Waffle House

7505 US-76, Pendleton
(864) 221-3197

Recent Reviews

Jeremi Gelinas

Friendly late night staff, food was good and what you would expect from Waffle House.

Cassy Gardner

Service here is ok. The food is either raw or undercooked or just flat out disgusting

Melissa Bramlett

This waffle house has got to be the CLEANEST waffle house I've ever been too! Both times I have visited here the staff is always super nice, they look happy to be there, and the service has been superb and fast!! The blueberry waffle is to die for!!

Carissa Lawson

They only had a single wires working because other had called in. She was awesome!!! Great food, great company, she did both jobs and didn't complain once!! Well go back

Jacklyn Valerio

Great people, food was fast.

Nate Heard

Typical waffle house, food was decent.

James Roberts

Love coming on third shift and seeing our server Momma Meg . She always has us laughing the whole time. We can’t wait come to Waffle House every Saturday now. Store was spotless and calm. The cook key was amazing and we loved singing along with her. I’m glad the old short server and cook are gone they never had the restaurant open.

Matt Edwards

Been to a lot of Waffle houses and by far this was the best service we have ever had. Food was good as usual.

Rblytton Lytton

I was there the week of the Bassmaster Classic, and the waitress was rude and obnoxious. She was told by the cook several times to walk away, but she didn't comply. She said she had waited on me before and got very nasty and told me to get out I had never been in that Waffle house prior to that morning and I will never go there again as long as she is employed,.

Thelma Brown

Love the food and the service, a very clean place.

Leah Garrett

I have previously had terrible experiences here. My order was wrong every time. Staff was rude. Today was a complete turnaround. The guy who took our order was polite and efficient. Our food was correct and done quickly. I’m not sure what changes have been made in the last few months, but I’m glad I gave y’all another shot. Thank you guys, Happy Holidays!

Roger N Wells

short staffed and not busy

Damon McIntire

Clean place. Food is good

Ross Davis

Scattered, covered and delicious! Cannot beat Waffle house!!

Aaron Tate

Best waffle house I have ever been to workers are presentable and nice

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