Sonic Drive-In

2316 Mt Rushmore Rd, Rapid City
(605) 716-3663

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jess lyn

I was thoroughly impressed with my visit today. I want to credit my excellent visit to the young lady who was working the whole front end by herself. I do believe her name is Arianna, as that is what showed on the receipt. This young lady showed up for work when most of the city had been shut down, the restaurant was understaffed, and there were several customers, but through it all she was very pleasant and had excellent customer service! My children even commented on how she was working so hard and what a great job she was doing. Thank you for this experience and being a role model for my children. This community is lucky to have this young lady! The food was hot and fresh as well! I will definitely visit again.

Candi Cardinal

I ordered a #1 with mustard and #4 no tomato. The #1 had a coke, and the #4 had a Dr. Pepper. The takeout window kid couldn't even be bothered to push in the soda buttons on the lid. Not a huge problem, but still that extra bit of good customer service that seems to be lacking in these current times. His communication was seriously lacking, and when he handed us our food, he shut the window and didn't say a thing. I wasn't sure if I had gotten all my food, so I sat and waited for him to open the window. When he did, I asked him if that was it, to which he grunted an affirmative, and shut the window. I said okay and went home to eat lunch. Upon eating my sandwich, I found it wasn't a mustard burger but instead had that nasty mayonnaise ketchup mix, the bun was gross and soggy, the lettuce brown and wilty, and it tasted like it had been sitting there since yesterday. The number 4 also looked old and was missing the onion ring, the reason the sandwich was ordered to begin with! Gross Sonic, gross! I shoulda gone with my gut and gone to Subway but was swayed by the thought of fries, which, by the way, were old and greasy. Gross!!

Tristin Red Leaf

There was hair in my fries and my burger as well. I asked for no Mayo due to being allergic and they still put Mayo on it. This is honestly not the first time this sonic has messed up with one of my orders. Waste of money and I highly recommend NOT ordering from this sonic.

Mad Mike0082

I moved where I had no Sonic’s for the last 12 years. It used to be fresh and great. Not anymore. We have tried several times and twice the food wasn’t even edible. At multiple locations as well. Really sad the franchise has let it get to the point of truly disgusting.

Jonathan Ragle

I waited for just under 25 minutes after I pushed the red button to give up on anyone taking my order. By then the drive through had gotten full so I downloaded the app and ordered that way. Food was good, regular Sonic quality. Lemonade was delicious. Oddly the ap would not allow me to remove the pickles from my burger, no big deal but strange. I will probably avoid this location.

Kate Usera

You can tell it's HQ is not close. They struggle to get the sonic time down. Never ever had bad food though!! Always professional

Sandra H.

The bun was dry and the burger and cheese was old. Tomato had the core left in it. Definitely was not a pump fresh burger as advertised! Very disappointed...

The Business Entertainment (Pauly G)

9/1/22I usually get good food from this location but I would like to talk about the one time I didnt.I was in the drive through and ordered a cheeseburger along with some other things. It took longer than usual but the guy at the window was very polite and thanked me for my patience. As I drove away I grabbed my burger and instantly noticed it was somewhat hard.I stopped the car to check it out and the bun was a rock and the cheese not melted with the patty obviously old and cold. I drove back through the window and talked to the same gentleman who apologized sincerely for the bad burger. He assured me they would make a new one which was all that was needed for my contentment. Shortly after he showed up with a piping hot delicious burger and told me they talked and want to give me a refund. I assured them there is no need as I really appreciate the customer service and promptness when they realized a mistake had been made. To me as a consumer that's all that really matters.The young man shook his head and said "listen, we want to give you a refund because we feel it's the right thing to do. That burger should have never left the window. Please accept it". I nodded, took the refund, and told him that I was very happy with the transaction and would be writing a review.5 stars for customer service alone and to whomever the Manager on duty was that night kudos you have earned my business but more over the young man at the window is grade A+.Good hire on that gentleman and I hope he carries that same energy to wherever his career path takes him because it is what success is made of.

Wyatt S

I’m pretty sure the drive thru accidentally took my credit card. I went back and walked inside to ask them if they had it, and the place smelled like the inside of a dumpster on a hot day. It was disgusting. On top of that, it’s the following day and I feel physically ill. Don’t go here

Alicia McDonald

Always good service but when you can hear the manager YELLING at employees in the background it is not professional. I’m sorry but no one, not anyone, should be treated like that. If you cannot manage with control you need to look for another job before you run off your entire staff.

Steph Badwound

Just went through the drive thru and had the pleasure of being served by Rilie. He was young but had the BEST customer service skills, way better than most adults!! Rylie is going to make big some day…and lucky us, we got to meet him!

SD Girl

I order slushes online and pay via their app, all drinks 1/2 price that way. Then I pick them up at a certain chosen time. Delicious!

T Ramz

Chili cheese tots were great.Classic Coke just the way it should be Cold and fizzyThe hamburger on the other side was not!I ordered a double meat double bacon .The bacon was good but the double meat not a drop juice/moister Nada -0.They were obviously cooked beyond point.Crispy dry.This is a fast food place people depend on a good hamburger if they don't find it here they will find it somewhere else.I will come back next week and see if it has changed for the best and i will edit the review to a 5 dtar


This afternoon, my daughter and I stopped to get her and her brother a milkshake. All the male employees that I saw wore their shirts outside their pants, and several of them appeared to not have been washed in days. It was gross.....I have always thought sonic to be too notch good food and I love my route 44 drinks. But seeing this today, I will no longer order food from this location.

Sammi jo Jealous of Him

Slow poor service, racist and beyond not one of the better sonics in rapid. Got my order and half the my order was missing. The employees and higher ups need to be refreshed on customer service skills and basic human skills and not be basing service on skin color.

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