Waffle House

7505 US-76, Pendleton
(864) 221-3197

Recent Reviews

Leah Garrett

I have previously had terrible experiences here. My order was wrong every time. Staff was rude. Today was a complete turnaround. The guy who took our order was polite and efficient. Our food was correct and done quickly. I’m not sure what changes have been made in the last few months, but I’m glad I gave y’all another shot. Thank you guys, Happy Holidays!

Roger N Wells

short staffed and not busy

Damon McIntire

Clean place. Food is good

Ross Davis

Scattered, covered and delicious! Cannot beat Waffle house!!

Aaron Tate

Best waffle house I have ever been to workers are presentable and nice

Lee Quillen

Stopped by early in the morning. Food was delicious, but building was not made out of waffles despite apparently misleading name. Staff was great so probably still go back.

Ben White

These guys are clean and bright.I will say it would make my top 10 in the(Waffle house I have eaten at more than once): however; impossible to call and place pick up order, cannot do internet order, cannot call up at 2:00 am and inquire if they have chocolate pie available;;; no,no,no, you have to drive there, make order, wait wait wait. So Sad

Barbara Stovall Davis

This was our first time to dine in there and it didn’t disappoint.

RJ Sutherlan

Repeated order 3 times to correct server when she read back to me because she had it wrong and still got wrong order...ate anyway because was hungry

wesley boettcher

Love their hashbrown bowl!!! I get that every time!

danielle williams

Very bad service. Empty tables were visible with a long line and one specific waitress refused to clean the table and then had an attitude on top of it. She was very rude.

Joshua P.

As always at this location, great food, friendly staff, clean facilities. What else could you ask for?


The bacon was some of the best cooked I've seen in a long time, good and friendly service.

Donna Cox

The food and service was wonderful.

Rachel French

If you're looking for an experience that's frustrating a Underwhelming, and dripping with sweat and disappointment you could try my first marriage. Just kidding. You can get the same experience at this waffle house. It will probably cost roughly the same price. The experience is so authentic... Your calls will go and answered and they leave you with a bad taste in your mouth .The one plus is that it's over a lot faster.

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