El Comal

2263 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville
(931) 645-7150

Recent Reviews

Kayla Kupelian

We come here all the time! This restaurant always goes above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need! The staff is super friendly and always talks to you while your there, which makes you feel welcomed.. we recently got married May 16th. We had this restaurant cater our wedding and the food was so delicious, all my guests were wondering were to go to get there food! I would recommend this restaurant a million times..

Kalixta Menendez

El Comal is THE BEST AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD. I love this spot, the environment and owners are simply amazing.

Kelly Bush Buchanan

I just ordered delivery as I didn’t want to go back out after working in the pharmacy all day. They were very quick to deliver and as always the best food. I love their shrimp fajitas and the cheese dip is amazing.

Willow D

Giving one star because this is the fourth time El Comal charged our debit card MORE than we wrote in our receipt. They have stolen over $30 in four transactions. Yes we’ve contacted them, but obviously the thief is still employed there. We love the food but not the theft.

Sheila Rivera

My family and I love this place. Food is delicious. So far the best Mexican food in town.

Linda Goncalves

Great food. Really good food!! I’m big on margaritas and had to request more alcohol in our pitcher. They did add it at no charge though. Great service. Just need stronger margaritas without asking.

Mark Hemphill

Friendly staff, and very fast service. Waitress was very nice and checked on our table regularly.

Alan villalobos

Great food and amazing service always happy to go there.

Patrick Cartwright

The food is great for nominal prices. There is usually no wait for seating and the wait for the food after ordering is minimal. The staff there are very friendly.

Carl McMinn

Great food and good service. Would make this a regular stop if I was a local.

Gerry Scott

Amazing food. Amazing service.

Lewis H.

Best Mexican we've found In Clarksville. Food is really good and the prices are reasonable. Has real Mexican food, not the diluted domestic fare that's common. Has a family run atmosphere where the staff are conscientious and warm. Good quality margaritas. Must go and try it out.

Eduardo Oseguera

Great tasting food and service will be coming back.

Christy Shockey

Great food. Great choices and taste awesome.

Joye Hernandez

This is how you do Mexican Shrimp soup! Came again. Was excited. Disappointed with this second soup I tried. Not even close to representation. And wait person basically ignored us. Spent time chatting with table across us. My husband had to literally tap the waiter's shoulder to get his attention.

Boss Dogg

Family owned business. Very good food and great service. Highly recommended

Arturo Almaguer

Its delicious has great flavor and fajitas are soft and tender. Tortillas are handmade.

Dawn Thomack

Fast service. Good food.

Kayla B.

Food was decent, service was not the greatest. Our server (the two times we saw him) barely said two words to us and never came to refill drinks or see if our food was right, and didn't even remember to get our queso dip. He was very warm and friendly to the tables he seemed to know the people at. Still searching for a good Mexican place as this was not one for us...

Diane Funk

I think they have the best refried beans and rice in town, great service too

Dawn Marshall

Great as usual! Fast, friendly staff and the food was tasty.

Sosalena Tes

Tried this place upon reviews. I will say, their customer service is poor. Food, is some what okay. What really bugged me was the waitress gave me someone else's order, and I had my hands in it cause it looked identical to ceviche and when I realized it wasnt, I told her this was the wrong order, I ordered ceviche. She then said "yeah it's not yours" then proceed to give it to the other guy!! I was like oh lord. I just had my hands in there...... wth and if she knew it wasnt mine, why did you proceed to give me the wrong order? Smh.. anyways, After I got my ceviche, I was so disappointed. It is not authentic at all. Very bland, the shrimp looked like the shrimp you get in a cheap frozen food section and boiled it. The arandas special was okay, it wasnt bad. However, I wont be coming back.

Joel Cummings7

Awesome, authentic food. Great portions and great service!!!! One of my favorites @

James Davis

They had a big selection and great food. Will definitely be back

Alfredo Z

Fajitas are good but that's really about it, nothing special. The staff are willing to work with you but don't seem too friendly.

Soffia R

Great food great service I come here twice a week I love the drinks

Leo Torres

Good location for lunch with family or friends. Food is good also.

Derrick Thompson

Great shrimp and chorizo tacos. Decent prices.

Lucy Johnson

The food was very good. I will be going back for the lunch specials.

Christine Rogers

Delicious, as always! I've never been disappointed! My most favorite Mexican restaurant! The nachos carnitas are the best!

Bret Drummond

Me AND my family go there for BIRTHDAY celebrations AND the Food AND drink is always GREAT!

Beatriz Martinez

Very good food and music entertainment

Eileen Vila

Great food and excellent services

racered focusst

Food was great! However my card was charged $100.11 and my ticket was $26.00. After several attempts for the owner to make it right. Getting there is next to impossible. Did some more research and found that my account was charged again $59.04 one day and then charged $59.04 the next. No phone calls back to settle all of this by owner. They look at me like I did them wrong. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! I have turned it over to my bank for fraud. Hope this have not happened to anyone else. Check your bank statements.

Steven Slater

We eat here weekly and have for several years. Great people, great authentic mexican food, and great atmosphere. Recommend to everyone.

Lisa Marie Biron-Esposito

Very good Menudo, nice atmosphere and great service

Joaquin Vasquez

Five star restaurant. Friendly and helpful staff... good food.. I recommend it..

Rene Cardith

Very good food, very amazing staff and owners, calm and home-felt. Definitely worth it.

Chad M.

Great restaurant and friendly service. They had margarita specials and they were actually really good. I ordered off the menu and they had no problem making it happen. Also have military discounts

Sheila Perez

We came to this restaurant for a going away party and they hadn't even planned the seating. Needless to say, they were overwhelmed. They did not bother to jot down who's food was whose. When parts of people's orders finally came, they just yelled out the dish waiting for somebody to claim it. The toddler's corn dogs came absolutely last. My food was mediocre at best. My husband's food didn't come at all. The server said we just didn't hear it... it's not like we were doing anything else but waiting. The young man across from us did not receive his food either. I guess he didn't hear it either despite being completely alone... Complete waste of time and money. No comp. No apology. They were, however, quick to take a picture of the party for Facebook. How about we get our food or good service first?