Cook Out

804 N 2nd St, Clarksville
(931) 647-5281

Recent Reviews

Jules G.

My rating is just for drive thru, obviously, I love their milkshakes. I dont care for anything else on the menu (well maybe the fries)

David Anthony

The nuggets and fries were so hot it was awesome. Always loved their food the past 3 years. Burgers do taste like cook out. Im so happy to be in town i go straight here. If you're not familiar give it a good try please

Eddie Brooks

Fast and tasty food great service...

Brendia Rosado

Everything was good my quesadilla tray was yummy

Gina Smith

The food is Ok, but the shakes are amazing!

Anthony Michel

I have loved every single Cookout I've been to. This one is interesting though with the drive thru. I was by myself once and went to the left side I had to get out to pay and get my food, my bad!

Paige P.

Food is MEH... but man, there milkshakes are so freaking good! I've gone back twice just for a milkshake. The peanut butter fudge and Oreo cookies are my favorite. The one thing about cook out's facility is there double drive thru? I mean it's super confusing. Why not just one drive thru? First time I came I got so confused and frustrated I just left. It's not really convenient, the way they have it. The second time I came here I ordered a burger with a side of fries and nuggets. You get 3 of the worlds smallest nuggets and the burger was not good at all. I could see why people come here drunk and think it's the worlds greatest fast food. When you eat it sober it's extremely mediocre food. Cook out is good for one thing and that's there milkshakes hands down.

Carl Delong

Ordered 5 burgers and not one of them was correct. None of them were labeled so we had to try and figure out which was which by peeling back the buns...but because none of them were correct that was difficult.

prettygrl whit

Love their combo meals. Some of the boxes have 2 burgers, fries and drink

Donna Padgett

Good fast food at a good price.

Jimmy Fortnite

This place is sooooo amazing! I love all their food and shakes. There are just so many options and I want to try them all! I would highly recommend the banana pudding shake. Love this place and wish it was an eat in place too but it’s still great!

Cory Aita

The onion rings and hushpuppies were my first experience here, didn’t disappoint!!! They have good, inexpensive food and you can fill your hungry stomach for just a few bucks. Try their massive shake menu!!! It took me a while just to pick one out. Unfortunately they don’t have a military discount, but the food isn’t too pricey anyway, still cheap enough to eat!!!

TaKeiah Biddix

Normally really good but this time my burger was darker than me. Completely black and hard to chew. It was half the size of the bun so I'm a little upset.

Kenneth Mcgilvery

Fresh cook food everytime. Nice prices. Love the barbeque, hush puppies and season fries.

Courtney Valencia

If you're looking for tasty food that won't cost you a fortune this is the place to go... You telling me I can get my main item with two sides and a large drink and only pay $5??? Take. My. Moneyyyyy.

Crystal Colavito

My burgers were burnt to a crisp, asked for Xtra A1 sauce and Xtra grilled onions, didn't even get the amount that I should get ordering it steak style. Cajun seasoning not on one of the burgers. Very disappointed, normally they r great.

Ashley Glasman

Got my order wrong. Rude when I wanted it fixed.

Dawn Marie

Literally just left cookout after working a 19 hour double shift at work. Ordered a bbq chicken tray and the chicken was smaller than half the bun. Get it together

Alfredo Z

They forgot some parts of our order but quickly fixed it so that was pretty cool, the food came fresh and the staff was courteous except for the first cashier we dealt was curt and didn't give us the time of day, she was pretty rude. The second dude was much nicer and listened to us and made sure everything was fixed.

Alexarae Ray

Rude blonde lady in window was irrirated because i ordered food apparently. Prettu sure you work at a restaurant. Nice gentleman took over for her but we have been there 4 times and have ordered same item and not ONCE have they gotten my order correct! Spend money elsewhere

Charity C

The service here is fantastic!! The portion is amazing! Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with the food quality or flavor. If they improve the primary reason for visiting it will be perfect!

Wanda Chappell

You gotta try their peanut butter fudge milkshakes, not to be confused with just the peanut butter shake....the food prices are great and the food is equally awesome!

Charity C.

The service here is fantastic!! The portion is amazing! Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with the food quality or flavor. If they improve the primary reason for visiting it will be perfect!

shannon carney

Alot of food for the money. But not a lot of options if your watching what you eat. Service was excellent. Our cashier, Jalen, was very helpful, cheerful, knowledgeable and efficient as she patiently went over items with is.

Gary Burr

I would have rated it 0 stars if i could. This place use to be good. Probably just poor management. But they served me raw bacon. Like the white fat wasnt even cooked. The manger blamed it on new employees. Either way ill never be eating there again.

Andy R.

The food is good enough but the employees do love to cut you off while ordering,but i would recommend this place for anyone when youre on the go and need something quick,just expect to repeat youre order 3-5 times because steve cant wait for you to finish and has to ask if you whant ketchup

Jim Tippit

Always fresh and fast. I don't think they have ever messed up an order.

Regina Trice

Best sweet tea in Clarksville! If you go there go in the morning or afternoon. That is when they are at their best.

kim haddon

Always have my order correct the first time... Friendly and quick! love their menu also

Randolph Hall

This place would be five stars if the drive through wasn't so difficult to navigate on the right hand side. The people that work there are nice and polite and the food is good

Melissa Dinse

Budget friendly, fresh hot food and a great variety. For fast food I love this place and so does my pocketbook.

Diabolical Television

I hit this location every Tuesday.

Nelly C

Went here for the first time the other night.

Jacque Baby

Always great, on point every time we go there. The watermelon milk shakes that they only have for July and August are the best, they've got a unique and unforgettable taste.

Elizabeth Covington

Absolutely spectacular. The food tastes like real food you would make at home and I'm sure it probably is. We got around 4 different meals for cheap that probably would have cost $20+ anywhere else. Also very pleased with how quickly it went and the customer service.

Rodney Warfield

Love the milkshakes I think they should offer

Russell Hayes

Always good...but only got four small onion rings last time...

Alicia Breedlove

Ordered 2 crispy chicken wraps and what I got was a tortilla with 3 strips of bacon in them and nothing else. I usually love this place but that was just disgusting.

Lisa Tucker

Excellent selection of milkshake flavors with great ice cream. They'll custom mix any combination of ingredients on the menu.

Janae Masters

The food and price are great. Service was horrible. I don't like sitting in the drive through checking every item to make sure I have everything. We received our 2 shakes but no straws and no spoons. No chilli, but with no spoon to eat it with that's not a huge loss either.