Taichi Bubble Tea Downtown

411 Broad St Unit 111, Chattanooga
(423) 541-5100

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I was able to order via mobile app for this location, which was great because I didn't realize there were Taichis in neighboring states. No grass jelly or rice/meat bowls at this shop but still good on drinks and poke.

Sabrina Bills N Joshua

5 Stars Best food and Amazing Bubble tea boba tea ?

Fizzy Pop

Great atmosphere and experience. One of the few authentic feeling Japanese restaurants. It doesn't just feel like a massive chain that has cut corners to make your food. They did amazing with out Ramen and boba. If we ever stop in Chattanooga again, this will be dinner.

Diana T.W

I recommend NOT to order their ramen. At 15$, I think it is horribly overpriced. Served in plastic bowl and utensils, the broth had strong msg taste, not so much of the scmaltzy richness that you expect from tonkotsu broth. It is also seems to be overly reheated (Ramen isn’t usually scalding hot). Disappointed. The 2 stars are for the properly made egg and chashu pork belly. The poke bowl (that I saw other people orderer) however, looks good and seems to be a better deal.

Ellie E.

the ramen is INSANELY good!! the service is also very fast. i could eat there every day honestly

David Siano

Three stars because I ordered brown rice and got white in my poke. Ramen was ordered with NO bamboo shoots, it had shoots in there. Missed the eel sauce and the spicy mayo on the side. Kid loved her buritto. Mom was ok with her Ramen but would of liked more noodles. My Poke was good and I would order it again.

Jay W.

The service is so unbearable that it doesn't even matter if the food is good or not. Somehow my drink was given to the wrong person so I had to reorder. My receipt said I placed my order at 1:04 it is now 1:45 and I still haven't gotten my order. I am the only table in the establishment currently.

Logan B.

Really amazing place! It looks like a really cute cafe from Japan or Korea. The food was great and the boba was good. Must try if you are in the area. Each booth had a power outlet and usb port that makes it great for a quick charge. The bowls tasted amazing and I plan on going again even though I live 2 hours away.

Montanna R.

I choose this place often for my "cheat meal" & I'm always satisfied. Found out today that my fav staff member that was always welcoming & called me Memphis (TJ? Or DJ? Idk) doesn't work there anymore.. :-( ..so I worried that my service/food wouldn't be the same.. but the young lady at the counter was lovely & my food was good per usual! So I'm happy! My review is specifically about the poke bowls. I love them from here. I get 1/2 sushi rice & 1/2 spring mix & a ton of toppings lol..the pickled radish is fantastic btw (ADD IT! Trust me) & I get the ponzu sauce. I could eat this every day. -Madi Ro

Anthony C.

Well if I could give this place no stars I would. Spent over $100 for 5 people total and they messed up all the drink orders and all the food orders despite the fact that we circled everything we wanted on the papers they provided us that were the food tickets. We had to get a few drinks changed out and when they put in the wrong bobba pearls they didn't remake the drink, they just mixed in the other pearls and used the same team. Took 40 minutes to get two ramen bowls that were sub-par. They made a random poke bowl with random ingredients instead of a sushi burrito that was circled on the ticket along with all the things we wanted in it. The staff was reluctant and aloof not caring what was going on and acting confused that the orders were completely wrong. Was looking forward to a good boba place with decent food and this was not it. Crappy employees who don't care about customer service and their jobs. AVOID THIS PLACE. You'll have a better experience at McDonald's and that's sad.

Emily C.

The rose bubble tea was delicious, although my daughter insists that her pineapple tea was better. I wish this restaurant was in my town.

Nirra B.

miso ramen was super yummy, totally would go here for it again. quick service, boba was really good. the only thing i wouldn't get again is the sushi burrito, i rather just get regular sushi, but at least i got to try it

BradandJen McCleary

Love poke bowls! This was a cool place with a cool concept on letting you customize everything.

Skyalr T.

This place was horrible. Let's start by the cashier. He heard us say it's our first time here and proceeded to say "um ok here fill this out." He was not very helpful. I ordered ramen and Instant ramen tastes much better. The sushi burrito was tiny and tasteless. I don't recommend!

Mike McJunkin

Surprisingly good poke bowls and decent ramen. Great place to pop in and grab something reasonably healthy and tasty.

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