3919 Cheyenne Boulevard, Rapid City
(605) 923-5951

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azlan haggerty

I had ordered a hot pumpkin spice latte got to the window paid very fast very respectful guy pulled to the next window and sat there while 2 younger kids were talking sat there for a couple minutes before they opened the window then told me to pull forward to the next window continued to sit there for 5 minutes before I got my drink I sat in that drive thru for almost 10 minutes waiting on a single drink nothing else

J Nelson

Excellent quality, service and cleanliness yielded good value during my two visits.This location has deep booth seating to accommodate large families.Beverage refills may be requested at the counter.Parking: Plenty of free parking.

Tabitha Wood

We understand that McDonalds is busy with the launch of the Halloween buckets but our service on 10/18/2022 was a ridiculous. We used the app to place our order and pulled into the appropriate parking spot and waited for our food to be brought out - we waited, we waited, we waited - the cars on either side of us had their food delivered and were replaced by new app order cars who also had their food delivered to them, then we waited some more. At 26 minutes after my card had been charged for the meal we had to go in to get our food. When the staff was asked what was taking so long for our food, we were told it was because we ordered sweet tea and they were out, they would have to brew more which would take an additional 10 minutes. We told them to just switch the drinks to coke. At that point they made the drinks and the McFlurry. Unfortunately, the McFlurry we ordered was not correct. At that point we were tired if waiting for our food and did not go back in to exchange the McFlurry.McDonalds could have handled this situation way differently. They could have sent one of their runners out to let us know they were out of sweet tea - instead of that they left us sitting there for almost 30 minutes and we had to go i side to find out what was taking so long. I have used the app previously during busy times (both lunch and dinner rush) and have not had this type of experience. The staff needs better training on customer service for their app order customers. A 26-30 minute wait time at a fast food restaurant is unacceptable.

Colton Anderson

I have never been to a place where they have such horrible customer service and absolutely no structure. On top of that they have disrespectful teenagers working (not all of them) I could go to this McDonald’s for 10 days straight and my order will be wrong 9/10. I have NEVER seen a fast food restaurant that have no remorse especially when they are in the wrong.I hope they can do better.EVERY SINGLE one of their employees including managers will stare at you and not ask if you need any help when standing at the pickup counter. It’s ridiculous and extremely frustrating.I do not recommend this McDonald’s to anyone. They are absolutely horrible

Taylor Luthy

absolutely horrible place to eat at. i would give them 0 stars if i could. very rarely do i get my order right and they constantly can’t get the order ready on time. I cannot explain how frustrating this place is. their staff is rude and has no customer service. I could stand at the pickup counter all day while having managers and employees stare at me without asking if i need help. DO BETTER MCDONALDS ON ELK VALE.i will not recommend you guys to ANYONE. West main has the best food, great attitude, and fast. be like them.Please fix this and do better.

Bill Antonides

Hey, it's a McDonald's, so pretty much same same. McDonald's everywhere seem to have greatly increased their prices. Some of it is supply chain issues, some of it is a worker shortage so higher wages. How much goes to higher corporate profits is unknown to me. I will pay extra so the on-site workers can make a living wage. Let's hope most of the price increases are going to them.

Cathy C

I just ate dinner at this McDonald’s. The food was good and hot. I sat in the dining area. What a bunch of hard working people!!! I thanked them for showing up to work and told the manager what a great crew he has!!! The manager was running take out orders out to cars. Very nice and hard working!

Mike P

Wanted to update my review. We came at a busy time during lunch. They were very fast at getting orders out.We were missing part of our order but the staff was right on it and got us taken care of right away.The manager on duty did walk around when it slowed down to check on everyone to see how everything was. You don't see this very much anymore especially at a fast food restaurant.This was a very clean facility and was probably one of my better experiences going to McDonald's. Other locations should be looking at what you guys are doing to match this quality and speed.


Pretty nice place the people here are great seating is awesome plus they keep the place clean. Food is always good and I never have a reason to complain. 5 starts will come here again

Helen H.

I never enjoyed McDonald's until I found this location !!! Service is relatively quick and the food is always consistently great :) fries and nuggets are a nice crispy, and hot. They were quick to fix it when they got an order wrong. thank you !

Angela Curtiss

This location consistently gets my order wrong. It is extremely frustrating to not be able to order through a drive-thru and get what you expect at the window. It has to be a complete emergency before I eat here!!

CIndy Chen

The food was amazing I highly recommend this place! I ordered a Big Mac and some fries. Also ordered an chocolate ice cream cone. All very delicious! The servers, staff were all very nice and had a great attitude!I would say it’s better than Sonic!

Jennifer Nixon

If you like McDonald's, make sure to stop by this location to see the world's largest quarter pounder monument. ? My daughter was recently introduced to the quarter pounder by her pop-pop and we just stumbled upon this while visiting Rapid City, she was beyond excited!

Memz Lebeau

Always good foodUsually hot fries but I blamed the AC in the vehicle as to why they got cold. Great customer service very busy workers, clean, in order. Love the Caramel Frappe and the plain Sundae with a drizzle of caramel also with dipped fries. Dont knock it until you try it.Highly recommend and on your way out of town directly before the freeway or off when you're arriving in the case we go in coming from the west and head home towards the west also.Updated and friendly staff. Next to a pit stop if you're in the I90 and need a bite to eat and fill up your tank the gas station is also a great place right north of the McDonald's. Check them out no complaints. I see them once every weeks.

Kandi Lewis

Went through order was messed up got given wrong food cant remember the young lady’s name who brought Dawn I believe was her name to help who was very helpful and made sure we got the correct food along with a couple extra value meal cars for the mess up and did it with a smile and polite attitude made my visit better after being frustrated with the line of people in drive thru and getting wrong food

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