Cook Out

804 N 2nd St, Clarksville
(931) 647-5281

Recent Reviews

Jim Tippit

Always fresh and fast. I don't think they have ever messed up an order.

Regina Trice

Best sweet tea in Clarksville! If you go there go in the morning or afternoon. That is when they are at their best.

kim haddon

Always have my order correct the first time... Friendly and quick! love their menu also

Randolph Hall

This place would be five stars if the drive through wasn't so difficult to navigate on the right hand side. The people that work there are nice and polite and the food is good

Melissa Dinse

Budget friendly, fresh hot food and a great variety. For fast food I love this place and so does my pocketbook.

Diabolical Television

I hit this location every Tuesday.

Nelly C

Went here for the first time the other night.

Jacque Baby

Always great, on point every time we go there. The watermelon milk shakes that they only have for July and August are the best, they've got a unique and unforgettable taste.

Elizabeth Covington

Absolutely spectacular. The food tastes like real food you would make at home and I'm sure it probably is. We got around 4 different meals for cheap that probably would have cost $20+ anywhere else. Also very pleased with how quickly it went and the customer service.

Rodney Warfield

Love the milkshakes I think they should offer

Russell Hayes

Always good...but only got four small onion rings last time...

Alicia Breedlove

Ordered 2 crispy chicken wraps and what I got was a tortilla with 3 strips of bacon in them and nothing else. I usually love this place but that was just disgusting.

Lisa Tucker

Excellent selection of milkshake flavors with great ice cream. They'll custom mix any combination of ingredients on the menu.

Janae Masters

The food and price are great. Service was horrible. I don't like sitting in the drive through checking every item to make sure I have everything. We received our 2 shakes but no straws and no spoons. No chilli, but with no spoon to eat it with that's not a huge loss either.


It's always good. Great food and it's cheap. Have some fire milkshakes too.

Jason Smith

This is a hot dog and burger shop yet they dont have root beer, they also dont have any place to sit and eat your food, I got a chilli dog and the hot dog was tiny. I expected much better

Robert A

Usually very upbeat and friendly. But seem to have difficulty understanding the order

Adam Rigsby

Good service when they can hear you over the road traffic

Marlon Smotherman

Great economical meals that are affordable 499 starting out and get a double cheeseburger you can put you in some fries maybe some chicken nuggets or some other thing over their menu and also this includes a drink so it's it's a great deal you can't be beat and there's always a good service at Cook Out restaurants at least in Clarksville those that I have been in on Boot Hill on which is there a craft street across from McDonald's and Taco Bell and the one on Wilma Rudolph is a great restaurant you can eat in their other one on your craft street is only a drive-thru Cook Out restaurants are exceptional

Seamus McLeod

yuck. not that great and WAY too pricey for garbage food. and the service sucks too. i def suggest staying away.

First Last

Service was okay but I just did not like the food. I understand them trying to have a more simple menu and just a simple style overall. But food just was not made well and lacked the taste that others seem to brag about this Cook Out having. I have eaten at another Cook Out before and had a similar experience, so I don't know if it was just my bad luck or if that is how this franchise does.

Wendy Snipes

Food is great if you can get it fixed right. You get it quick but its never accurate. Make sure you check your order, our order has been wrong the last four times. Sorry only works so many times!!!

Some Guy

Cheap food, good flavor, cheap and lots of options. Good amount of food too. Their shakes are badass!

Thirty3 Candyman

Always love this place. The cook on the last shift was always in good spirits, even with our big order.

Tony Shrum

Cook Out is tight. I slept on this place and recently was told about their tray option, which is worth the low cost. Their shakes are pretty good as well nothing special but a solid shake.

Riley U.

Cold day outside and was going to get some Chili They gave me a 4 ounce little tiny cup

Devashia S.

I arrived at 330 am and the held the line until 4am just so they wouldnt have to tak any more orders... Dont go here!

No-ones H.

Not that great. Food was a bit subpar pretty expensive for how everyone is saying that it's cheap and the milkshakes where basically ice cream in a cup for how thick it was. I wonder why they'd even bother giving a straw. Probably not coming back


Good. Cheap. The tray is a very good deal. It's a lot of food. They get kinda hostile over sauces though. I just like honey mustard with fries how hard is that to understand?

Lisa Monroe-Prewitt

Great burgers and grilled chicken. The rest is frozen just like you can make at home. Fantastic Sweet Tea

Pamela Hamilton

My Cajun fries were cold and my burger patties look like they took one patty cut it in half to make a double burger.

Alejandro Garcia

They provide pretty small amounts of food for what you're paying for, to include the food and chain to be really overrated. Aside from that though the staff is nice, and service was quick.

anna cozart

this place is awesome never have old food or burgers the cheese fries are what got me coming back yum yum yummm

Shannon D.

First time eating at Cook Out! Received our order quickly and took it home. The burgers were great and the little hush puppies were delish. Prices were very inexpensive and the milkshakes looked great. We will be back for more burger!

Ashley B.

Some of my turds have looked and probably tasted better than most of the food here. Service was fast, so I give it a 2 star, even though I'd prefer they slow down than jack up my order as bad as they did.

Christi D.

I ate at this Cook Out for the first time last night. The food was good, fast and not over priced. I will definitely be back!

Bonnie R.

Very very greasy food, not a very friendly staff. The parking is horrible and inconvenient. I really wish I could give it a better review but this has to be one of the worst restaurant's in Clarksville.

A W.

Been to Cookouts in NC and VA-this is first time in TN. Good fast food that's different from the other burger joints. Seems fresher to me without the special sauce. Conveniently located and is pure take out which means there are no accommodations to sit and eat. Tons of shakes to choose from.

Tyler H.

I've rated at one in VA and really liked it and I would compare this to 5 guys but a lot more options. Meat was really good and loved the milkshake. Had to use a spoon as it was too thick for a straw but I like my shakes that way.

Jase G.

I ordered a cheeseburger and onion rings. The meal came with 3 onion rings. The food tasted so bad I had to get it refunded. I was not impressed, I have no idea why some people love this place. If you are hungry try Kelly's Burger just down the road.