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Corey M.

Worst Hardee's experience in my life. The staff was rude made faces and was laughing as they gave the smallest double cheeseburger possible. These employees do not deserve a job. They will be lucky to ever make above minimum wage with their attitude s. This place has no dress code no customer service and no respect for customers period. SHUT it DOWN

Ashley Snell

Have never experienced anything more rude. The lady at the drive thru was horrible. The way she spoke, her tone and her words were completely inexcusable. The worst service. Ridiculous.

Cynthia S.

This is the worst Hardee’s ever. They tend to be out of food the majority of the time. On three different occasions, they were out of ice cream for a milk shake. The worst thing are the employees, management included. I live close so I have visited here on many occasions. The employees are rude, do not smile, or say have a nice day. They all had attitudes. It is ridiculous. Not going back any more. I don’t see how they stay open.

Robbie Wright

Just moved to the area and only have 2 choices for fast food. Hardee's and Bojangles. I have went 5 times in a year to this Hardee's with my kids. So you order Chicken Fingers and fries. The Fryers are down 4 of the 5times.. You have to blame the owners at some point. One time went through the drive thru at 6:00 pm and the girl took my order and then went to the window and she said sorry we are closed. How are they still in business??


Went there today was waiting on a lady with really short gray hair and was very nice and the food was hot. She did an awesome job I think she might be a manager or something

Robert Knowles

Food was and always is pretty great,, except when they tell me they run out of Burger, or chicken, or fries. Or buns!! Or cups,, or something crazy... which happens way too frequently. Manager... you need to get it together on ordering.Also. The woman working the window and counter there, seeming all by herself, looks really really sad (or mad?) everytime I go there... she never ever smiles.. no "thank you"s... no "have a nice day"... I feel like I should apologize for bothering her with my order everytime I go... she needs a hug or something... very, very sad.Only good part is it is always fast and fresh. Always juicy burgers and chicken sandwiches. Usually Hot fries...But.... Never more than 1 other car in line at drive-thru or counter.. How do they stay open?

Paula Demaire

We ordered a “small cheeseburger” and chicken sandwich. I was told I ordered a plain cheeseburger (which I didn’t) with a hamburger patty that looked like a dogs raw hide chew treat and a dried out, over cooked chicken sandwich with no condiments or vegetables. When I pulled back to the window I received the same customer service others have commented on from the evening manager which was horrible. Her excuse was it was 20 minutes before they were closing. In my mind that gives you plenty of time to cook a fresh burger and chicken and put out a decent product. She should not be in customer service type of role.

Darrell McCoy

They were slow today...???Giving iut coupons today, good thru end of January.

Lisa Marie Young

Stopped to get my 2 year old granddaughter some chicken, frilench fries and milk tonight after leaving a wedding down the road. When we got to the hotel I realized that they didn't give us the milk. When I called the restaurant the line just rings busy.

Bobby & Vicky Stringer

Don't go to this Hardee's, the older woman at the drive thru is rude and refused to give us ketchup


First off the lady with the short gray hair I think might be a manager so worst customer service I've ever had in my entire life completely rude every single time. Second I asked if it's made to order so it's fresh and hot six times in a row my fries have been cold and my sandwich definitely wasn't fresh any of those times even when I asked for it to be fresh this is the worst parties I've ever been to in my life where I'm from we have one that's very good most of them are. If you wonder why you're losing business look at your management because they are terrible

R Sapp

They're much cleaner and faster than the disgusting Bojangles next door.

Sean Drake

Today is the 23rd of October. I don't know what was going on but 1 customer ahead of me and the lady who was working drive through said they were busy so it would be a while. Ok I understand but upon ordering she had an attitude with me. I said some things to her and ended up pulling off. While passing the window she proceeded to smile and wave. I do not know who owns this place or who the manager is but if she is this rude then you are throwing money away. I work in retail and I have never spoken to a customer in such a condescending way.

David Burgess

Great food. Hot and fast

Christine Hayes

Super friendly lady running the window. My food was nice & hot and timely.

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