Burger King

1186 Perimeter Dr SE, Cleveland
(423) 458-4385

Recent Reviews

Harold Bates Jr.

2 for $5.00 rocks!

Patrick Sauls

If you do not have tomatoes/ other items to make a sandwichTell cuatomers... Feel screwed by you not informing

Bob Kirkpatrick

2 for 1 whoppers. T Mobile Tuesdays

Scotty Kilgore

Excellent taste and fast service, probably better than any other burger and fries around! I loved the taste! Don't miss out on this one! Other burger places around here cost more taste less!

Nick Byers

Pulled in drive thru at 948PM and ordered. Payed at 1016PM and had to tell them what we ordered again, then waited 10 minutes to get our food and the chicken fries were cold both burgers were cold and all fries were really cold and clammy. Never eating at this one again. The line was wrapped around the building behind us and they turned the lights off at 10PM. According to Google they was open til 1AM, guess not. We threw the food away and went to Taco Bell, Which was a huge UPGRADE!!!!!

Rich Aller

The manager are general manager alexis was rude the food was horrible the manager took photos of my family as we was trying to get our order fixed I will never go to this store again we didnt eat the food since it was cold

Mia Sharpton

Ready to sanitize but had to ask for my straw. Food was delicious though.

Casey Vowell

Usually pretty fast and convenient. Always fresh. Sometimes they slap things together with too much condiments but way better than McDonalds.

Moses Moore

It's quick&the food is really good

Bob Russell

I ordered a Big King XL meal with mayo and mustard and no ketchup and an unsweet tea. I was told there was not a mustard option for the sandwich. I asked waht happened to having it your way. i was at least given mustard packets. The sandwich came with ketchup and i was going to eat it anyway till I took a sip of my drink, Coke. I told them about the mistake and i was polite. The gave me my unsweet, but the hamburger had so much mayo, that it was nasty. I told them about rhe 2nd hamburger and i knew why they did it, and that i didn't appreciate it.

Tony B

Love BK food. I had to wait but cashier was very nice and food was worth a little wait time.

christel gentry

They're all wearing gloves mask which is very important these days when all the other restaurants are not

Kayla Lucas

Not only was the manager in drive-thru extremely rude but I bite into my burger and pull out a hair. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced there, won’t be going back.

Reba McCulley

I worry about hand washing and cleanliness. It was a bit messy so I didn't stay

Russell Robinson

Excellent service good food good prices!!

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