Red Lion Inn

614 Main St, Kindersley
(306) 463-6698

Recent Reviews

Jason Macza

Met a lovely local woman and had Chinese food that made entire crew thirsty for more.

Twisted Brother Chasing

Man this place should come with a warning. Portions are huge, great value for the $$$. Was a great surprise stop for us. The beer is also great. Highly recommended.

Karen Barrows

Great food, fast friendly service

Sam Briggs

Excellent customer serviceExcellent food either dine in or take our

Ashley Cran

This place is a joke, the sheep won’t let you in without a mask ?? Sobeys is the way to go

Jodo Huk

Great food big portions good price!

Taylor Goldthorpe

Are in stars waitresses where lazy and barley got served

Ry Gustus

The RL is about the only only place in Kindersley that abides to covid protocol while still having a social atmosphere. VLT's and good Asian food.We avoid the Western cuisine. My favorite in town.

Brenda Hobbs

Delicious take-out. Plentiful and good price.

Koal Ala

Dinner for one A is the best value for money dinner you can get

Dustin Land

Good Chinese food, very open concept with a bar and VLTs

randy giede

Was great as always decent food great hospitality!!

Grant Casswell

Good stop for a snack and a quick wobbly pop.

Desmond Tirk

Chinese food is really good. Worst beef dip I have ever had.

WallaceOilfield Solutions

Very good service nice place

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