FIAMMA pizza company

405 N Market St, Chattanooga
(423) 713-7742

Recent Reviews

Karen Flippin

Great pizza. And the staff was so helpful explaining the menu and things because we had not eaten there before. But I would definitely go to this place again!

Nicholas Lawrence

Great food and fun atmosphere. The team working was very efficient and professional. Told us ahead of ordering what the wait time for food would be. Very busy place! Others have complained about the wait time for something that cooks quickly, but the crew was pumping out a ton of in house and to go pizzas and etc. We tried the Margarita, the Prosciutto & Arugula, and the Fiamma Pepperoni.

Aimee Anunciacion

Waited about 15 minutes for two margheritas, but the wait felt short once the food arrived. Our pizzas had great char and you could tell they were made from high quality ingredients. The inside of Fiamma felt a bit like a fast food place but I would definitely come back for takeout.

Charles Bowers

Pleasant surprise for a fresh, quality ingredient pizza, even great tasting gluten-free crust. The prosciutto and arugula was exceptionally good!

Missy Riley-Guiberteau

I haven’t even finished eating my pizza, and I want to leave a review. WOW! So good. Very delicious. Great service. We can’t wait to come back.

Denise Lowder

My goodness, their Neapolitan pizza is amazing. The crust is great, the sauce is really super tasty but not overpowering, the mozzarella is the BOMB ? ? and we loved the service as well. 5/5 ⭐️

Noah M.

Very authentic pizza! I went on a trip to Italy in the spring and the pizza at Fiamma is identical to it! Highly recommend! I had the Margherita which is a personal favorite of mine (simple yet wonderful).


The pictures and descriptions of homemade pizza dough cooked in wood-fired ovens are very accurate. Having just returned from a month in central Italy, Fiamma's Salsiccia + Pepe Neapolitan pizza compares well with the best from Italia. A minor criticism would be to ease off on the toppings as even the small pizza was more than a meal. Thanks for the delicious evening.

Kyle Kennon

Ordered the personal pepperoni and cheesy bread. The pizza is what I believe to be more of an actual Italian pizza rather than more Americanized pizza. It's not the same way you're used to the whole pizza being covered in cheese and sauce, but it was a good experience. Cheesy bread was kinda like garlic bread with cheese on top, crunchy like garlic bread. It's a pricy pizza, but it's good for when you're tired of all the greasy chain pizza places and want something different.

R B.

Delicious pizza. Friendly service. Great selection on the menu, not just pizzas. I always get pizza here when I'm in this part of town.

Tom G.

Very little cheese on the pie. Pie was not totally cooked. We have ate there several times and none of the times the pie was correct.

Jon Wagenman

My wife’s gluten free pizza was amazing. The crust is made in house and is also dairy free. I had both the Sicilian and Neapolitan pizzas and they were also amazing. We will be back!

Tony Farmer

Great pizza & service with outdoor seating

Eric McElroy

I'm feelin' it. I LOVE a good thin crust pizza and FIAMMA is top tier in my book. Thin and floppy. Perfectly cooked. And I mean perfectly. I'm impressed. So many places make pizza. So many pizza joints to choose from. It's hard to rise above the rest. This place is reaching for the stars.I wish we had a FIAMMA back in my hometown of Murfreesboro.

M P.

four of us, we each got our own 10", exactly the way we wanted it. two of us ordered a drink, the other two, just water. they got our order 100% correct. overall, great service. but the total with tax and tip almost $100! very high price! still could have been 5-star, if it had been great pizza. we all got thin crust pizzas and the sauce was quite watery, which made for a soggy crust. the Margherita pizza had globs of cheese in places, none on most, so watery crust was most of it. pizzas were made with fresh ingredients and service was great but the actual pizza, especially the crust, was a big let down.

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