La Michoacána Delicias

700 N Riverside Dr Suite B, Clarksville
(931) 905-4840

Recent Reviews

Mandi Broom

The best fruit cups!!


So Fresh - Many Flavors and GREAT prices.

Laura Gilmore

Many flavors to choose from!

Denise Andrews

If you want delicious ice cream and pops, go here. I make sure I go there when I'm in town. I've been to the one in Springfield and I prefer the Clarksville location better by far.

Jj Vance

So friendly and so yummy! We can't wait to visit again. Thank you for good customer service and delicious ice cream!!

Carmen Lynette

Our family is delighted to have found this Clarksville gem! The ice cream is scrumptious and the other treats are just as yummy! We love the elotas, mango cups and refreshing horchata! Visit La Michoacana Delicias and visit often.

Brenda Banda

Great place to come get a snack! The employees are very polite and there are plenty of snack option.My family and will be coming back.

Lalelei Water

Very small mom and pop place. Very good treats too!

Chris Rodriguez

Very friendly & delicious snacks.

Sonia H.

OMG. I've been looking for a place with Tostitos locos and Mangonada, finally found it. Tostitos locos and Mangonada oh so good. They even have different flavors of ice cream/popsicles. I wanted to buy everything. ‍

Brian D.

I was told to try this place out, so of course I did! This place did not disappoint either. The variety that they had was out of this world. There were so many selections, I was almost overwhelmed! I stuck with the Tostitos Loco and the Mangonata (forgive me if spelled wrong). After telling me what was was in the Loco I became skeptical because I am used to walking tacos which have meat, this did not. That didn't matter because it was delicious and something I will definitely get again. And for the mango, also very delicious. When I lived in Washington was was kinda thrown away from those because they had too much of the spice in it. But the one I had from this place was right on point. I am going to try and get in there every so often to try new things because it was pretty fantastic! There is honestly nothing I can say bad about this place after going. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot, it won't disappoint!

Linda Francisco

Delicious! Satisfied our craving for elote, watermelon popsicle and mango with chamoy!! Sweet lady was very nice. Great service!

Heather R

Wonderful place for some ice cream, great vibe, wonderful staff, super clean, and very delicious ice cream. I recommend the arroz con leche bar, the tres leches bar, and the chocolate covered with sprinkles banana. :]

jerry johnson

Great icecream

Nathalie Santana

excellent service, price and ice cream

Maria Maxwell

Employees are very friendly, polite always smile when greeting customers, my second time in three months, I come from chicago to visit my mom and always want to go there.

Vanessa Gross

I tried the guava ice cream and it was delicious! Can't wait to try all of the other flavors. I'm sure they won't disappoint.

Brianne Baker

They have Elote you can buy in a cup. The refreshers looked well... refreshing. and the ice cream was some of the best I had ever had. Great service as well!

Evie Wolf

It's a good place so like 4.8. Good ice cream, and food I guess

Angel B.

Two questions after visiting this place: 1). Why didn't I come here sooner? and 2). Why aren't more people in here on a hot Saturday afternoon? but seriously, I LOVE Mexican snacks, paletas, aguas frescas and ice cream. I never would have thought I could find a taste of home here in good ole Clarksville... but La Michoacana delivered on quality, cost and vibe. I ate my mangonada and tostitos locos (with hot Cheetohs instead) while listening to Selena, next to bright purple and pink walls. I'm sad to be leaving the area soon, but I'm going to make it a point to stop here at least once more to try the elote, horchata and tres leches. Whether you're from Texas, California, Mexico, or anywhere else - you'll find something you've been craving from home here! Even if you aren't familiar with Mexican snacks, go try their freshly churned ice cream or paletas "popsicles." You can visually see the ice cream flavors and ask for samples, just like any other ice cream spot.

Lauren Venable

This is my favorite place to get ice cream! They make all of the ice creams homemade!


What was funny is when I gave that girl $20 and she said I gave her a $10. I watched her put the $20.00 with the $10. You thought everything was funny until you got caught. I told her i wanted the manager then her face changed don't play with me thinking everything is funny. Today was the worst customer service ever...

Asia Elliot

Customer service was very informative

Aliya D.

I love this place! They had different flavors of popsicles to pick from. He got Guava and Mexican Twinkie ice cream and I got a strawberry and kiwi popsicle. I would recommend this La Michoacana! Great for a very hot day to cool down.

Natasia Egli

Been going here since they open. Good ice cream and good Mexican street snacks. I come here for the nacho locos.

Lacey Kopera

The elote & mangonada was so good! Can’t wait for them to bring back yogurt though. My friends tried the ice cream and fruity pebbles paleta and said they loved it! The menu on the wall says the Elote is $2.75 but apparently it is $4.75 and the sign is wrong; the price is a bit steep.

Richard V.

Huge assortment of flavors of popsicles, water based fruit flavors, and ice cream. They carry a variety of snack foods also. Horchata is delicious and my personal favorite is a Mangonada!

Alasdair Boswell

Love this ice cream place. Great homemade ice cream. Lots of flavors to choose from as well as food and other desserts.

Denise Ortega

My family and I go here often and the service is usually pleasant when the usual lady is there. This time a young boy attended us. When we walked in he failed to acknowledge us at ALL, until we told him we wanted to order something. We ordered 2 elotes, which is probably the simplest thing on the menu, yet he somehow managed to messed this up by not asking us what we wanted on it and then proceeding to load it with hot sauce we didnt want. To top this off he charged us 10 dollars for what are supposed to be $2.75 elotes; there was no fighting him on this as he insisted this was the right price and no one else was at the establishment. Needless to say his attitude was just the worst and I hope they fix this problem or we won't be coming back here anytime soon.

Nancy Tim Jerrolds

No better ice cream anywhere ever! Tequila Butter Pecan, Rum Raisin, And Coconut are excellent. Other flavors are as well I am sure. Homemade ice cream bars interesting as are cakes

carlos gracia

Best place ever.. real home made ice cream

Spiffy Ray Marshall Dozier

AMAZING ICE CREAM! Homemade!!!!!

Sal Salvatierra

Great variety and better flavors. The service is super friendly. Keep it up!

Jessica W.

Always stop in when I can the staff is always friendly and welcoming. They're usually busy but I don't mind because they have my favorite mango cream ice cream. Never disappoints always my go to when I'm craving fruity ice cream.

The Electric Yeti

This place is great year-round! You can get dairy based or water based popsicles, ice cream, drinks and more. I like to get the horchata popsicle and get horchata to drink but you cannot go wrong here.

Siana Clift

I ordered a 1/4 sheet tres leches or three milk cake on Friday and picked up on Sunday morning. Very dry and the bottom was burnt. $45 birthday cake was no bueno.

Jordan Wagoner

This place is great year-round! You can get dairy based or water based popsicles, ice cream, drinks and more. I like to get the horchata popsicle and get horchata to drink but you cannot go wrong here.

Bertha Domres

Awesome place. Ice cream is homemade and tastes fresh. The cones don't crumple on you. Staff friendly and helpful.

Herman Rojas

Food is pretty good except the mangonada but their service sucks the chunti girl talks to customers as if they are slow.. I don't really recommend this place the one in Nashville is great

Herman Pineda

Food is pretty good except the mangonada but their service sucks the chunti girl talks to customers as if they are slow.. I don't really recommend this place the one in Nashville is great