Wings and Rings

5622 Sheridan Lake Rd Ste. 102, Rapid City
(605) 791-9464

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Sydney C.

This is our second time coming here - our first experience was on a weekday at an off time (like 2pm) so I think the service and food were a little subpar then. We decided to give it a second try and we are glad we did. The service was great - our waitress was very attentive and great. This place has a pretty nice sized dining room with a second bar area. They have some daily specials - kids eat free on Monday's. Wednesday is half priced bottle of wine! The Korean wings flavor is Ah-mazing. You HAVE to get them!

Teri Ross Engle

I enjoyed the spicy wings more then the milder flavors. All of the wing sauces were quite good. I did not enjoy the onion rings as much but that is my preference for thinner batters. They were good just heavier then I like.Our waitress was FANTASTIC!! She was knowledgeable about the sauces and menu items offered.

Brandon Young

We go here frequent and love it never a problem unless we have the certain bartender we really try to avoid. She's so lazy that on a super slow day she took well over a half hour to take our order but only after we had asked to get our order in which has never happened then she had the kitchen put a rush on it which meant when our chicken came out in less then 5 minutes it was cold and hard. We love this place and will come back but if that certain bartender is there we will definitely turn around and leave.

Willie H.

Our go to place when we are in Rapid. We've never had any problems with the food or service. Since the addition, there is plenty of room and we rarely have to wait to be seated. It is located away from tourist areas which means it is mostly local customers. Perfect for families as well.

Tyra A

This is one of my favorite restaurants and I’ve never had an issue before. The staff is friendly, and the food is great and the prices are reasonable.However, I dined in and everything was great until there were issues with the bill. I got charged TWICE.I had already shown them proof that the money was taken out my account and yet the wait staff still ran my card again and charged me again. Took my last $44.Beware of the new payment system on iPads they are using.

Dwayne Cole

The wings were amazing, the service was terrific, and the place was packed. I can see why. The crew was flying all over the place to make sure orders were out. The only thing I thought was a negative was the price. It's not cheap, but in 2022 it's all that way. The cheese cascades with the veggies were the best ever! It was a surprise hit with our little party.

Alex K.

Sadly, the poor reviews about this place are pretty accurate. The chips were flavorless and bland. I ordered 5 boneless wings that came cold, barely coated, and sat in a big bowl of sauce soup. There's also no side when ordering wings. Bummed out.

Kohl Juranas

I ordered buffalo wings, hot, with ranch. The sauce was decent enough, good heat for 'hot' (they have two higher levels). However, the sauce was a little too thin for my liking. They use jumbo wings which are too big. Everything good about a chicken wing is in the skin and the crispy parts at each end! Jumbo wings have too much bland chicken meat.Wait staff was friendly and efficient. The place was clean and the ambience was standard for a wing place (lots of big screens with sports.I'd eat here again.

Ben Doyle

Good service, great lunch deals that were well priced. Clean location and very friendly staff. Convenient location and made it easy to grab food and continue the day. -1 Star due to it taking a long time to get food.

Keith Sandborg

Horrible food wings came out cold and appeared to have been sitting for some time. They were definitely not tossed in the sauce, they were swimming in the sauce. Parmesan fries had a pile mayo on top with a hard crust to them. Our server stated she talked to her manager and she was talking to the cook. Did nothing for our bad meal. Maybe the next person will get better service after the cook gets a talking too. Note: a few days later after the visit and the response from the owner on here I did speak with the manager and received an apology for the poor service with an offer for our next visit, we are not from the area to accept it. Raised it to two stars.

Brooke Larsen

Very nice staff! The food is delicious as well. The menu had lots of different options. The wings come with different levels of spice. There is a good variety of drinks as well. There is also a bar in the restaurant. There are a lot of TVs too. All of which are playing lots of different sports. This is one of my favorite spots. Definitely will be back.Five emojis that describe it are…?????‍??

Skyler Jermolenko

So I came here with a friend and they were super busy, we waited there for about half an hour before (I think her name was autumn) came up and took care of us. We werent even her table but she noticed and went above and beyond to take care of us even when she was busy with her own tables, food was great and fast after she came over! Thanks for the great and kind service! She was awesome!

Jessica Jacobs

This place consistently delivers hot, fast, quality food at a reasonable price. Staff is almost always spot on, especially Sierra. She has been our server/bartender more than once - always attentive and friendly!

Randy Klecka

Easygoing atmosphere, with plenty of screens showing sports and an ample menu. Makaela was an outstanding server, making sure my party of 5 had everything we needed. Wings were good, enjoyable, and delightfully messy!

Brad Heid

All I can say is "Ringer" Their Chicken ringer platter is phenomenal! Food was in front of me fast and we love the atmospher at Wings and Rings! Great folks, Super food. I recommend.

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