Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1215 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 599-5958

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Jeff Ford

Love the food as well as the Smoothies. Owners are great to the customers.

Renee Adkisson

Today wasn't a good experience for me for the first time. I ordered the detox island green im not happy at all. It tasted like some green cold ginger very unsatisfying. I couldnt taste any of the other flavor but ginger.

Ree C

First time here. It was 8:15pm on a Friday night. Why did "I" have to greet the workers? It didn't take long for me to get my food, but it was obvious they were ready to go home. The young lady that gave me my food didn't say one word to me. She looked like she was scared. I finally said thanks! The Kale & Carrot salad was good. Quesadilla was ok. May visit again or may not! Haven't made my mind up yet!

Porcha Mayweather

I love this place. The staff is always pleasant, and they have the best smoothies!!

Solar Moon

Stood there for over 5 minutes and no one asked if i needed help. Like wow . Thats crazy . If you dont like your job then quit and find another one .

William Martin

10-8-2021 @ 11:30am Everytime I'm in this restaurant, to pickup and deliver to my customers, the owner is very rude.In response to the owner: I have picked up from Tropical Smoothie Cafe about 20 times in the last year. At my visit prior to the incident in question I stood at the end of the counter so as not to interfere with other customers. YOU, the owner, told me that I would not be helped unless I stood in the area next to the cash register which I had no problem doing. An employee who was not with a customer approached me and asked what my customer's name was. I gave it to them and left your restaurant without issue.Yesterday, I walked in and directly stood where you asked me to on the previous visit, which is DEFINITELY not "in the kitchen", obviously. Once I stood there, YOU interrupted the transaction with the customer at the register in order to ask me if I was with DoorDash, to which I answered yes. I did not speak with you or attempt to make eye contact to avoid any interruption with the customer you were helping, attempting to avoid any interruption. You asked me to step back, again interrupting your customer, which I happily did. I was at no point ejected from the cafe. If that was the case then I would not have received my customer's order from a store associate, as I usually do, and left the store without any further communication with you.Your retaliation in the form of banning me from your store for doing EXACTLY what you asked me to do happened after I contacted DoorDash and Tropical Smoothie Corporate to document our interactions in order to protect myself. I have no ill will toward you or your business. I was doing my job as you asked me to. If you feel slighted enough to attempt to have anyone fired from their job because you do not like them speaks volumes. I have over 1000 deliveries and this is the first issue that I have ever had with any restaurant owner or management. Thank you for your advice. I assure you that I will continue doing my job as both my customers and restaurants ask me to do. My heart is at peace.Best wishes, William.

Carol Gibson

Great place! Food was good and smoothie was good.

Mario Bauknight

Unfortunately I didnt get to remember the names of the people but the staff here on 8/14 morning shift; simply amazing! My wife and I enjoyed it and will be back! Great tasty food and the smoothies were so delicious!

Deborah Mealing Taylor

Customer service has gone down hill.

Summer Rae Dorr

I love TSC! Especially this location, it’s close to our house and the best thing that’s ever happened to me since I found out I was pregnant. My hubby and I come here several times per week!! I earn free drinks through the app weekly and it’s a good thing too bc Ive CrAvEd the Watermelon Mojito since It came out!! Y’all are the best.

Dani B0mber-M4n

Great location, wonderful owners and management! Online ordering is so convenient and incredibly easy to use. Unlike the older app, which frequently caused mistakes and was GPS-based. My 5-year old could read it and correctly pick the location. I'm so lucky to be blessed with an intelligent child! Good luck to all my fellow smoothie lovers and keep pushing through COVID!

Christina Chacon

After I had noticed I made an order with the wrong location, I could not get through after 25 minutes of calling back to back, the owner would not refund me bc she said she was busy on the phone and the food was already made. When I told her I tried to cancel it and it wasn’t my fault and would like a refund, she just put the phone down and walked away. Calling back another worker answered and said she would get the general manager; again, someone hung up. When I spoke to another worker from another location, they claimed I should’ve gotten a refund. At this point, it’s not about the money, its about how the management handled the situation. Basically, they stole my money.*update as you could tell they get very defensive and re-edited to make the response more professional. May I add, I had never once used profanity in our conversation. So not only are they thieves, they are unprofessional liars. Have a blessed day.


Ordered curbside to be picked up at 1:57. 10 minutes passed and I decided to be patient because they were busy. 20 minutes passed and I went inside (which prompted those waiting behind me to come inside). Our meals were just sitting out. And it had to have been for a while because the receipts were soggy, the smoothie was runny, and the salad (with cooked chicken and rice) was all about the same temperature.

Verne J. Washington Sr

The customer service is great! They love their jobs!

Joshua Bourne

My baby girl loves that place it's her favorite Andy held her phone for when she left it.

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