8709 US Highway 17 Bypass South, Surfside Beach
(843) 215-8124

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Doug McAuliffe

Went there to get coffee which is drive through only due to staff shortages which I understand. No cars at speaker, wait 5 mins and no one asks me to wait a moment or anything. Not a single word is spoken to me. Drive around and there's no car waiting at the window either. The quick glance I got as I drove by was employees just talking to each other.

Lorrie Silver Strauch

Felt really bad for the server who was all alone, taking, fixing and delivering orders curbside :(

Phil Ward

Morning breakfast got me ordering the sourdough breakfast sandwich. Two fried eggs, five half slices of bacon, melted white cheddar on two pieces of sourdough toast. Love the taste and texture of the bread and the overall quantity of the sandwich. Bacon is pretty light and doesn’t add much to the flavor and the eggs needs a good salt and pepper shakedown.

Coia Moore

After ordering our food at the drive through window we lost our wallet and was yelled at to pull up with an attitude by female manager. When I got to the window, I got smart back and said I'm trying to find my wallet. If you get smart with me, I'm gonna get smart back. They said we refunded your money and have a nice day. They said they were not going to serve us if it was going to be drama. And that they are short and been screamed at all morning. I had to beg to get my food and the order was wrong. My coffee had sugar in it when I said no sweetener. They also messed up my order 3 times yesterday. I'll just stick to Starbucks going forward. I'm sorry yall are short because of pandemic but don't act a certain way and not expect to be treated the same.

Robin Bellavance

Just picked up two bagels ask for them to be toasted got them home I can’t even described how nasty these bagels were could not even eat one bite of it just alone touching them they were so dry and no flavor by far the worst bagel I have ever ever had from a Dunkin’ Donuts or anywhere for that matter. So sticky as well.

Vanessa T.

I just don't understand how you could get such a dry bagel. Sesame with veggie cream cheese. I've never had such a crappy bagel in my life. I feel like it's all Dunkin' in general.

W. Dennis James

Ordered a grill cheese. The last time I got a good cheese the cheese was nicely melted. This was far from melted..actually the cheese looked just slapped on and the bread toasted.. so disappointed

Mary Martin

Bagel was stale and dry. We had to wait over 20 for them to bring it out to our car after going thru the drive thru. I didn't mind waiting knowing businesses are short staffed, but couldn't eat it because it tasted so bad

Luann Williams

Love the people that work here always happy and friendly

Michael Woodruff

Me and my wife live on dunkin and have a hard time finding one that makes are coffee the exact way we like it were from NY and the one at home knows what to do and this one made it right on point each time we went there and thats like 3 times a day


Used the mobile app to order breakfast and coffee and my order was hot, fresh and ready to go when I arrived! Great location close to the resort and beach, so an easy drive to bring breakfast sandwiches and donuts back to the family! Thank you!

Brianna Youngblood

Ordered sweet tea. Got unseat tea...went in and got the sweet tea and it tastes sour.Everytime I go to this location they are rarely busy. There is usually no one behind me and I still have to pull around to the front. Even when they meet me out there with the food. Why not just give me my stuffed minis and be done with it. What's with all the leg work?

Johnny Ward

This might be the slowest Dunkin’ Donuts on this side of the Mississippi River. Not an exaggeration. Good luck getting food in a decent time.


I don't know why they ask for your order if they are just gonna make your drink however they want to, I guess caramel swirl lattes don't come with caramel in them, also forgot the whip cream that I ordered on it. The donuts are good though.

apollo is a doofus


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