Moonpie General Store

429 Broad St, Chattanooga
(423) 877-0592

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Ryan and Kaitlin was super friendly and helpful! Neat little store.

Alex Lee

Nice little general store with Moon Pie memorabilia and other miscellaneous items. Store has a wide variety of Moon Pies, some which can't be found in common grocery stores. Highly recommended if you are visiting Chattanooga area.

Barbara Malbrue

Loved this store! It was filled with nostalgic items and moonpies! What's not to like? The workers are also very friendly and helpful! Don't miss it!

Vic C.

This MoonPie General Store location can be found in downtown Chattanooga, found next door to Rodizio Grill, with only (metered) street parking nearby. If you are looking for the famous MoonPie confection (which were born and created right here in Chattanooga during the early 1900s), then this is the place to purchase them. What is a Moonpie you wonder? It is a graham cracker cookie covered with a marshmallow fluff that is dipped in chocolate. This delicious southern treat comes in additional flavors that include strawberry, vanilla, banana, salted caramel, etc and seasonal flavors like pumpkin when available. At this store, there are the regular size MoonPies available for the sale and also the mini. I ended up purchasing: One dozen assorted mini Moon Pies, $4.99 prior to tax- I ended up getting one of each flavor and a double of a few of the same since there weren't 12 different flavors. The flavors I purchased were: coconut (seasonal, usually available during Mardi Gras), orange (also seasonal during Mardi Gras), banana, salted caramel, pumpkin spice (seasonal), vanilla, chocolate and strawberry (unfortunately they ran out of mint). I think I liked the pumpkin spice and vanilla the best. Although I thought the coconut was pretty good too. --------------------------------- (Total= $5.30 after tax) In addition to the MoonPies, you can also purchase cute random souvenirs, Chattanooga t-shirts, funny saying t- shirts, snacks and knick knacks of various things. There is also a very clean, single unisex restroom, in the back if you need to use it. Customer service was friendly. My husband and I were both greeted when we came in and thanked for visiting when we left. If visiting Chattanooga again in the future, I will be sure to stop by here for more MoonPie.

veronica cook

A treat!!!! I didn't know moon pies originated in Chattanooga. I also didn't know there were other flavors than banana and chocolate. Our grandson ? enjoyed. Well, we enjoyed having him with us during this first visit to the store.

Amy P.

Such a cute store and a must go to if you're in Chattanooga TN. We went when they opened, 10am to grab several boxes of each flavor to take back home to CA for family and friends. It's in a cute brick building in downtown. Parking in front along street and a paid parking lot just on the corner. The girls working were restocking all the moon pies that had just come in. They were very sweet and helpful!

Kendra Burch

My kids loved the Moonpie Store! There's something for everyone and the prices are decent. We stocked up on moonpies for our trip home!

Gary Culp

Great place to shop and enjoy the goodies!

Joel Ewing

Great gifts and friendly staff. They do need to purchase some pricing cards and pricing gun. Their prices are very fair so I'm not sure why they don't want you to know them.

Tresor Hatakwire

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Megan W

Lots of Moon Pie memorabilia and flavors that you don't normally see in stores!

indrid cold

Very cool place featuring the childhood treat

Angie Mays

My husband was so excited to get an RC cola and a moonpie here!! We got the double decker moon pies. They also have build your own box of mini moonpie 12 for $5 so we were able to try all the different flavors (banana, vanilla, strawberry, salted caramel, lemon, mint chocolate and original) . They have a good selection of other nostalgic candy, bottled sodas, moonpie shirts are souvenirs. The people working there were extremely nice. They also serve ice cream, we did not try any. I think the sign said it's Hershey's brand.

Dylan Henson

Very interesting little place if you are passing by and enjoy moonpies. It's not worth a trip for itself but they do have a mic and match option to buy a case of different flavored moonpies.

Dyanne Branson

If you like marshmallows then you need a moonpie in your life!!!This place needs to be a quick stop in your Chattanooga trip!!! So many flavors of moonpies!!! Yum!! They have all sorts of treats and souvenirs.

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