2257 Wilma Rudolph Blvd #6193, Clarksville
(931) 645-9300

Recent Reviews

Ry Roeun

Good friendly service/waitress. Food is good and price is reasonable

Domenique McGaughey

Love this place for sushi! There is no other place like it around Clarksville, in my opinion! Unfortunately, the wait times are always very, very long

Jeremy S

Always excellent quality food and service is pretty good most of the time. Very good sushi and fresh hot meals everytime. The salads are always crisp and fresh also.

D Thompson

First time visiting this restraunt. My initial take was oh, a nice cozy place to eat. Clean atmosphere, friendly staff. I ordered the Seafood Terriyaki Dinner (Salmon, shrimp and scallops) along with a additional dollar for Fried Rice. I did not have any fried egg in my fried rice. Within less that five minutes, my meal was cold. The air conditioner vents were blowing cold air directly on our table. I say our table because there was two of us. I don't think my table was the only one. I was trying to get my waiters attention, to see if he would warm up my food or do something with out 50 dollar meal and perhaps get a refill on my soda. Didn't get a refill on our drink. I did finally get his attention. I asked if they offered military discount. No was his answer. I asked if they offered senior citizen discount.

Cindy K

Fairly small and dark little place that was empty on a weekday between lunch and dinner. We were the only customers which worried me at first. My friend was trying sushi for the first time and I didn't want to traumatize him but the reviews were good.. The service was friendly and helpful so we went by the waiters recommendations. The food sushi was good and my friend liked it and said he would eat it again.

Tim Johnson

Great sushi. Rice is always perfect. One of the top sushi restaurants in Clarksville!

Adrienne Carr

Love This Place!! The food was well seasoned and the portions was on point, the price was reasonable, service was quick, and atmosphere was super welcoming with light jazz in the background. Amazing first time and will be back soon!!!

Caitlyn J.

Solidly the worst food poisoning I have ever had. The sushi was bad. Like when you picked up a piece with your chopsticks 100% of the rice fell off. Seems like whoever makes the sushi there has no idea what they are doing. One would think you couldn't mess up a California roll but if my family got that violently ill from California rolls then I can't even imagine whta would happen if we got the raw stuff. Do not recommend this restaurant.


- Title by my daughter. Haha! We loved this place. The service was spot on - very quickly & friendly. And the food was scrumdiddlyumptous. We had yaka soba, chicken fried rice, California rolls, and teriyaki bento boxes and everything was great.

Kesha F.

Very good Sushi place.. Food is fresh and flavorful. Sushi rolls are good. The prices are good for sushi and the portions are plentiful. They are not the top of my list but this place won't disappoint you.

Mary M.

Always fresh and delicious. Best oysters, sashimi, and uni spoons around! Definitely try the uni!!

Doug F.

I have two spots that are my go to when I'm craving sushi. It's always top notch quality, great atmosphere and good service. Always feel great after eating there an have never been sick from anything raw.

Angel Moye

I just love love ❤️😍❤️ there sushi, and fried rice.

Devona White

Delicious and moderately priced. I have tried the pot stickers, miso soup, chicken fried rice and ramen. it was all amazing.

John D.

I ate and enjoyed the Sushi as Sashimi w/ Spicy Tuna Roll for 1. The taste left something to be desired, but overall, I'd say it's sushi and sashimi, but to get a bit more in-depth it's sushi and sashimi in Tennessee, in other words it's okay considering its made from frozen fish. If you're looking for A+ grade sushi, go to one of the Pacific Coast states. If you're in Clarksville and looking to satisfy a sushi craving, I'd recommend this spot. The decor could be described as the minimal required to identify itself as Japanese, still it proved to be a cozy spot. I'd say the main drawback is the small space that it occupies, more than half a dozen times I made eye contact with fellow dinners, which could prove distracting to anxiety addled customers.

Hannah W.

My receipt says Katie so I guess it's her.. but I Order myself and daughter from food Togo. Lady was completely rude and pissy when I wanted to edit my order on the veggies to only zucchini. Then I wasn't fished with my order and added a sweet tea. Lady told her I added a tea to my order and she laughs.. very uncalled for. Made a comment to the manager how rude she was! Then I didn't see my sauce in the bag and I went back in, she goes to walk up front and noticed it was me, completely turned around and whispered in her managers ear that it was me I guess and she goes to the back out of sight.. WOW!


We came here on a Friday night with friends. There is plenty of seating for parties of 2 and 4. We started with the calamari and it was more accurately described as Bang Bang Calamari - the sauce is amazing and the calamari is lightly breaded. We then had the spicy thai roll and 'monkey' roll from the special wall. Both were out of this world amazing with flavor, rolled perfectly so they did not fall apart and looked gorgeous as well. We will be back again and again! It's a winner and worth the stop!

Honey Honey

Love love love this place. It's a Cute little restaurant that serves amazing sushi. Service is just as good as the food. After I have tried this place, I've never went anywhere else!

Lashaunda Alston

Great customer service along with great food. I highly recommend the AK-47 sushi roll and the teriyaki tofu. This is definitely one if my favorite eating spots.

Ken Busbee

Very small inside. Great food. Sushi is great. A group of 6 or 8 is as big as it can really handle as far as a group of people.

gabriel powers

A nice quaint atmosphere and great food. Service speed is good for a sushi restaurant and great deserts.

Kedesh A.

After trying this place several times, it has become one of our favorite spots for sushi. Food is very delicious and it comes out quick. We mainly come here for the sushi but their other meals are good as well. Sushi and sashimi is definitely the main attraction to this place and when you see your food nicely plated and sometimes decorated, you'll find this place charming. Our service was also spectacular. Employees are courteous m, friendly, and attentive. Come taste the food for yourself and enjoy one of Clarksville's treasures.

Mrs.Mike B.

I love to come here on lunch special , price reasonable free soup and free salad. Plus i can have panfried pork gyoza, or takoyaki. Definitely come back again

Caitlin S.

Drove over an hour to Clarksville for a play day on Sunday. Service was quick and great. Food is delicious. Highly recommend!

Alejandro M.

Wonderful food, atmosphere and service. This is a tiny place, but the employees really make it work with their positive attitude and by really making patrons feel comfortable. Highly recommend the Dancing Eel roll and my daughter is crazy for the strawberry mochi. We come back to Fuji Yama again and again, and we are never disappointed.

Jeff R.

What a gem Fuji Yama is! Every employee we interacted with were very welcoming and helpful. I wish I'd gotten our server's name. She was wonderful. My partner enjoyed his miso soup and salad. He got the tempura chicken, which was good. The veggies that came with the meal were very good. (NOTE to Fuji Yama: a dozen tempura mushrooms and/or the tempura sweet potato would be awesome appetizers!) My meal was very good, as well. The hamaguri soup was really tasty. I had the golden salmon roll, which I enjoyed the hell out of. I was still a tad hungry, so I also had the mango shrimp roll...insanely good! This was absolutely the best sushi I've had in Clarksville. The food and hospitality were definitely 5 star. I'm looking forward to our next visit!

Joe Harrington

The best Japanese steakhouse that I have ever been to. The male waiter was great and prices were reasonable. Largest sushi list was huge and all food was fresh. LOVED IT!!!

Patrick Thiesen

Fuji Yama was awesome. It's a small restaurant but the food was amazing! The wife and I got the Sushi/Sashimi for 2. $60 well spent! The fish was fresh, the presentation was amazing and the service matched the food! The only disappointing part was the salad, barely a few pieces of lettuce thrown on a plate. Also had the fried calamari for an Appetizer which was amazing as well!! Highly recommend!!

Rosalie Harrington

Traveling back home to Missouri. We decided to eat here for dinner. It was the best Japanese steak house I have ever ate at. The sushi, the shrimp/salmon teriyaki dish with soup and salad were amazing in flavor and decorative sauce on side of the plate added an artistic touch. My hats off to the chef and the wonderful male server who walked us through the big menu.

A. Coston

The food is always wonderful when we go. Fresh, flavorful, and filling. The service is good and it never takes long for the food to come out. What more could you ask for?

Chuck Sellers

Pretty good sushi and sashimi. My wife's tempura was good as well. The service was awesome. Will return.

Joe Harrington

The best Japanese steakhouse that I have ever been to. The male waiter was great and prices were reasonable. Largest sushi list was huge and all food was fresh. LOVED IT!!!

Robert M.

This is our new favorite sushi joint! Service was quick and the food was amazing. I had the Sunday Morning Roll and the wife had Checken Teryaki. Also, cheese wontons were the BOMB! Great job Fujiyama!!!!

Sara C.

I really like this place. I've been here about 5 times and each time it's been exactly the same experience. Which has been outstanding. This last visit was perfect. I ordered the lunch pick 3 rolls. Yellowtail roll, spicy crab roll, and California roll. Served with soup and salad. The salad was really good. The soup however had no tofu in it at all. It was just broth and not very good. Probably won't get that again. I order a Saporo beer that was fresh and not skunky which I appreciated. Going to add this as a stop on my monthly trek to Clarksville. The only thing I don't like is they don't have a TV. I would like to watch TV since I'm by myself when I eat here.

Tomas M.

The food was good, the service was ok. Excessive checking and questioning about our food. At the end it seemed to be rushing us out, waiter brought the ticket, cashier came to pick it up, and another returned our credit card.

Kedesh A.

As someone who has had Japanese food from different parts of the world, this restaurant did not blow my mind. I tried out of the recommendations of my coworkers, and maybe it's because I've tasted better Japanese food in other places, which caused me to not be satisfied with my experience. The food, the service, and the atmosphere is not bad at all so I'll give them a good rating. The food is good, but it's nothing to hype about.

Cosmic Roadside Mystic

I came here for lunch and really liked it. Great service. The servers were helpful, quick, and polite. They were quiet yet very efficient. The dark wood ambience was cozy and great for conversations. Despite the busy traffic of customers, they got us a booth. I enjoyed the lunch deal. 3 sushi rolls for $12. They let me substitute fresh salmon in my Philadelphia roll. It meant a lot to me. The server got me lemons and Sriracha sauce on the side for my sushi. This is the best sushi lunch date I ever had in Clarksville so far. I will definitely come back here for lunch and dinner. I really want to try their specialty sushi rolls like the Wonderfull Roll.

Kristina Page

This place has great sushi!! After living on the west coast it’s always hard to go out for sushi and enjoy the food because it never tastes fresh enough. This place is awesome and my little ones love their maki rolls. First impression are misleading, it’s a small place and the decor may have you second guessing but I promise you will enjoy the service and food after you sit down.

David Schrader

This in my opinion is the best Sushi in Clarksville. The wait staff is not overbearing, but seems to show up right before you need something. I will be eating here for a very long time.

Lisa Schrader

So fresh, so good. With all the sushi in this town, it’s definitely the best but could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with good sushi spots in SoCal.