4868 Hixson Pike, Chattanooga
(423) 875-5416

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Callie West

takes 30 minutes to get through the drive thru. absolutely insane

Jarvis O.

So because I started working out this way and it's literally on the way to the job on Friday through Sunday they open at 5 a.m. which is perfect, so I thought. The last two times I've been which was Friday and today Sunday November 8th; both times I've stopped by around 5:30 a.m.. One would of think this would be plenty of time to have breakfast going since they open at 5 right? WRONG! Both times I've gone through the drive thru and both times they've said we don't have breakfast ready yet? What in the entire world is going on here? I'm just not going to eat breakfast unless it's from home now. This really sucks. No Bueno! I just wanted grits with cheese is that so hard to have ready in 30+minutes?

Kristen Chastain

Took 25 minutes to take the order. After they finally took the order they only listened to my part and didn't take my husband's order just told us to drive around. Needless to say we just left and went somewhere else

Judy Bittner

They haven't fixed my food this good in years. It was awesome today!

David Heath

Best Krystal around, idk why but theirs always just taste better than the other locations.

Shelley Gill

Fastest Krystal's Drive Thru I've ever Been Thru During Dinner Rush?!!!The Down Fall Of This Store Would Differently BE The Poor Customer Service. .

shana sims

I just went there for 2 chilli chz fries... Both chili chz fries HAD NO CHILI OR CHEESE.... JUST FRIES ... Not too mention it took an hour just to get my food and there was only 2 other cars in the drive thru.

Blondel Garner

I order from the drive thru for fresh krystals and waited on them to be cooked. I also ordered tots but they were left off the order! After waiting for awhile for my order, I got the tots and a large drink for free! Serve was good after all!

Edward Tempel II

Thank you for dinner! Perfect meal for a cheat day or any day ?Support your local Krystal

Tim Denton

Refused to give a military discount. Every other location in the area does. I've frequented this restrauant for over forty years. Never again, and l will make sure all my vetern brothers and all my friends know not to go here again.

Josh Fields

Chicken tenders was amazing and delicious, would definitely come back again.

Donna Welch

It was not to good.. took 30 minutes to get our food...

Karen Rains

Very friendly and was able to prepare our food as requested without any issues and without making it sound like a big deal. I will continue to drive across town because of how friendly courteous and awesome they were. Oh and they actually carry everything on the menu unlike 23rd Street yet again with out any issues or complaints. Hixson location is across town but well worth my gas and time. Thank you Hixson Location for the amazing visit, the awesome employees, actually having the menu and preparing the food as requested.

Gretchen Cheatham

Love gut bombs

Garry Grant

Everything great, but Chilli ,go back to original recipe, don’t cut corners, go back to original crackers, don’t know what Hixson, Tn is trying to pull, original Krystal’s , original crackers, original chilli, and steam the buns, old school was a hit, add to menu,whatever, but don’t destroy why your so great, thank you, losing customers not good for anyone

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