5912 Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga
(423) 499-8668

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Nikia Watley

Bar customer service sucks. I am currently sitting at the bar waiting for a call -in order. I've been sitting here 10mins and NOT ONE of the two bartenders acknowledge me. I looked at both of them (1 blonde/1brunette) and they have been asking EVERYBODY around me if they need anything. I'm glad I'm picking up food for someone else and this is more conformation to NEVER spend my money here.


When I came by the food was great and my server Courtney was also amazing! She got everything to me quick and made sure everything was alright! Not to mention she was really sweet! Great service ❤️❤️

Donna Bollenbach

Hooters is our go-to place for wings. We like the naked wings with dry rub. They also have good beer. The service is always very good. This time we wanted to try the smoked and roasted wings, but they were out. The reason I gave it four stars instead of 5 is that there were at least 4 things we asked for, and they were out.

Zachary Tyler Williams

Fried pickle, mozzarella sticks, 20 wings 2 pitchers and its 83 dollars... then get denied a third pitcher..... yea there's a reason I haven't been there in 8 years

James Phillips

Great restaurant, but espn+ would be nice!!!

Robert Jones

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give my experience a light 4! The ONLY reason is my server was very helpful. Food was OK at best. But food for the money … I’d say a strong 0! For what I got this place is grossly overpriced! I for one will not be visiting again and I’ll let anyone know why! Ridiculous. Much better pricing, food and service just about ANYWHERE Else you go!

Beth Murphy

Richmond Kentucky “HO——RS” which the sign says is awful! Can’t believe the health department hasn’t closed them down. It was absolutely filthy! From the kitchen to the tables. Server’s playing with their hair around food in window to be served! Never again!!!!

Alan Arrasmith

Since I was in that part of town and it was mid-late Sunday afternoon I stopped by to have a glass of wine and order takeout for dinner. Everyone there was very friendly and nice. The 2 girls at the bar were fairly busy but also very efficient. They carded me as required even though I'm in my 60's. I found the overall feeling there was a 10 out of 10! I drank 2 glasses of Merlot, chatted with the bartenders/girls and my order came out fairly quickly! The buffalo wings and chili cheese fries were delicious and perfect! Actually some of the best wings in town!!! Very moist and the breading and sauce perfect! I will be back! Thanks for a great experience!


Won’t go again. Service was awful. Ten minutes to just get a menu. Another ten passed no order taken. Drank half my beer and left. Bartender spent ten minutes dealing with some loud mouths and ignored all other customers

Mary T.

went in for dinner a few weeks ago. Sister in law ordered a salad that was to have chicken on it which it did. However the rest was nothing but lettuce, onion and a few croutons on it. When we complained about it, and she wanted to get som else the waitress told her that she would have to pay for it since she had ordered it. Say what? She then said she would ask the manager. He came to the table , did not acknowledge us at all, no apologies nothing. He told her to take it off the bill which she did. After being told that she would still have to pay for the salad if she wanted something new, she chose not to replace it. We came from Florida where the original Hooters came about and never had service this bad. Our wings were good but way over sauced. The 4th person in our party had a sandwich that was good but not normal standards. Overall very disappointed. Also only location in Chattanooga.

Kelly Carroll

Do not order take out. That was my first mistake, the second was choosing this hooters location. The food was terrible and expensive. $50 for a salad, sandwich and wings that were all the lowest quality you can get. Wasn’t even edible. If there is hair in your food, it means they likely aren’t adhering to all the other food safety codes either. Pass and spend your money somewhere else.


We went to eat Friday night hoping for some great food. Talk about disappointed. My sister ordered a salad with buffalo chicken salad. When it came, all it was lettuce, croutons, large slices of onion and the chicken. No vegetables at all. When she complained to the waitress about maybe ordering something else, she said she could but the salad “ would not be taken off the bill as she ordered it”. Say WHAT… we then asked for a manager. When she finally came back to the table, she had two small cups that was supposed to have tomatoes and something else. Sister said she wasnt going to eat it and all the manager on duty did was tell the waitress to take it off the bill. He never once addressed the situation with the party. Then also said she didn’t want to order a replacement. With rising prices we need to be careful of how we spend and this was a total flop. We moved from Florida where the company was founded and I am sure they would be horrified with the business being ran this way.

Jennifer Wilson Coker

Kay was an EXCELLENT server. We were seated immediately. The food came out quickly and was excellent. I highly recommend the buffalo shrimp.

David J.

Great environment, Good Vibes. The food was ready pretty quick. Need work on the mango margaritas.

Jennifer Scheeler

amazing service from Marissa she is the best! great beer great margarita good wings and an awesome burger loved being able to sit on the patio All around great experience ?

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