Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1301 W Omaha St, Rapid City
(605) 716-3726

Recent Reviews

Corben Seeger

Absolutely love these guys! Always kind and hard working! Can’t recommend them enough :)

Jay Thakkar

Amazing Service And Such a Friendly StaffI love Smoothies Of This CafE

Shannon Maher

Smoothies are really good! However we ordered a salad and some of the lettuce and spinach was extremely spoiled, black, and slimy. It was at the bottom of the bowl and we had to throw quite a bit away. Please check your salad, the leaves can spoil quickly and shouldn't be slimy.

Connie Knodel

I have never been there before but the smoothie that I got was really good ?

Nitish Rao Dadannagari

Really good smoothies out here and is worth every penny. ?

alyda smith

Prices are more than reasonable for the portion you get!! Absolutely loved it!

Malene Jakobsen

Very very good smoothies!! Tried theIsland green, chia banana boost, blueberry bliss, avocolada and the triple berry oat. Can highly recommend them all - unfortunately I wasn't in Rapid City long enough to try them all?

yeet 28

Decent prices love there smokey grilled cheese I hate spicy food but this is good

H.H. Reviews

It had really good service and really good smoothies

bria mack

sara and sophie are very rude and disrespectful, terrible attitudes and roll eyes they also use profanity, terrible customer service


The staff is quick and friendly. Always enjoy going in.

Amanda B.

The food is great! Service Is terrible. In all honesty and the only way I'll eat food from there is via DoorDash. I was not greeted and when I came in, There were four people working. And one person in front of me. Not one person told me that it would be a minute. And then it took a completely unreasonable amount of time to place an order for one item.

Taylor Bargmann

Tasty smoothies! Sunrise sunset is my absolute favorite. Also I love the app and the convenience of ordering ahead. 100% would recommend.

Danniii Phantom

I ordered through doordash like I always do. This time was absolutely awful! I got the completely wrong sandwich. It doesn't even half resemble what I ordered. I even paid extra for chicken on my hummus wrap. What I got instead, with the correct sricker to my meal was some weird chicken wrap with what seems to be ranch dressing... When I called the store to report and ask what would be done to fix the issue, I was told there was nothing that could be done and it would have to go through doordash. Doordash isn't who messed up my order... Not only that but doordash doesn't give you credit for messed up orders. I'm very upset!

Greg Lingruen

Not that crazy about their smoothies, because they use shaved ice which waters it down. The staff is always pleasant though and the restaurant is clean.

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