and scallops. The steak was perfectly cooked and 2 small and 1 medium scallop were nicely seared. I thought it was okay all around. Good flavors. $18+ I do like they have boba tea. I had the coffee latte with extra boba! The giant tapioca were perfect and chewy. $5-+. Nice! Hmm... it's okay in a pinch if you're wanting this hibachi option and don't want to cook. I'll have to try the poke bowl next time. Definitely sure to go back for the boba since no one in area does boba drinks! Oh - and great clean restrooms for customers!

Pao H.

Nice little cafe, indoor and outdoor seating. Lunch around $12/person. We had Shrimp Udon and Amazing Pokey Bowl. I had a great mango bubble tea too

Meghan C.

Quick and easy for takeout. We ordered the steak and chicken hibachi. Large portions. My favorite was the chicken teriyaki and the yum yum sauce!


Portion size was good, pretty limited menu compared to a regular place. The service was quick and we had leftovers. So not too bad overall.

Michelle Mitchell

The first time we ordered from here everything was so delicious. The chicken teriyaki had plenty of sauce and the meat was tender, hot, and seemed fresh. However, the last 2 times we ordered from there I was not as lucky. Don't get me wrong, it was still pretty good but the meat didn't have much sauce and was a little dry or I would have given 5 stars.

Jennifer A.

We came here for lunch. It was ok. My daughter loves Boba Tea and wanted to try theirs. She like it but not as much. Their wontons had imitation crab meat and was too sweet. The Hibachi was ok the white sauce seemed watered down, flavorless.


Absolutely love this small food establishment. The food is always top tier, their to-go boxes full to the BRIM with vegetables, meats, and rice. I eat here almost every week now. I can't get enough of Toki! Their boba is also amazing, not too sweet, just the right amount of milky, and they provide a variety of popping pearls or your general tapioca pearls!

Kevin Main

Decent portions but not as good as Tokyo Grill off Richland Blvd in Aiken. Could use more vegetables and neater presentation. Food still tasted good but doesn't seem like a great deal of care was put into making it look appetizing. I'd still eat here again however if in the area.

Rhonna Donnelly

The food and bubble tea were great. Just put a hook in the restroom for a lady to put her purse.

Laura Surles

Great quick 15 minutes you have a hot plate of yummy food. So thankful for Toki Jr on Georgia Ave. I love it

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