Chipotle Mexican Grill

20 Cherokee Blvd. Unit 112, Chattanooga
(423) 805-1063

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Sidney Glinton

Small portions and chips on the staler side. Despite being in downtown, this location has low volume, which could be attributed due to having to pay for parking and directly impacts their customer service.

Deborah T.

Wasted of money. The portion was small, asked for extra corn, but the guy literally did one scoop. It wasn't even a big one.

Tayla J.

The staff is stingy with the food portions. This is the first Chipotle I've been to where my food was below the line. Chipotle is known for stuffing their to say the least I was disappointed.


Always Delicious! Thanks for going the Extra Mile Stephanie! ?

Renee V.

Hey it's clean and the service is friendly. You pick what you like and eat within minutes. Prices are reasonable and you get a good amount of food. Drink refills available. Patio and parking behind the building. Excellent location close to the park and riverfront.


If I could give 0 stars I would. Lindsey and Stephanie were extremely rude when I went to order a quesadilla. l have been ordering this same meal about 2-3 times a week for the past few months with no issues. Lindsey proceeds to tell me no we cant make that for you, the only way to order a quesadilla is to order online. I said fine Ill do that. Proceeded online and it was a huge hassle it would not let me add the three sides I normally get. I asked Lindsey for assistance and she said sorry I don’t order on the app I cant help you and I have to figure it out on my own. She took my order with the three sides I wanted but still made me try to figure out how to order it on the app when it didn’t allow for the options I ordered. While trying to figure out the app in frustration for not being able to just order the food in person Stephanie rudely chimed in and its not our fault and offered no assistance except for adding more insult to injury. These two ladies should be fired, if not for their terrible customer service but they are not even trained on how to assist customers with the app they force them to use to order. Walked away with no food. Why have food you can’t order in person, that’s quite discriminatory against people who don’t have the means to order online. Let me reiterate I work down the street and eat hear almost daily, well not anymore I won’t.


Place is clean. That’s about it. Everything goes south from Here. Parking is far from ideal. Food is below of chipotle standards. Service is terrible. You would say, how difficult is pouring food, very challenging apparently!

TonyP Muzic

They get a 2 because past meals were pretty good. Today i got a chicken bowl and the rice isn't even cooked. It's hard like they just poured it in the bowl from the bag. I'm starving so eating around it.Also this takeout meal came with no fork, knife or napkins. On second thought, it gets 1 star.

Amy Lewis

Just went in to get a burrito. It’s delicious, but the experience was super awkward. I was the only customer and they were doing prep. The guy making my order had to go wash his hands, which isn’t unreasonable, and I had to listen to the manager put down her employees right in front of me for not helping me, when I was already being helped. Super weird for everyone involved. Would rather have sat there waiting for someone to help me than listen to that, thanks.

Kelley Koppinger

Wow what an experience. There was one customer in front me when I got into the store. There were a few employees doing other tasks but as the line grew being me, they came to assist. The way they spoke to each other was very bothersome. A young lady was on the line, what seemed to be a new team member came up to assist and she brushed him off with his request to help. When I got up to pay he attempted to put my item in a bag but then all of the staff members were talking about them not having any more to go bags. They went back and forth for a few minutes about using a burrito bag so I just grabbed my queso and thru it in the bag with the chips. As I went to grab my bowl to go, another young man approached the register (a white male) and had stickers on his shirt saying that he was single and to call the number on the other sticker which looked like a printed label. Very unprofessional behavior all around. I would not return based on this.

Dustyn Winder

Mistakes happen, but completely leaving out two of the four meals (both of them kids meals) in my order with no way to contact the store is next level negligence. Horrible experience.

Tim Benson

This location is great while visiting the parks in the area. We visited while biking in the area and were able to lock the bikes to the bike areas on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. If you have been to any of the other restaurants in this chain then you know what to expect and we were not dissatisfied with our order. The outdoor seating is on the street corner so lots of action to observe while eating.


Used my Credit Card for a $13. Was charged over $300 in other orders the next day. Chipotle has NO customer service phone number or Technical support line for your App being hacked. Store was no help.

Rebecca Debenport

The food is like any other Chipotle, but we have yet to get a correct order when we order using the app. Tonight’s order was so messed up that I called to ask for a refund.

Jillian K.

food was fine but had an online order and waited 50 minutes just for the order to not even been made yet. i'm sure they're normally fine but i'm hangry right now

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