Country Inn Bar & Casino

23820 US-385, Hill City
(605) 574-2998

Recent Reviews

Jarrod Nasseth

never again twice been cut off for no reason I'll spend my time and money elsewhere in hill city this place is a joke have fun

HD Trok

Great food and friendly service.

Leslee Olson

They have good food

Stephanie Severson

We were welcomed immediately. Carie helped with the door and Jessica had a big smile as we entered. Made 2 great friends in a short period of time. Food was amazing and beer was cold! Highly recommend to everyone!

Barb Andresen

Awesome Staff, Great Food - All Around a Fun Place To Hang Out and Enjoy All the Local Patrons!

Kathy Abernathy

Great food friendly had a really good time ?

Erik Campbell

Nice little bar with nice friendly staff and locals

Jennafer McCutchen

The food was amazing and the staff was very friendly and engaging. We highly recommended it!

Brad Savoie

Great stop. The older guys in gas station are super friendly. Nice bar. Good food.

Susan Aimonetto

Excellent service and good food !

Randy Eide

Fun place close to Hill City

William O

For a gas station/bar/casino the food is surprisingly good, cold beer on tap. Good service. Cant really think of anything bad during several visits this year. Food is definitely better than last year. And it wasn't bad then. If you are heading to Hill City or Pactola its worth a stop.


Wanted to try out this place at 3 Forks. Got seated and waited on right away, but that was the last of the timeliness. Ordered chicken sandwich and brisket ($10.99 and $11.99). Nearly 40 minutes later our food arrived (I said something to one of the servers about the length of time who basically ignored me) with just the sandwich and a small portion of WalMart potato chips. Would have thought for the price we would have received fries but nope. Pretty long wait for one sandwich that was already prepped (brisket) and one that takes maybe 10 minutes to make. If they were swamped I would understand but they weren’t. It’s one thing to gouge tourists but at least they could have provided more food in a more timely manner. We won’t be back.

Lenny Stabile

Chicken strips are by far best in region.

Kevin Kopp

Cute bar and good food.

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