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What to Order at a Seafood Restaurant

Fresh seafood is always such a real treat. If you didn't grow up in a coastal area though, you might not be as familiar with the catch of the day and other foods of the sea. But don't let being a landlubber stop you from trying something new. Here are your best bets for what to order at a seafood restaurant.

Raw bar

While some offerings like raw oysters might be too intimidating to people who haven't really eaten any seafood, fresh shrimp cocktail is a great way to get acquainted with food from the sea. Jumbo cooked shrimp come in a cocktail glass with a side of cocktail sauce for dipping. It's impossible not to like.

Fresh crab legs

There is just something special about ripping open crab legs and dipping them into drawn butter. Of course, you'll be working for your food by cracking open the shells, but it's worth it.

Catch of the day

A good seafood restaurant will have a rotating menu of fresh fish. Most often, you'll see mahi mahi which is a nice one to try if you have little experience eating fish for its denser, meatier texture. Swordfish is another one that eats more like a steak than a fish. You'll often have a choice of how you want it prepared - baked, broiled, fried, or blackened. All of them are delicious.


By and large, the best part of going out to a seafood restaurant is ordering the lobster. Get it boiled or you can have it baked and stuffed. Either way, it's a win-win.