Briar & Bean

105 Fairview Ln, Clarksville
(931) 552-6465

Recent Reviews

Craig Salvador

Very nice staff and decent pipe and pipe tobacco selection. The smoking room could use a little refreshing.

Pamela Ortiz

No Paper Cigarette Tubes With Filters, $3.95 per Oz, of Burly Cut.... Steven Is Very Polite. Thank You

James Bond

i stopped in while on a road trip and it was well worth it. Good selection of tobacco products (well though out humidor) I bought some loose tea (earl gray) and compared to the common grocery store brands the subtle light flavors are far superior and the price seems very reasonable (i'm not huge into loose tea so i'm not sure what good prices are) If I was local or if i ever am back in the region i would make an endeavor to stop back in.


Great service love the river city pipe tobacco.

Jared Hodges

We love the new owners.

The Best Tasting Bleach

Very nice staff, great prices on pipes, fantastic prices on great blends of tobacco. This is my new one stop shop.

Shelby Wilson

The best gourmet coffee ever! The smell inside is nostalgic for me, as I remember walking around the mall as a kid and being drawn to thier store by the heavenly scent.

Brad Perry

Best pipe tobacco I've had. Cheap cigars along with the 50ft of locked cases for the pros. Vanilla and hazelnut are top 2 I've ever tasted and their pipe tobacco seems to be processed better than competitors in town. It tastes better, smokes better, ashes up better, and is all around superior to what I've bought locally. Also beautiful selection of coffee, wet shaving supplies, energy snus, etc. I could spend all day looking and smelling and spending money.

Time to Play!

The best selection of cigars in the area. Name brands and more. Very knowledgeable on cigars AND pipes. Best pipe store in local area and willing to order anything not on shelf. Has that product within a week. Customer for life, or at least while I am here.

Race Johannessohn

Awesome cigar and coffee selection!

Catherine Evans

Great Staff and Selection.

Dominic Garrett

Just moved to the Clarksville area from Nashville and Henry made me feel right at home. Excellent customer service and knowledgeable conversation. This is my favorite place to go in the city.

Levi Main

There are only a couple places that sell good cigars in clarksville and this is number 1 for me. I smoke my father and undercrown personally and they've always got them on stock.

Joseph Nicholson

Still a great friendly place. Miss getting a Icee as when they were in the mall.

Bob Walker

I've been coming here since we moved to Clarksville last September. Henry is very personable and engaging. It must be good because I keep coming back.

Jen Hughes

Love Henry!! He makes that place the awesomeness that it is. Coffee, tobacco, tea, pipes and pipe paraphenelia!

Rob H.

Shop was disorganized, cigar boxes were stacked on top of each other and unopened making it hard to browse, pipe tobacco tin selection was severely lacking, and the shopkeep tried to push sales on anything I picked up.

Good English M.

This place is a decent cigar shop. The owner definitely knows his stuff and If you're the type of person who isn't sure of what you want or what you like he can help you with that. However If you're the kind of person who likes to look around and examine the cigars this isn't the place for you as most of the cigars are closed in their respectable boxes within the humidor.

Krys G.

Re-located off Wilma Ruduolph - too difficult to get to - bad location - great place for smokers - especially cigars! The best coffee in town by far - not that burnt crap you get at Starbucks. The beans are always freshly ground and there is a different flavor everyday. Highly recommend stopping by for a hot cup of coffee here. They also sell cigars in the back with a smoking room and all kinds of tea items in the store. There are a few baked goodies offered. We always get our coffee here and then head over to Borders to sit down and read books and magazines - don't get the coffee at Borders - it's too expensive and the kids working there don't know what they're doing. Briar and Bean is the BEST!