2121 W Main St, Rapid City
(605) 348-6218

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Tyffani F.

staff was super friendly! try the cheese curds so yummmy

Ryan Johnle

The last 4 times I’ve gone through the drive through the order has been wrong and they are rude when I wait back in line to tell them. Slammed the window in my face the last time. Please get this under control. Foods is consistently good for Culver’s.

Bob E

Best butter burger around, don't forget cheese curds mmmgood. Quick friendly service.Parking: Ample parking.

Anthony Price

Always a good place to eat. Burgers are great and I love the onion rings.


Excellent Culver’s! Can be very busy so prepare for a bit of a wait. Very supportive of community events. Disc golfers appreciate the love!

John Pentecost

This Culver’s is run very poorly … food is not fresh … cold and over cooked … time and time again !! Waste of time and money !!

Tom Rouse

The food at Culver's is always good. The associates have always been kind and friendly. Thank you.

Alisha Hoskins

The food was good, just wish there was more juice on the mushroom N Swiss but I enjoyed it!

Steve Wood

We eat there often great cheese curds aw as ome fish sandwich very good burgers

Eric A.

What a joke this was. Reinforced the reason why I go to the Rushmore Crossing location. I'm a very very patient person and I understand it's the lunch rush. But waiting 40 minutes inside for one burger and no fries is outrageous. I placed my order at 12:11 (on my receipt) and didn't receive the burger until close to 12:50. Not to mention that it was wrong but at this point I have to scarf it down while driving back to work. I also received my meal after multiple people that ordered after me got theirs. I asked the guy behind the counter where is mine and was told "it's coming" Thanks Culver's Main St for blowing my whole lunch break.

Dale Frank

We go to the Rockwall Texas Culvers because it is near our bank, so we get 2 errands done at the same time. I guess their best kept secret is their kids meal. For us older folks, it is just the right size burger ir double burger with cheese, fries, drink, and flavor of the day ice cream for one low price. With a take home coupon that if you collect 10 of them you get a free kids meal when you go back. Cannot beat free! The staff are all courteous and helpful and bring the food to your table. Or if drive through, they bring the food out to your car. Spacious, clean dining area. AND the owner-Becky- is SUPER NICE too.

Terry Dahill

Well have to give one once in awhile . Giving five stars on thus review because they hit all the targets were hit. The targets are basically the same wether it's a first or second visit. This was my first visit to any Culvers anywhere but definitely won't be the lastWe dined in and were greeted by young adults that were professional and and courteous. We places our orders and within a few minutes trays were delivered. The food I ordered was piping hot always a plus with me. I ordered the butter burger with fries and a rootbeer the fries were were great because they were really hot . but the butter burger was the built up star of the night and it was fantastic. I definitely will go back . At the thought of a butter burger and fries my mouth starts watering.

Calvin Kruse

The butter burger combo was delicious. The 2 piece fish meal had more food than you could eat. Fish was absolutely delicious ?

James Ahern

I ordered fries, a large mashed potatoes and a large chili, that's what it even says on my receipt . I got fries, large mashed potatoes and a small mashed potatoes. You had plenty of help, they need remedial reading classes and definitely product identification classes!


Culver's is my go to fast food restaurant. Great custard, great burgers, great fries, everything from them is great. I have not had any bad experiences with this restaurant.

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