Thai Basil - Angkor North

1047 Stockton St, Regina
(306) 586-8899

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Test 01

Guess no more fresh veg spring rolls, taste frozen I can do that at home too.Rice vermicelli is sad, no pickled carrot, no peanut sprinkles? the meat is bland, the lettuce is sour.Good job new owner.

Deirdre A-O

Ordered pickup from this excellent restaurant. First time from this restaurant. Loved that the vegetables were not soft and soggy at all, cut in larger pieces and the entire kung bao chicken dish was delicious. Excellent almond prawns too. Some items come in 2 choices of size which is a great idea. Outstanding! Thank you to the chef.Food: 5/5

Wolv Evans

Food are tasty and quite special. Wide collection of different SEA dishes.Just not really the authentic taste if you from Asia looking for a taste of "home".Food: 4/5

Keith Osiowy

Slight Menu changes from old Thai Basil, but entire party was very impressed and satisfied with the quality, taste and size of their selection , very prompt and good service too.

Chris Haynes

I have attempted to order from the “new” Thai basil and yet again they have messed up so badly I am now leaving a review. I have under the previous owners enjoyed the food very much but not anymore. I asked for double meat. Easy. Simple. And I get home to a bit more chicken and that’s it. Not anything else. And their excuse. “We don’t have an option to charge for double meat”. Yet the previous owners could. I will say I won’t be ordering from them again and I truly loved the menu.

Kiran Bhasin

My husband and I visited this location last night. We ordered a two person combo dinner and low mein noodles. The rest of the food was okay but the noodles were very bad. When one of the servers came over to refill our water asked about how everything was- I mentioned that there was too much soy sauce in the noodles. Her response- "next time order light sauce because we make it according to Canadian people's taste." My hubby and I were shocked at her racist response. She automatically assumed that we weren't Canadians because we looked different. I still explained that I have had these noodles at other places for years and I know enough to realize when it's not good. She never apologized and just doubled down that we should have asked for light sauce. Her behavior was so disappointing and disrespectful. We are never returning to this restaurant ever again. I wish the management takes note of their employees' behavior and comments. Otherwise it could get them in legal trouble one day.

Nelson Leong

Used to love their food (it was our goto location). Since the change in ownership, the food is definitely less flavorful, the portions are about 15% smaller, and items like chicken balls now have a lot more batter and less filling.It's ok, but there's a ton of really good nearby competition.

Wendy Urbanoski

Fresh rolls were stuck together so when you pulled them apart they ripped. No peanut sauce included.

Lars Bently

This is a great little restaurant with fantastic thai food. They have many selections on their menu. The hot sour soup is fabulous. Service is excellent.

Terry Dabski

Didn’t know there was new owners. What a disappointment from previous owners. We had a jem here that’s lost. They are very stingy with the food now. Had mild pad Thai and there was no spice at all in it. Also had combination dinner D. Thai spring roll was horrible no chicken in the vegetable chicken and the sweet and sour pork had an off taste to it. The other owners made the best. Hate pineapple and red and green peppers in my sweet and sour pork which has it now. I think I’ll be looking for another place. Or find where the previous owners went. So sad.

Jaxon Selenski

Had take out when new menu / new owners and found it not very good, had it again yesterday hoping it would be better and sadly not, lack of flavor and quality. Disappointed I will have to find a new favorite place, won't order again

Ann Schubert

New menu, new ownership? Some items have changed and find they are not as much to our liking as the former. Thai veg spring roll definitely not as good as former. Missed the chicken balls in our group dinner. Pineapple sweet & sour pork had no pineapple. Ginger beef was dry and a bit tough. Really miss the old recipes.

Amethyst Mueller

The salt and pepper shrimp was amazing! Wonderful attentive service!

Garrett E.

Had the vegetarian spring rolls which tasted rotten and had to send back . Then when I returned it they said they don't even make them in house . Not sure what went wrong but I had a friend try and he also verified worst Spring rolls he ever tasted . Made me actually sick to my stomach .

diane hale

So happy to see they are open early could not order my take out fast enough the food is the best we will be back yum ?

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