Hibachi & Wings & Boba Tea

6933 Lee Hwy Ste. 901, Chattanooga
(423) 305-1231

Recent Reviews

Laura H.

My husband and I come here often and have always enjoyed everything. The service, food and boba tea is great! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Sidney McCrary

I gave them a chance and I was very happy I did. The food was fresh and good. The wings were crispy, juicy, and flavorful. I went back and ordered more, lol! Highly recommend. ??

Jordan Cannon

Every time I’ve been, the food was great. It’s convenient and has great boba.

Will Hale

Really enjoyed the hibachi kit we had delivered. Pretty affordable and turned out really good. Might want to keep this going post pandemic.

Brandon W.

I truly hope the restaurant is reading these reviews and pays attention. My wife ordered the wing combo six wings she ended up receiving six wings only no side or anything else. For myself being the first time eating there I decided to try the chicken and steak combination this was an overwhelming mistake. Where to begin with a criticism of this particular dish the so-called fried rice was fairly horrible it was not cut correctly nor was it seasoned correctly if I had to guess I would say they are using the wrong type of rice all together rather than using a quality medium or long grain white rice they are attempting to use something more aromatic like a jasmine or Mexican style rice because it is cheaper to buy. The vegetables that were in this dish were over cooked to the point of being absolutely mush vegetables that are cooked in a stirfry dish should typically be somewhat crispy with a decent stirfry flavor in order to give them a little bit of similar consistency to the meat. Now to the chicken and steak this is where the cook needs to pull his head out of his rear and pay attention stop salting everything to the point of the color change is white this was the most over salted meat I have ever had I don't know who thought it would be such a good idea to try to poison customers with a high sodium diet this is not something that should be done I will be amazed if this restaurant continues. The customer base would be anyone who honestly does not care what their hibachi taste like and assumes all hibachi is the same but if you are looking for anything with a resemblance of quality taste flavor or even just a decent meal I would avoid this restaurant at all costs.


It's a relatively small place but it can actually fit large parties of 10-20. It is located in the corner of the plaza of where Thai Rain and Gold's Gym. There will be a Asian store around the corner of Thai Rain you can shop at and this restaurant is right next to it.

chuck tinney

My first visit and this place is amazing! I had Hibachi steak which was absolutely delicious. The staff was so kind and attentive, you should really try this place out!! Oh and you have to try the dumplings, WOW!!

Gary Bloodsaw

The wings were very small. My order was chicken hibachi with add on shrimp and scallops. The shrimp taste and potions were fine, but the scallops were dry. I couldn't distinguish them from the chicken. With a price of $4 add-on it seemed as if I only had 2 scallops. There may have been more but as I said I could not distinguish them from the chicken.

chris bivens

We stopped by on a whim and we were impressed. The hibachi chicken was super tender. Nice chunks cut up the veggies were perfect and the seasoning was delicious and not too sweet. An excellent please to hit if you need something quick and tasty.

Mollie Baxter

This is mine and my boyfriend’s new favorite place. He loves hibachi. The food was great and so is the price. We will be back for sure. Our server was also very sweet.

Brian Haley

Fresh food and friendly people! Chicken Lo Mein was awesome.

Gen Esco

So good! Never disappoints. Definitely our go to for lunch/dinner AND at such a great price. Perfect prices for a college student like me?

John Patrick E.

Just moved from Los Angeles and I was looking for good asian food in Chattanooga. I've been recommended many places but this place by far is the best. Food is super tasty and prices are amazing. I would recommend getting the karaage or the chicken katsu

Clarence McCormick

Really good food at a decent price. I ordered the hibachi salmon and it was cooked perfectly. The Thai tea and spicy honey wings were awesome as well.

Malu H.

Second visit in a week! Wish I had come in months ago! Service was very fast made to order food quick.. what? The vegetables were perfectly cooked, chicken was not overcooked! I would add a photo, but ate it all!!!! Thank you guys for being so great!!!

Bryan Robinson

My family and i went here for the first time we all had some wings which were very good, i had spicy fried rice which was good, and others hibachi was also very good will definitely be back. The only down side is it will become busy and be.crowded they will need ml ore help?

Liz M

Ordered Chicken Hibachi and Pot Stickers. Both were very good. Pot Stickers were amazing. I love the fried rice . Plenty of chicken and vegetables . I have some left over for dinner tomorrow. I had deliver from Grub Hub so the food was still hot when it arrived. I will be order from here again .

Ingrid Tyree

Ordered spring rolls and a boba tea to go. Fairly quick service and good eats! Will be back to try and entree.

Jen S.

I got take out for lunch. I was craving noodles so I opted to pay $1 extra for noodles. The tofu was crispy and delicious. Everything is freshly prepared to order. Came with 2 cups of white sauce. This was a nice lunch option. I'm used to getting a bit more for the pricing so I was a bit disappointed I didn't have any leftovers, but it was good. I'll keep this place in the rotation as one of my lunch options!

Queen Alfreda

The food was delicious!! Great service .

Callie Gilbert

Amazing food. Amazing service. Server was great. 10/10 would recommend.


Great food, service and atmosphere. Favorite noodles in town!


Great service! Great food! The waitress is excellent and the main reason I return, a laugh and smile Is always appreciated. Highly recommend this place. Beautiful environment also.


We come to the area from Macon,Ga looking for bubble tea we get here I’m told the hot water to make the bubble tea is broken(lol) the rice is very crunchy. The young lady waitress was very rude. She asked my husband if he wanted a refill on his drink before she walked away. Not even giving him a chance to answer. Myself being restaurant owner I told her that in this field it’s okay to slow down be friendly and smile. However my one star rating is because then items are not available and the rice being crunchy

Nikki S

Decent food, though "medium" steak was well done and there was a fair amount of fat. Unfortunately, our waitress was keen on bad talking and complaining about the other (perfectly normal) customers and was consistently rude when asked simple questions about the menu items (as new guests who were unfamiliar with the options). The food was average, but with that type of service, I have no desire to return.

Justin Nickerson

Clean, great food for price and always fast.

Pat Coe

Hibachi & Wings is consistently good. We enjoyed the spicy udon noodles and spring rolls.

Justin J.

This place is my weekly "go-to" restaurant! They have great Hibachi and the best sweet tea I've had in a while. This is definitely a hidden gem in the area. My fiancé and I will definitely continue to visit.

Stepheny Bottomley

Amazing food!!! Everything was great, my husband and I had a great time!!! Very friendly service, Trisha was awesome!! Not to mention the food was fantastic!! Lemon pepper wings are to die for, and chicken/steak hibachi was the best!! We will be returning for sure!!! They were out of Boba Tea but other than that, the whole experience was wonderful!! Thank you so much for a great lunch!!

Tonya K.

I've been a here a few times and the food is always good. They have since added a lunch special along with wings combo. These are both great additions to their menu.

Jacob G

We ordered the calamari, shrimp tempura, chicken hibachi, and shrimp fried rice. As far as drinks we had a coke, water, sweet tea, taro bubble milk tea, and green tea bubble milk tea. The restaurant itself is a tad dark coming up to it can be hard to tell if it's even open. The restaurant was nicely decorated though with comfortable seats and nice open space. The waitress was nice however acted unprofessional in both demeanor and responses. When ordering drinks at the very beginning we asked for the milk tea's and her response was "ugh I don't know how to do that" then just silence so both my wife and I were confused especially considering it's clearly a large part of their menu so we just order a coke and tea and water for our son. Then while trying to decide(this happened frequently throughout our meal as well) the waitress came up and was overly friendly with our kid and unwantedly kept touching him like wiping food off his face; this led to a very uncomfortable atmosphere. The shrimp tempura came out first with a small chili sauce and was very tender and well done. However the Calamari that came was chewy and tough, the breading and sauce was also the same as the tempura which was good in itself. The shrimp fried rice and chicken hibachi came out at the same time as the calamari (during this period of time the waitress mentions that someone else does the milk and fruit tea's and says she was coming in and if we want one so we say yes). The shrimp in the shrimp fried rice was very good however the rice was hard and seemed dehydrated (this was also the case for the chicken hibachi). The chicken itself was well glazed and tender but the vegetables seemed like something out of a frozen bag and not fresh at all. Then we finally get our boba milk tea's and the flavor is very subdued in both of them and was even recommended that we stir before drinking (now of you know boba is made hot then chilled so I didn't really even understand that train of thought if it wasn't mixed well,i wouldn't, being cold). It was an overall ok restaurant but I'd definitely recommend retraining your waitress and working on your drinks

Aaron Cain

Out of towners found a a great rest stop! Fresh, tasty, and good service!


Really good honey ginger chicken wings, amazing vegetable udon noodles! They don't usually have Boba tea, they haven't when I asked for it.

Lisa Yancey-Bynum

Took 35 minutes to get lunch. Not very busy. Food was great but had to take it back to work bc lunch was almost over

Kelly Epperson

Wanted to try this place out. Drove over and even though this site is

sandra lewis

The Salmon is very tasty. My lunch order was great!

Curtis Williams

This place is amazing. My kids loved the food and it was really good! 4 of us ate for $30 at dinner!

Shawn Wilkes

I eat here regularly and often have big orders at my job. Everyone loves it. The atmosphere/decor is very nice. Staff has always been great. The food makes my tummy smile! Definitely a hidden gem in Chattanooga. You should try it! *My only wish is that they were less stingy with their sauces on takeout*

Shanna Frazier

Awesome pairings, good food, great atmosphere

Jordan J.

The combo fried rice was delicious. I'm not a fan of peas and carrots and I was pleasantly surprised to find this rice had neither. Light and fluffy, full of flavor, and fast service. I've lived around the corner from this place for 2 years and am glad Yelp lead me here today. Will definitely be returning.