2141 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville
(931) 647-5904

Recent Reviews

Dakota S.

Staff is super friendly and they consistently make my drink really well. Even when the line is long they move pretty fast.

Chastity S.

I drive out my way every morning for this Starbucks. People at the drive thru are always friendly. Olivia makes my iced Starbucks double shot perfect every time. She even remembers my order, so whenever I forget to add my extra shot. She already does it for me. There's another worker who used to work morning shift, he got changed to night shift now but he is the best also! He has glasses and I can't remember his name. Even some of my neighbors go out their way to come to this location also.

Shelly Skaggs

I love Starbucks but it is too expensivr for me. It was a treat for me I work as a CNA at nights then watch kids during the week. So this is my quilty reward.

MT Clontz

Had to wait in the drive thru for at least30 minutes. That's was a no waste of time for a tolerable drink. Won't make this mistake ever again.

Daisy Tinsley

Love the food love the coffee and the Frappuccinos

Heather McGarry

Very fast and reliable service. The quality of service here was fantastic and my drink's were on point! The staff there was very kind and to the point. Great place to start of the morning.

Matthew N.

Wonderful, friendly staff. I tend to stay away from Starbucks just because it is overpriced but this location has some amazing people working there that are just pleasant when you are trying to get your morning caffeine going

Judy M.

We were just at Starbucks coffee. The server at the window had no gloves or mask. This was in Clarksville TN. What is going on???

Donna Hohman

This location recently changed their hours due to the current pandemic. I pulled into the drive thru 2 minutes before they closed (Not knowing they closed early, or I wouldn’t have wasted my time driving 20 minutes there.) and the employee very rudely said “This location is closed.” The person in front of us had just ordered. I couldn’t believe they were as rude as they were. I will not be back to this location.

Lauren B.

God bless these guys! As one of the only Starbucks open during COVID-19, the line is at least 20 cars long on the regular. They are doing such a great job! Very efficient and friendly regardless of the stress levels. Not to mention the coffee was made perfectly :)

Heather Myers

Just went through the drive- thru there. Our drinks were perfect and Johnny at the window was friendly and provided great customer service!!!

Victoria Bertke

Friendliest staff of any Starbucks I've been to. Very fast and good interior layout

Kalyn Marie

Staff is always friendly, and patient when I’m still waking up and being less than clever! I haven’t seen them get an order wrong at all when I go.

Seth Miller

Super friendly staff and very clean. Definitely one of my favorite SBs to visit in Clarksville.


The early morning crew is always very friendly, amicable, and put forth the effort to start conversations. My favorite Starbucks on my morning commute!

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