225 Broad St, Chattanooga
(423) 541-2380

Recent Reviews

Christina A.

Awesome location and friendly staff! We stopped in for a quick coffee and bakery treat while exploring downtown. All of the baristas and staff were very welcoming and friendly. They prepared our coffees as ordered and we were very pleased.

Cody Hughes

Consistently out of every single hot food item. Food items that are available for mobile order on app actually sold out upon arrival.

Zack Williams

Super friendly staff, asked about my spouse’s new tattoo and held a friendly conversation while we were ordering. Toms of seating, even for a downtown location. I could probably take advantage of Starbucks‘s refillable coffee option regularly if I lived here. Since there is seating upstairs then you don’t have to worry about the constant in and out of other customers, though the window view isn’t all that great.

Chaunce M.

I bought all of the colour changing cups, and instead of being upset they helped me test each one. It ignited a joy in me I had not experienced since field day in grade 5. 15/10 love the staff.

Veronica Morgan

Customer service is unmatched. 15/10. Made our day with the color changing cups.

Victoria Campbell

I love to walk down broad street and go to this Starbucks the staff is so nice! And the place is so clean never feels crowded or anything very peaceful place to sit and relax from walking around downtown

Key Klungland

Basic Starbucks experience, except the staff at this location are all smiles even at 7am.

Satish Patel

We went to this Starbucks and they treated us very badly. We had order of about $50ish and the people working were very rude and mean. Not the pleasant customer service you would expect from Starbucks. The people working there were very mad for us being there. I wish I could give them less than even 1 rating for very horrible customer service. Don’t go to this StarBucks.


We were passing through and wanted some coffee. It was about 4:50 in the afternoon, and this location was closed with temporary hours. They were only open from 7-3 today.

Jose Bueno

I stopped in for a cup of Joe on my way to Savanah I asked to use the restroom key before ordering and they refused to allow it until I ordered. I ordered one sandwich and two coffee's but was charged for two sandwiches. When I tried to correct the order the did not try to make it right. Bad day.

Mike Staats

The service providers are awesome.

Dominick Maone

They told us they don’t have a bathroom? Come on now. They told us the closest one is Ben and Jerry’s down the street. Ridiculous.


If you're out of something maybe tell the customer before they buy it. Both the cashier and barista were so rude. I won't ever come back to this starbucks..awful.

Calvin Dahl

The walls were really nice

RD Mahanpour

Wonderful coffee shop ☕ and nice staff

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