Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1025 Edgefield Rd, North Augusta
(803) 278-2366

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christopher B

Some of the best salads I've ever eaten are from here.

Spencer Goodwin

Love this place so much! Amazing food all the time and love the atmosphere when I get to eat in!

daniel stevens

Friday, July the 8th at 4:33 pm. Driving to Myrtle beach from Pensacola Florida and the rain was pouring down something awful. My one year old is crying in the car, so we decided to pull into Zaxby's to buy some fries, to calm him. Somehow we missed the drive thru sign in the storm. Pulled around to the window, that didnt have one single customer.... and asked to purchase fries. Was told, by girl in the drive thru, that she couldnt ring up the order because company policy, was for all orders to be made at drive thru sign. I do agree we missed the sign but what logical sense does it make for us to drive back to the window, to communicate with the same lady we are visually looking at? When no other customers were in sight? Also she admitted that the sign is place in a difficult view, as other customers have done the same thing. Terrible terrible customer service and I dont believe it was policy, I believe the employee was being slack.

Samuel stutt

Slowest services ever. Order at 12:23 and got my food at 12:52. A lot of people got upset and the manager came out to talk to them. They had the driver thur going pretty fast but forgot about the people inside.

Trace Palmer

Over cooked wings . Twice I’ve ordered wings and they have been cooked bone dry . No moisture left in the wings , just a hard crust and bone . Something has changed bc it used to be really good . These are unfit to eat .

Eric Scott

4 times I've ate here. 2 times my 10 pc traditional wings got NO sauce on them. For the the price they charge i can cook 100 and get sauced!!!

Rachel Smith

Not the first time I’ve been give the wrong food. I order ahead for a reason, I’ve got 2 kids who both play sports and 2 jobs, we’ve got places to be. I called when I was on my way back so they could remake my order while I was on my way. They did not remake my order until I got there.

Marnie Williams

In addition to increased prices for everything on the menu, Zaxbys is now reducing the amount of food served. This has occurred at several locations and multiple visits. They will even forget to put the cookies in the kids meal. It's happened multiple times. They have lost my business.

Pattie R.

When I place an order I expect to receive what I asked for, or At least be informed that the item is not available and offered an alternative. I ordered a cobb salad and received something that is not even offered on the menu. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I Got home and realized I was charged for a Cobb salad and was given poor alternative. So I want to Warn Everyone to Look at what your given before you drive away from the window !!!!!!!!!!

Devon McDonald

Food was great, but the floor was super super wet. They had a sign out but still. The entire floor was soaking wet.

Ralph Foster

Order extra slaw but got extra fries and no slaw. Makebyou feel good that they listen to your order.

Monica77 Jones

The food was not hot or fresh the wings were dry even though they had sauce they were really dry .....and I got sick off there food not going back there ,but the customer service is good!!!!

V Will

Are all the speakers broke at all Zaxbys? If you are short handed it may be best to use all your workers inside. At the time they were very busy, however the young lady at the window was fixing drinks when I arrived. Quite a bit of drinks. They were all lined up There were 5 or more bags on the counter. And it more than 10 min to get to the window and I had to wait about 5 more min when I got to the window. Looks like they are using less chicken for the grilled chicken zalad. They used to slice the breast now they cut it up and it's a lot less.

D. Arnold

Right now I'm loving the Cobb salad! Of course with the fried chicken...I'm a southern girl after all! I have always been a Zaxbys fan from my first meal there over a decade ago.

Gregg N.

Depending on which Zaxby's you go to, the line can be out into the main highway or it can be a couple of cars. At this time of day and at this location, the drive-thru line wasn't that bad. I ordered ahead anyway, so I walked in. I timed it perfectly, because they were about to place my order in the Pre-order Rack. Grabbed my food and went. It wasn't actually for me but for my son, a Zax Kids Tender meal!

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Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

1025 Edgefield Rd, North Augusta, SC 29860
(803) 278-2366