Domino's Pizza

5509 Bendt Dr Ste 103, Rapid City
(605) 791-5411

Recent Reviews

Christy Clanton

We always get the Pan Philly Cheese Pizza. Always perfect! And the Knots with cheese sauce! Love it! Only place we get pizza!

Callie Hamilton

Cooked perfectly no burnt ready when I got there....staff very friendly

Adam Bauerle

Super fast and great food. Picked up on the way through the area.

Erin Davis

While the pizza was fine, I got the worst customer service I’ve EVER received. I simply called and asked if I could get my carry out order brought out to my car because my baby fell asleep in my car and the gal I talked to was super rude and hung up on me.

Errol Kelly

This dominos doesn't even deserve one star. Customers service absolutely sucks. Drivers didn't even bother coming to the door to deliver the order, claim we put the wrong address down, then when we called the store the manager hang up the phone when we tried to figured out where our food was.

Javan Peters

Super quick service. I don't how how Domino's does it, but they never disappoint. This place is my #1 go-to anytime I don't feel like cooking.

The Wallaces

Clean inside the restaurant. Friendly staff. Pizza was awesome. Much better than the dominos in my town.


Domino's Pizza is one of my favorites! They have less sugar in their sauce than many other places and have high quality ingredients. Quick service and friendly staff.


$43 for a large pizza and breadsticks... Seems pretty pricy to me, especially since it's domino's, which has wonderfully mediocre pizza at best.

Valeria Cross

Better watch out for this particular Domino's location - their drivers have sticky fingers! Apparently cash wasn't enough for the driver my daughter encountered so he helped himself to a bigger tip and more money was taken out of my account. Managers didn't do anything and of course I was "supposed to get a call from the GM", but never did. Scribbling zero on the receipt or not - taking more money is called stealing.

Susan Johnson

Alex, our food was excellent and prepared to order! Thank you ?Raelynn, thank you for your prompt delivery-and for braving the weather! ?Great teamwork!!! ?

Tina Railsback

Wanted to order a 5.99 sandwich for delivery, Domino's told it needs to be a 20.00 dollar minimum to have food delivered!!!!! NOT!

Kaydee Sirles

Ordered at 11:58 am begun taking the order, the kids have made this a must do when we order. I called at 12:24 to have them send plates the gentleman that answered, no name given, stated the order was done and going out he would make sure plates are sent with. Super nice. However, I received notice our order left dominos at 12:57. I pulled up the distance on good map so I nee roughly how much time I had to get kids settled, 8 minutes. That's it. From our house the store is 8 minutes away. It's now 1:22 and the driver JUST pulled up. I'm so confused about why and how it 15 minutes to get here. Pizza is over cooked. An far from fresh. Cold enough the 10 month old is holding and eating it without any problems! I order a chicken bread bowl for myself. The bread is dry, noodles are overly cooked. Crunchy. Chicken is cold. Will NOT be ordering from this location again.

Brett Harrowa

Got order with less toppings then I was supposed to. My delivery driver wouldn't come to the door and that's not because contactless delivery was the only option. He sounded annoyed when he called. Called and spoke with the manager and got nothin but attitude and she refused to fix it. I would have been ok with the mistake but the refusal to make it right and the lazy delivery driver were to much. I would encourage you to go elsewhere because if something goes wrong it is going to stay that way. Your satisfaction means nothing after they have your money

Anon A.

we placed a carry out order i guess right before they closed and were simply unaware and the order went through and was placed and the manager of the establishment called and SCOLDED US for placing the order and was extremely aggressive and rude for absolutely no reason as we didn't even complain and simply said "okay". treat people better. don't be rude for no reason when we simply placed an order based on the fact that the option was still available. it was very disrespectful and unnecessary.

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