3920 Cheyenne Boulevard, Rapid City
(605) 342-8370

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Arby's is good, but not this one specificallyThere's a McDonald's right next door. I even went back through the drive through so you don't have to.TLDRThey mess up orders and don't fix their mistake

Amoreena Boose

Being a Dasher I stop here about 4+ times a day. They are much faster than any Arby's in town or elsewhere for that matter. They are always helpful, great attitudes and offer a drink if I have to wait. Because of all that it's the only one I'll eat at. Food is always fresh, no leftover reheated curly fries here and as I said much faster service. Employees all seem to work together and get along to get the job done ?

Greg Lingruen

Food was good. Service was friendly but slow. The weather was bad, so maybe staff was limited. Not sure.Food: 5/5

Angela Romine

There's a reason everyone is in the McDonald's line and noooo one in Arbys...What is wrong??? Either get tons of attitude when asking for sauce or they completely leave off a 10$ sandwich. Do they really think we are just throwing money at them for nothing???? Close it or get a real manager.Food: 5/5

Alex Wells (Wellznation)

I love me some Arby's. Curly fries were perfect and the sandwiches were exactly the way you'd want it.

J Carmichael

We don't visit many fast food establishments but had few choices yesterday. The staff at this Arby's was friendly and professional and got our order correct. Hassle free and the food was well prepared.

Brian R

Three staff on duty and no seating inside. No one wanted to service an RV thru the drive thru. We left and went to Taco John's across the street. Taco Johns was brand new and staff were really nice to us.

Mike Mamula

I love Arby's food. However, speed of service is a huge issue with this store. When I went there were only 2 people working. Whoever owns that store needs to step up and help their store. The gentleman who took my order was great. However, spending over a half hour in the drive thru doesn't coin the term "fast"

Stephanie Quist

Ordered large fries. Fries were less then a large. I've ordered from other Arby's before never disappointed until today. Just will not go back to that one.

Chris Olivas

The chicken sandwich was so old it was almost inedible. No ice machine, no lobby, but they did let me walk through the drive thru. I gave away the roast beef Sandy after throwing away half the chicken.

Zia ul Islam

Waited for long in the dine in then after taking my order the staff suggested me use drive through… after wasting 30 mins I realized that Mac Donald is right on the other side. Happy Arbys

Elaine McGuire

Doors were locked. No sign saying to use drive thru. Just happened to see a car using it and tried it. Food was good but some other people were driving away thinking it was closed. Still.. was good when we got food.

David Sun

Was Arby's always this good? Haven't been there for years but it was delicious, glad we stopped by when we needed a quick meal. The sandwich that comes with brisket has some fantastic smoked flavor.

The Earth Stars

Typical Arby' was decent. Bathrooms needed attention...but if you are traveling along 90...then it's a nice stop. The staff was friendly and it's convenient from the Interstate.

dawn watkins

Doors are locked. But they had drive through open. Truck drivers get tired of eating the same thing and we just want something different and can’t even get that due to places not open ing their doors but yet the McDonald’s across the street had theirs open for the public.

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