Five Guys

1329 Eglin St #100, Rapid City
(605) 342-4897

Recent Reviews

Felisha Rogers

Food was good. 75.00 for 4 burgers fries and drinks. So not 75.00 good. Drink stations were down and the sitting area was dirty.Food: 4/5


Amazing service, and really friendly people. Workplace seemed a little stressed due to not very many employees, but they still got the job done and done correctly.Food: 5/5

James DeHart

Food has always been good every visit! It's just a little crammed in there.Food: 5/5

John Zingerella (Floridapets)

One of my favorite restaurants. I love love these hamburgers and fries.


I'll change this to five stars as soon as they add an option to get sides of ketchup and add special instructions to burgers. I want my jalapenos grilled. Nobody wants half-inch thick raw jalapenos with the seeds in their burger.

Kael M.

Great burgers and homemade fries. Build your own burger to perfection. Definitely recommended

Dee Pietz

Wow! Lots of food! Excellent quality- great service! Very polite and friendly staff!

Vincent Adrian Mainardi

Very happy with the five guys working behind this counter. Good vibes within the crew makes good burgers.Plenty of fries (too many really) and hot and juicy burgers.

Kateryna Kuznetsova

the food was served super fast, burgers were nice, big and juicy.good place for hungry travelers

Donna Finch S.

Lots of burger choices- I got the little cheeseburger and little fries. Good size for a senior. Quick service at near noon and right condiments!

arty vinton

Great burgers and hot dogs, fresh fries are good too, super customer service

M Hop16

My husband and I ate there tonight and it was really good. Customer service was amazing and our food was out pretty quick.

Jake Thompson

Typical Five Guys experience, order was correct and food was hot. Always recommended if you want a good burger!


First off, two things Rapid City is missing is a good New York style pizza and a good fresh ground Smashburger. And I guess the Mexican food sucks in town as well but let’s start with pizza and burgers please. For being fast food this place really isn’t too bad. It’s certainly the best Smashburger in town, although I do need to try Sickies again. Great service, staff does a really good job. Fries are amazing and burgers are pretty good. How was that Tim?

Chris Pevytoe

Worst burger I have ever got at any 5guys even mcdonalds is better. Burger had no flavor tasted like a cheap patty that wasn't seasoned and even the pickles had no flavor. To top it off they put mushrooms on both of burgers even though i made sure to let them know I can't do mushrooms

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