720 Cleveland St, Rapid City
(605) 343-6984

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Mike Dowell (Mike)

This McDonald's is definitely one of the better ones. The food quality is consistent, the sweet tea isn't watered down all the time, and the people are always polite. You can tell they have good management here. ?Food: 5/5

C Scott Bailey

I'm amazed at this particular McDonald's. They brought me my food. They came to the table and asked if I wanted a refill. Then they came and actually took my tray when I was doneFood: 5/5

Michael Ray

This is the worst McDonalds in town. Avoid it. I've had a burger with a bite already taken out and won't be back after that, but even before then they never got the order right and the food was cold by the time it got to you.When I called them to tell them about the burger with the bite taken out I got an "Oh well. What do you want us to do about it?"

jimmie lacie

Typical food typical service just what you would expect from McDonald's a good meal on the fly

Dwayne Cole

McDonald's seems to be the staple that has made it through the Covid scam without too much change . They still deliver fast, decent, and affordable food when you need it. The McDonald's on Cleveland in RC has been really fast ...especially in the drive through

Kate Usera

I'm not a fan of fast food but especially not places that have zero options for fresh food... even a salad. Every. Single. Thing. On the menu is made from genetically modified food.

Laurence Hastings

My order was for dine in and I was given one of those table numbers, but they had it as a takeout so my food sat on their counter until I came up to ask where my order was. Unacceptable. Will never eat here again.

brent bjorndal

They have the friendliest staff ,especially the lady that works drive thru every morning what a wonderful lady …Have a blessed Morning!

Ed Ainsworth

These clowns can not get an order right. They have screwed it up the last three times we've been there (plus several times before that) I'm pretty forgiving and understand mistakes happen but this is just good old fashioned incompetence

Leigh Salinas

Best dang McDonald's Ive been to in a while. Good food, and the customer service is outstanding. Teresa is such a sweetheart!

Zachary Diggins

Man I seen the young gentleman Jonas empty four garbages clean two tables and rush over to take my order in like 30 seconds like it's no big deal. I told him I'd put him in for a commendation and he replied "okie dokie". That's when I knew he was G AF. .

Clinton Burnham

They ignore people at the front. My wife stood there for 5 minutes waiting on a refill drink and they never got it. Our burgers were raw. Fries dripping grease. Asked for napkins and had to stand and wait for them for minutes as well. Other people came up also complaining. We showed them raw beef and they apologized and walked away. Absolutely terrible all around.

Pepper King

Just got breakfast there. Ordered the big breakfast without hot cakes. I ended up with the big breakfast with hot cakes, no biscuit or eggs, and no syrup.

Adrian “Aj” Avila Martinez

Its sad thinking about it. My mom would pick me up on my birthday and we would have a little McDonald's date in the old interior thats in this photo gallery 4 years ago, in the very left was a cubby we would sit in and eat my McDoubles in. The interior has changed to fit the modern McDonald's and that means no more cubby. I realized recently I dont really like McDonald's much more than any other fast food restaurant for any particular reason other than that when i eat a McDouble I am rushed back to this memory of elementary school, simple days of scraped knees and bike rides. Dumpster diving and sweaty bug catching. It isn't just a meal to me anymore as it is a scented candle, a bottled memory of when I was curious and happy.I would recommend visiting this McDonald's if you are down for some greasy goodness in the shape of a sausage biscuit or a quarter pounder.

Jodi Bunger

The people that work here are very nice and helpful. You have better luck gambling in Deadwood when you go through the drive thru and see what you actually get for your order. Only 1 of the last 3 times has the order been correct. Don't think these are large orders....only 2 or 3 items. I'm thinking they need to go to see through packaging so we are no longer surprised (disappointed).

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