Kobe Express

1610 F, US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach
(843) 215-4545

Recent Reviews

Joe O.

Definitely got food poisoning after picking up lunch from here. I shouldn't have been surprised after going into the place to pick up the food. It has ruined a day and a half for me. I live here so I'll make sure to tell everyone I can to never eat at this place. To find a positive I've probably lost weight from being on the toilet so much


after giving this place 3 tries we have decided not to WASTE anymore money on less than good food. Every time the food has been lukewarm to cold no matter when you pick it up in the "25 minute" time line you are given when placing the order. The woman who waits on you when you pick up your food acts as if you have disturbed her break and you are bothering her. Each time the food has been mediocre but this past experience the food was so HORRIBLE we threw about 3/4 of it in the garbage. Just a pure waste of money and we will find another Hibachi restaurant to spend our money with from this day forward.

Allen Watson

My family and I have been coming here for years, and this is absolutely the best quick Japanese food you can get anywhere around here. The same people have been running this place forever, and they know what they are doing.

Kristi Stanton

Food is absolutely delicious. And their sushi is awesome as well.


We ordered via Door Dash. It was delicious, hot and fast. We ordered chicken teriyaki, hibachi chicken, egg rolls and spring rolls, along with two orders of white sauce (shrimp sauce). We have enough food for two meals each! Total was $32 not including deliver fee with Door Dash. Definite repeat!

Barrett Neeley

I use to come here often and the service and food was great. It has only gotten worse by the day, sadly enough. The lady/part owner had an attitude the entire way through the purchase without reason. Before my food was ready I asked for 2 ginger sauces and she scream 5 minutes and pointed at me as though I did something wrong. The chicken was old and tough. At noon you should have fresh food. Just saying. I will never come here again. Ironically my fortune cookie also came with literally no fortune. I would never recommend this place again. Quite sad. One more place I’ll never go to again.

Edna Adenah S

We usually grab a quick bite here when we are in town. We call in the order and pick it up. The food is always good quality and tasty.

Austin Bell

It’s a great restaurant to eat at! Definitely order food their again!

Julia D.

my coworker and I ordered food from here and i found a worm on my shrimp. we wont me back

Brandon Turner

Would not recommend. Food was okay, customer service was horrible. Lady working the desk is rude and unprofessional. She took the order wrong then got an attitude when we corrected her. My wife asked for extra soy sauce since it’s carry out only right now and she basically threw it at her. Ordered hibachi steak and chicken and Hibachi shrimp and steak. Shrimp had no flavor. Customer service is key, must have never been taught that.

keegan koonts

I've been coming here little over a year now and I have to say for the price you can't beat how good the food taste, alot of people are on here saying that she's rude but some people don't understand how hard it is to speak English when your not from here, I will remain to keep on coming here and support them as much as I can

Kyle Huggins

The owner lady behind the counter is the rudest japanese lady I have ever met. She acts as if she is better than us Americans. There are dead bugs all over the kitchen and there bags smell like feet! I will never go back

William Ross

Come here all the time for great sushi and bangin Japanese food with an authentic taste. Can't wait for indoor dining to be an option again !

Victoria Delia

The lady behind the counter is the so unbelievably nasty. Will never step foot into that place again.She is miserable every time I go in to pick my food up.

Janet Hudson

After traveling to Surfside Beach, this was a great easy meal.

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