Smokin Chikin

1820 Tiny Town Rd Suite A, Clarksville
(931) 896-2014

Recent Reviews

Greg V.

We have eaten at both places and usually have no complaints. The exit 11 location is close to our home and have been there several times in the last few weeks. Yesterday we did take out, when we got home we were disappointed with our order. I went back to the store and spoke to the person behind the counter. He said he was going to bring somebody out to talk to me. A few minutes later a gentleman came out, I explained the issues i had with my order and he agreed, it was not to their standard. He apologized and asked if he could redo the order and make things right. I said that would be fine. A short time later he brought the order out to me and apologized again. I have no complaints on how they handled it, and they made up for me having to drive back. I forgot to ask his name and went back inside. I was told his name was John, i was surprised that he was not the manager but a long time employee. I don't know what happened in the kitchen, new or short help something else with everything that's going on. But, John knocked it out of the park with his response to my concerns, we will go back, great save.

Enrique Mosqueda

This place is definitely a change of pace for fast food. The sides could use some updating, but the service is always great. The wait time is not ideal for a quick lunch, but if you have a little extra time, it’s worth the wait

Tom L.

We were at the new location off of Exit 11. The food is good but not much of a value. The chicken portions are extremely small. $12.99 for half a chicken that wouldn't fill up a 10 year old.

michael barton

Well I haven’t got my food yet so can’t tell you how it tastes. A typical Wednesday and I placed an order 45 minutes ago and was told 15 to 20 minutes. Still setting her for a to go order with other folks who really seem upset on the wait time. WOW, it’s not that crowded! Seems like a little chaos. Lady behind counter is trying to run interference but not happy customers here on wait time! I’d have went somewhere else if I’d have known I had to wait this long. Almost an hour now!!!!

John Stephens

Easily one of the hidden gems here. I bring all of my out of town (and even unaware in town) friends here, and everyone is always happy.

Douglas Pineda

Absolutely tasty chicken!! Yes you will pay a little more than if you go to Popeye's but it is worth it. The sides are also really good with that home made flavor to it. If you didn't like the chicken because of the flavor that's fine, try a different one next time. My wife didn't like the La Brasa flavor because she said it was a little too spicy for her but I really enjoyed it. Definitely recommend this place

Erica Frantz

So good! One my favorite places in Clarksville. The staff is so friendly and the food is AMAZING.


The food here is AMAZING!! The chicken is moist, the sauces are delicious, and the sides are flavorful and filling. The staff is very friendly and patiently answer all questions.

Keith C.

If you ever want rotisserie chicken done right visit this place. With seven different marinades and options to get it whole, quarter, half, dark, or white it is truly a great way to make chicken extra special. My wife had the bbq marinade and I had the jerk. Both were exceptional. They offer a spice meter as to how hot thhe spices are and that really helps. The chicken was moist and very tasty. We had read several reviews bragging on the siDes and we add a big "Amen" to those praising them. The potato soup was creamy and spiced just right, potato salad was a huge serving that could feed our whole group the kids loved thE Mac and cheese. The staff Waac friendly and helpful. Loved the kids meal options. The only thing bad about this place is they are 30 minutes from our home!

Tara Forbes

Delicous!! The best chicken I've had. The coleslaw and potato salad was on point, too. No complaints.

T.J. M.

Really happy with my visit here. Was looking for something healthier and this hit the spot. The chicken was excellent, and the selection of healthy sides was fantastic. Definitely will be frequenting this place more often.

Kelly M.

We've lived here (Clarksville) a year now and finally decided to start trying some local places. We consider ourselves to be fairly good cooks and we rarely eat out, but I drove by this place and something told me it might be good. I checked out their menu online and when I saw the peri peri chicken I knew I had to try it. We got our food to go, a whole chicken with two different flavors, peri peri and the carribean bbq. Both flavors were fantastic. I did not find the peri peri to be spicy at all but it was certainly flavorful. We got the Mac and cheese and the island rice as sides. Both were fantastic. When I saw the Mac and cheese I was skeptical, but the flavor was amazing. The Island rice was also amazing, very flavorful and cooKed to perfection. We also got a side of the spicy chipotle hummus and it was also, you guessed it, amazing. The chipotle sauce was absolutely spicy, Almost too spicy for me, which is perfect. We were pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was. The menu is quite large considering all of the many different side options available. Now we are looking forward to the next night we are too lazy to cook. Thank you, smokin chikin! Ps the girl at the register was very nice and helped us decide by letting us try a couple sauces before we picked one for the chicken.

Cowsarecool M.

The food taste kinda burnt and not very tasty. I did not like it. I will never go again.

Devin Bolden

Came here on a Friday @2 pm. I went by the suggestions of the person behind the register. I got the rotisserie chicken with peri peri sauce, which I loved! It was spicy but a good kind of spice. Hot enough to keep eating but not too hot that you had to wipe the sauce off. I ordered the island rice which was my absolute favorite. It was SO FLAVORFUL! I was genuinely impressed with how much deliciousness I had encountered. Everything was great, from the customer service to the delicious food, to the clean restaurant. I will most definitely return here next time I am in the area. I highly recommend everyone that wants to try out a good chicken restaurant to come here. This place will NOT disappoint you!

Alyssa Williams

Food was very worth the price! Since I have celiac it is hard to find places with gluten free food, but I was fine after eating this! Also If you have celiac make sure you ask for no pita chips.

Tomsr Smith

This was our 1st time here and throughly enjoy eating here. The food was excellent and the staff was Super also. We would recommend for all our friends and family members to come and try Smokin Chikin's restaurant. We will defiantly come and eat when we stop over night.

R Gibson

ONE OF THE BEST. CHICKEN, I'VE EVER HAD! I ordered the Piri Piri chicken with sides! The chicken was delicious and perfectly cooked. If you are ever in Clarksville- check it out!

Leana Marie

Don't put money in tip jar or on your card... the owners take the tips, NOT give them to the employees like they should and the chicken is horribly dry

Brennan A.

It's another chicken place. Their take is a little different. Take rotisserie chicken and put it in different sauces. Don't get me wrong, I like some of their sauces. I'm just not wowed by the place.

Rayan Mohsun

The food is great they have the right amount of spice on the chicken and is the best chicken I’ve ever had

Lisa T.

Delicious rotisserie chicken and there are a lot of side to choose from. Restaurant & restrooms are clean. It smells heavenly when you walk in the front door.

Laura N.

Stopped here on road trip to Florida. Chicken tender and bursting with flavor. Fast food atmosphere with ordering at counter but food far from fast food flavor. Our group had the perri, chimachurri, and Jamaican jerk flavor. Sides great also

Rick Korallus

Phenomenal food. Fast and friendly service. Fed a family of 6 for under $60!!!

Sam S.

Smokin Chikin almost did everything right. When I placed the order they were nice enough to call and verify the order was correct, the delivery was fast, and the food did taste good! However... my husband got the potato salad and got sick for a brief moment. We weren't sure what caused it- I wasn't convinced it was the food until the next day I had some leftover potato salad. The food poisoning I got from the potato salad was so terrible that I would not wish it upon my worst enemy.

Crystal Jackson

The food was seasoned well. Decent sized portions minimal wait on food.

K Trice

Their food is always on point and is quite healthy. I love the Caribbean sauce es with my chicken and their broccoli and green beans.

JT Money

Delicious place great service, just not food I would want to eat or care to eat again. A bit over priced. Corn is really bad.

Kennedy Espy

Omg so so good. I'd eat here every day if I lived close enough. Open another one near post!!!

Kelly Bennington

Awesome food and great staff

Robert G.

I travel to a lot of military towns for work and usually the food is pretty terrible. But this spot was highly recommended and it was absolutely phenomenal. I had the chicken which was a mix of dark and white meat with the tandoori flavoring. For the sides I upgraded to the buffalo chicken mac and cheese just to try another sauce and the special rice that they have. Not going to lie I did ask for a side of jerk chicken sauce Just so I could try that as well. From the moment you walk into this nice and cleanest establishment they welcome you making you feel at home. There was a short line but it went by very fast and my food was ready and less than 5 minutes. Everything they had was delicious. There wasn't one thing that I was complaining about. I saved this place so that I can go back next time I'm in town so I don't get stuck eating some crappy barbecue or Chipotle.

Robert Keys

Smokin Chikin is amazing! The chicken is always so delicious and they have a ton of sides to choose from! The staff is friendly and helpful in deciding what you want to eat. Definitely check this place out!

Susan C

This place is fabulous! The food is delicious and fairly healthy (for dining out!). There's such a great variety and the flavors are bold and fresh.

Tedrick Green

Smokin Chickin. If you really want some good tasting food that will literally melt in your mouth, you have found the place. The food looks good and taste good. Stop there about 3 weeks with friends. Got the Carribean chicken with black beans and rice and some broccoli with cheese and sweet tea. Try it you will like it. Must go again soon.

Amanda O.

I'm giving this place a 3 star. Not because the food isn't good (because it is) but over the last year, I have tried to place numerous to go orders with them. The first few times nothing out of The ordinary, however the last maybe 5-6 months there's a pattern. They keep saying "may I place you on a brief hold." When you say yes, they just put the phone down. Which is fine I understand there are customers actually there. However, on numerous occasions I have been left on hold, while the workers carry on laughing at their plans for later that day. Recently, I tried calling and it kept saying the number was disconnected. When I walked in there to order I asked if their phone system was down. His eyes got wide and he said no. He picked up the phone and hung it up. He apparently had left the phone off the hook for hours to not have to take to go over the phone. They are great in person but they seriously need a better phone option ... it's ridiculous

Wesley K.

Really don't have anything bad to say about this place. Only thing we regret is not getting an order to go. Chicken was awesome!! Very nice staff, lots of sauce choices from mild to very hot. Our favorite sauce was the 2nd one down from the top of the menu and the Jamaican jerk. We also enjoyed the garlic broccoli. This place obviously has good ratings for a reason. One thing to point out: TIP THESE GUYS! We saw the tip jar on the counter and it just had petty change in it, which is ridiculous. These guys did a WONDERFUL job and they work hard!!

Katie Malinowski

Always a great experience here. The food is delicious and the customer service is always excellent. Besides the amazing chicken, I’ve never had a side here that I didn’t love!


You notice the smoke as soon as you go in. I like it, lots of options, and feels like Mediterranean cuisine to me. Prices are very affordable, and it's a casual place. They take credit cards.

Jami Altum

Very tasty chicken- I love the pulled chicken plate with Peri Peri. Spicy. Chimichurri is my second favorite. Hummus is also very good and a hit with the kids, as is the island rice.

Margaret Shilkey

We were passing through Clarksville and the name of the restaurant drew us in. We enjoyed our meal; I had the pulled chicken and my husband had the 1/4 with spicy bbq. It's a well done restaurant and the food was good. My only complaint is it was a little salty, but if there was one closer to home for us we would visit frequently. Thanks for the lunch!

Meech Kreme

I usually order online. I go right in & get my food with no problems. They have friendly staff.