Bald Headed Bistro

201 Keith St SW, Cleveland
(423) 472-6000

Recent Reviews

Terri Hall

Deliciously seasoned entrees served piping hot.Great friendly service. Definitely a cut above the ordinary.

Reverence Road

Good food great service. Nice place. The only downer was other patrons standing to close to our table.

Anthony Vecchio

The service is top notch. The food was excellent and prepared like we asked. Atmosphere was quiet and enjoyable. Stayed 3 hours with our guest and did not even realize it.

Tana Thompson

Good food Quiet atmosphere

Aaron Beadle

Atmosphere was nice with a good sized patio under cover. Service was slow at first but was better after we ordered. Menu was simple which is a good thing but the food was just ok. I had the chicken and waffle and the best part of the meal was the syrup. Waffle was good but the chicken had a very basic bland flavor with the breading almost tasting overcooked. My girlfriend had the filet and it tasted no better than a $10 steak that you buy at the store. If it was priced at ten bucks you wouldn't hear me complain but for what they charge I expected more. I would recommend you give it a shot but I doubt we will be returning anytime soon.

Mark E

The wife and I ate here and were surprised with quality of the food, service and overall atmosphere. A restaurant that would be more likely to be found in a much larger city. Can’t wait to go back again

Bradley Kingery

Awesome food a fantastic service. Will definitely be back

Lindsey Clark

We did pick-up for our Easter meal. The food was absolutely delicious. The service for takeout was exceptional. We will definitely be ordering takeout and coming in to dine after restaurants open back up.

Sam McAmis

Beef and Broccoli Family meal was excellent. Hints of ginger sent it over the top. I wish I could develop those flavors. We probably could have eaten a dozen of the handmade egg rolls. Treat yourself...they meet you in the parking lot. Would definitely order again!

Winky Poe

Thanks for a great family meal. No Cooking, no cleaning, no fighting the stores and reasonable priced...We will be back!!!

Beverly Phillips Johnson

Excellent Food. Great place to unwind with family & friends.

Brian Mabry

I used to visit here frequently from 2011 - 2013. First time back since then, maybe since 2014 roughly. Atmosphere is still the same, very nice place but dang, the menu just ain't what it used to be. Great service but the food is uh....meh. Pork nacho appetizer was really good. Chop salad was very good. No wild game though, that's what I remember about this place. One elk plate is available but after looking at all the latest reviews, I decided to go with the NY strip. Was undercooked, not as requested. I dealt with it anyway. Brussel sprouts are absolutely awful. My daughter had some with her salmon too and felt the same way I did. The sprouts themselves would probably be great if blackened a bit and a totally different seasoning was used. Too hard, texture isn't right. Whatever seasoning they use needs to be retired, it's terrible. I must have had 10 brussel sprouts out of 12 just raked off to the side. Too much fat on the steak, had to cut a good bit off. Excellent steak seasoning though. Excellent creme brulee. This is a border line 3 star. Not worth $110 at all or anywhere near it. Great server though. I used to brag about this place back in the day. I can't at the moment though. I'll have to go back and try something else one day and will continue giving it a chance. Sad to see such drastic menu change. No pork shank anymore! Among many other things. Breaks my heart....

Matt P.

I came here with a friend on my first night in Cleveland. He told me the history of the place and how the menu has changed in the last few years. I definitely found it to be on the higher-class level of Cleveland and the menu prices confirmed this. We sat at the bar and ordered the Butcher's Board to start, which included assorted cheeses, capicola, crackers, grain mustard, and a few other items. I thought $19 was a little high for this appetizer. My friend got the bison chili and said it was tasty, while I ordered the baked goat cheese. This was so unique! The creamy goat cheese with savory caramelized bacon on top and hot, crispy naan to dip in was scrumptious. I would order this again without question, mostly because it's delicious, but also because everything else on the menu is over-priced. Come check out Bald-Headed Bistro in Cleveland if you want an upscale dining experience with interesting menu items that come at a price.

Mariah Payne

The staff was friendly, it had a cozy environment, and the food was delicious! It is one of the more expensive places in Cleveland but the portions are awesome and I love how they plated the food! ♥️

Ashley Alderman

I absolutely love the food and ambience of the Bald Headed Bistro! It’s upscale but comfortable, and the servers and even the chef really want to get to know you as a person. Tim and Joseph are incredible waiters who always give great advice and excellent service. The food is the best in town, hands down. I recommend it highly.

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